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February 2020

Start running with HOT ROD - the biggest, baddest, car-guy magazine in the business! We bring you the broadest performance car coverage you'll find anywhere. From one end of the smoking¹ rubber road to the other. Barn finds, hot rods, rat rods, race cars, home-built super cars, land speed racers, the latest Detroit iron, and classic muscle - if it¹s hitting the streets, you¹ll read about it here first!

United States
TEN: The Enthusiast Network
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hot rod

EDITORIAL Network Content Director Douglas R. Glad Editor-in-Chief John McGann Executive Editor Phil McRae Managing Editor Rusty Kurtz Senior Technical Editor Marlan Davis News Editor Zach Martin Director, Social Media Brandon Scarpelli Social Media Editor John Roberts Video Producer Kale Eickhof Video Host & Producer Mike Finnegan HOT ROD Garage Hosts Tony Angelo Lucky Costa Tech Center Manager Calin Head Contributors Wes Allison, Anu Athanikar, Ryan Brutt, James Champion, Grant Cox, Kevin DiOssi, Tom Donchez, Mark Gearhart, Eric Geisert, Jesse Kiser, Evan Perkins, Povilas Pullinen, Mark Sanchez, Evan Smith, Kevin Smith, Tori Tellem, Phillip Thomas ART DIRECTION & DESIGN Creative Director Darren Scott ADVERTISING Eastern Sales Director Michael Essex, 863.860.6023 Western Sales Director Scott Timberlake, 310.531.5969 Advertising Operations Manager Monica Hernandez Advertising Coordinator Patty Ludi General Manager’s Assistant Mimi Hirata TEN: PUBLISHING MEDIA, LLC President Kevin Mullan SVP, Editorial & Advertising Operations Amy Diamond General Manager, Automotive Network Tim Foss Senior Director, Finance Catherine Temkin CONSUMER MARKETING, ENTHUSIAST MEDIA…

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cars and movies

Editor-in-Chief @john.mcgann By the time you read this, the movie Ford v Ferrari will be out, though obviously it’s not, at the time I’m writing this. The movie is set to come out on my birthday, which makes the date easy to remember, but also gives me something to look forward to during my slow, but inevitable, march to turning 50 years old and whatever that brings with it. I still have a couple years to go before that happens, and I suspect 50 will feel a lot like 40 or 45. It sounds more ominous, though, and I know the sounds of a 427 FE with High Riser heads on the big screen will be a worthy distraction. A few of my colleagues have seen advanced screenings of Ford v Ferrari…

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the best in world-town alternative transportation

Network Content Director @douglas.glad Nothing is better than an emerging country for a fun look at daily transportation. During a recent adventure, I visited a South American jungle town abandoned by turn-of-the-century colonial rubber traders. Exiting the plane, I was immediately smothered by pre-monsoon heat and a marauding pack of Mototaxi drivers looking for a fresh, pasty, tourist fare to the ubiquitous Plaza De Armas. There was pushing and shouts of 20! 20 soles! I raised my hands with a confident one-five soles, as a sign that I wasn’t a chump. Five bucks was the going price, right? (Later I learned it should have been three). Highway robbery notwithstanding, I put my bags on the floor of the motorized contraption and ducked in. Like many jungle-frontier towns, there are no roads connecting…

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vintage drag racing: 1st nhra nationals

There was quite a build up to the first-ever NHRA National Championship Drags meet, “America’s First Acceleration Championship.” It marked official national acceleration records for the standing quarter-mile for 30 competitive classes, and the event also conducted some special testing: trying out kilometer runs. This race—held on a concrete runway in Great Bend, Kansas, in September 1955—was going to make all sorts of history, even with the final day being rained out by way of the worst storm in 30 years. Yet the Nationals “produced some of the hottest competition ever seen in the annals of hot rodding,” HOT ROD goes on to say. But let’s back up a bit. In the Sept. 1955 issue of HOT ROD, we conceded we had an obsession with drag racing and that month’s magazine…

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the hot rod archives

20 YEARS AGO (February 2000, 130 pages, $3.50): “How to Drag Race” was this issue’s theme, and we definitely covered all the bases, including how to pass tech inspection (rather, what will make you not pass). We advised on tech inspection errors you could accidentally make, and also had a few tricks for racing a late-model (rear bars, overdrive, and such). There’s an art to towing a drag car to the races, so we explored that process, too. Truth: The dragstrip can function as a calculator to figure out your car’s horsepower number. Even for the math haters among the readership, it was a tolerable equation to sort out. 40 YEARS AGO (February 1980, 108 pages, $1.50): Corvettes were the current rage, so we featured a few fine examples, showed a rebuild, spotlighted…

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take five with leah pritchett

Leah Pritchett has made a name for herself with a hard-knock, but fun-loving perspective on drag racing. The day she turned 8 years old, she began racing Jr. Dragsters with her older sister under the watchful eye of her father (a Bonneville 200 MPH Club Member), before claiming Division 7 championships in 2000 and 2001. She eventually moved into a family-built, 7-second altered Bantam. The family sold it and built their own Nostalgia Funny Car in which Leah earned her fuel license before stumbling into Steve Plueger’s 1972 Mustang Mach I; a wild and nitro-thirsty vintage Funny Car that gave the Redlands, California native an addiction she couldn’t shake until she had found a seat in NHRA Top Fuel. That chance would come from Don Schumacher himself, who signed off…