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Lebanon Opportunities

Lebanon Opportunities July 2016

Lebanon Opportunities is a quarterly business magazine that covers: Finance, Real estate, Economy, and Local business. Lebanon Opportunities has tens of thousands of readers in Lebanon and across the globe. It is the prime local business magazine in Lebanon in terms of readership, advertising, and name-awareness. Lebanon Opportunities is written to a target of small business owners, entrepreneurs and middle management, as well as to Lebanese living abroad. It aims at bringing complex business issues in a simple manner understandable by readers who are not experts and whose English language is not the mother tongue.

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office buildings nonstop

There is sustained demand for modern offices. “The office market is good so far,” said Pascal Daye, Executive Vice President of Rise Properties, a company active in all types of developments. Supply is steadily increasing as seasoned developers continue to build modern towers with modular or open spaces. This is reflected in the prices that are increasing year-onyear. Demand mostly comes from the liberal professions and small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). Office projects typically include ground floor double-height retail units, which are also in demand. The return on investment (ROI) for office projects is higher than that of residential projects. THE MAIN PLAYERS Most office developers have been active in the market for several years. Trusthold Development Group is now in the permit phase of its new office project, Spears 88,…

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new residential projects

Mousseitbeh Residence 315 Area Mousseitbeh, Medhat Bacha St. Architect Waleed Chebaklo Developer Moussalli & Bawwab Contractor Moussalli & Bawwab Delivery June 2018 Apt Sizes 155 m² Price/m² Starting at $2,750 Phone (01) 745.891 (03) 855.755 BelleVue Ashrafieh Area Ashrafieh, opposite Rizk Hospital Architect Racha Serhal Developer Mohamed Basbous Contractor Mohamed Basbous Delivery June 2019 Apt Sizes 140 m² - 185 m² Price/m² Starting at $4,000 Phone (03) 613.128 Madinati Tower Area Ras El Nabeh, Omar Bin El Khattab St. Architect Nabil Dgheim Developer Achour Development Contractor Achour Development Delivery June 2019 Apt Sizes 140 m² Price/m² Starting at $2,500 Phone (01) 820.870 - (70) 770.640 Obsidian Nazareth Area Ashrafieh, Nasra, close to Rizk Hospital Architect Jad & Camile Ziadeh Developer Yessayan Developments Contractor Mario Chamoun Delivery Dec. 2018 Apt Sizes 102 m² - 115 m² - 167 m² Price/m² Starting at $3,280 Phone (01) 322.522 - (03) 007.780 Deaibes & Majed 312 Area Bashoura, Zahrawi St. Architect Imad Dekmak Developer Deaibes & Majed Contractor Deaibes & Majed Delivery June 2018 Apt Sizes…

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matters of fact

$571 PER CAPITA IN HEALTH EXPENDITURE Healthcare spending has been valued at $3.3 billion, accounting for 6.3 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to Business Monitor International (BMI) Research. Sleiman Haroun, Chairman of the Syndicate of Private Hospitals, said: “These figures are very logical in that they include expenditures inside and outside hospitals, in addition to laboratories, pharmacies, and physician clinics.” According to Haroun, healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP is constantly decreasing. It represented 12 percent of GDP ten years ago, decreasing to eight percent in 2010, to reach the current six percent. “This is due to better control on drug prices, and because the hospitalization tariff is not increasing at the same pace as the increase in GDP,” he said. BMI forecasts the market to grow 4.8…

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the latest in

Malls ABC Verdun GLA: 50,000 m2 Opening date: 2017 Aley Shopping Center GLA: 24,000 m2 Opening date: 2017 Byblos Burgundy Mall GLA: 26,000 m2 Opening date: 2018 Baabda Outlet Mall GLA: 10,700 m2 Opening date: 2017 Cascada Village, Taanayel GLA: 70,000 m2 Opening date: 2017 Centerfalls, Elissar GLA: 20,000 m2 Opening date: 2017 Cascada Village, Qalamoun GLA: 102,000 m2 Opening date: N/A Centro Mall, Jnah GLA: 30,000 m2 Opening date: 2017 City Center, Waterfront City GLA: 75,000 m2 Opening date: 2017 Kaslik Mall GLA: 10,000 m2 Opening date: 2018 Koura Mall GLA: 11,000 m2 Opening date: 2017 The Spot Choueifat GLA: 46,000m² Opening date: 2017 The Spot Tayouneh GLA: 14,300 m2 Opening date: 2017 The Spot Tyr GLA: To be determined Opening date: N/A F&B Clusters Printania Cluster, Broummana 15 restaurants and pubs The Backyard Hazmieh 14 restaurants and pubs Fashion Hugo Boss, Allenby Street 350 m2 Aïshti By the Sea, Jal-el-Dib 18,000 m2 in retail and services…

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people on the move

MAHA YAHYA, DIRECTOR OF CARNEGIE MIDDLE EAST Maha Yahya has been appointed Director of the Carnegie Middle East Center, following her two-year tenure as a senior scholar. Her research focuses on citizenship, pluralism, and social justice. Prior to this, she led work on development and social justice at the UN-ESCWA. She said: “The fast developing changes in our region are pushing us to double our efforts to keep pace. The increasingly sectarian nature of the conflicts in the region is dismantling the idea of a nation-state built on diversity and is affecting refugee policies. A substantial underclass of citizens has emerged. This requires effective policies, as it will have profound repercussions on stability.” Yahya holds two doctoral degrees from MIT and the Architectural Association (London). The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace…

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to read

THE RIGHT NOT TO REMAIN SILENT Ramsay G. Najjar Published by Naufal English or Arabic 400 pages $30 The subjects of the Judiciary and Communication share many values, and even objectives. The relationship is glaringly obvious, so much so that it has so far been invisible, before, that is, reading this revealing book. This encyclopedic treatise takes the reader by the hand from the founding of earthly justice to the present day, or “from the law of the jungle to international legitimacy.” Najjar, whose mastery of copywriting has driven his career through the unchartered waters of the Middle East’s communication sphere, has managed to tame both the English and the Arabic language editions of his book, playing on words to create paradoxes that in just two words, juxtaposed, create an abstract for each chapter. He brands…