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Management Today July 2016

Management today is an essential guide to UK business, with a real grasp of modern business thinking and the most effective management, Mt is a must read for company leaders, senior directors, entrepreneurs and ambitious executives- fresh and insightful, mt is not only provocative but delivers true value and guidance. The UK's largest monthly business magazine delivering a truly powerful auidence. Supported by industry leading features mt boasts of award winning articles and has won many accolades over the past few years. With truly superior editorial it engages and influences businesses like no other.

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we welcome talent from far and wide

I have yet to conduct detailed post-referendum discussions with all the women in our 35 Women Under 35 feature. However, bearing in mind the fact that over-65s were twice as likely as under-35s to vote to leave the EU, that 29% of the women on the list work in but were born outside the UK, and none of them resided in Boston, Basildon, Blackpool or Broxtowe, I doubt if there are that many Brexiters in their number. Wherever they were born, we at MT welcome them in our midst. They are our future with ambition, energy and drive aplenty although quite where that futures lies is rather uncertain at the moment. We can only hope that they hang on within the UK rather than taking their remarkable talents elsewhere. On Europe, we…

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SAM PEACH AND TORA DAVIDSON The talented duo returned once more to shoot and style our 35 Women Under 35 cover feature. ‘Over the last four years we’ve built room sets, hired props and painted backdrops,’ they say. ‘And we never fail to be impressed by what these women have already achieved.’ RACHEL SAVAGE MT’s former web editor, and now Africa correspondent for The Economist (pictured filming on location in Uganda) explored how off-grid entrepreneurs are changing lives. ‘A stallholder was trebling her daily income by staying open for three extra hours using solar-powered lights,’ she says. STEVE MOORE The director of policy innovation hub VolteFace has dissected the Brexit aftermath for MT. It’s not all doom and gloom. ‘I think the short-term economic consequences will be close to devastating, but longer term there is…

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you live & you learn

MEREDITH BELBIN MANAGEMENT THINKER, 90, RENOWNED FOR HIS TEAM ROLE RESEARCH I was most influenced by women teachers in my education. Unlike the male teachers, who loved the cane but still struggled to keep order, they could only do things through engagement and influence. As incentives, these are more effective than punishment, something I later found in industrial relations too. At the moment it’s all about Leadership with a big L, having the strength to stand up to your opponents and underlings. This is what happened with the banks, driving catastrophes around the world because top bankers insisted on getting their way on everything and getting rid of people taking contrary views. In our team role experiments, we noticed this one group was getting all its ideas when the chairman went to the bar…

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Resilience is a prized quality, both in organisations and individuals. It was originally a scientific term, taken from the Latin verb salire, to jump, and first used in English by the Jacobean experimenter Francis Bacon. The ‘resilience’ of a material is its ability to return to its original shape after being compressed or stretched. In the 20th century, developmental psychologists began applying it to children’s ability to deal with trauma. Now it is a useful management concept, describing an organisation’s ability to deal with change without getting bent out of shape – and staying that way. £86,000 PROFIT MADE BY GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL IN 2014, ON A TURNOVER OF £37M. LESS THAN 50P A TICKET. Source: Oxford Economics/Music UK…

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crash course

The summer months can be a difficult time in the office. With lots of staff on holiday there are big gaps to plug in the workforce and those who remain at their desks can lose their drive. How can you stay cool as the temperature soars? Plan for gaps. Requests for time off can be hard to refuse but it’s important to ensure you maintain a skeleton staff to make sure the office continues to function properly. ‘Advance planning, and encouraging teams to work out a fair solution between them if there is a clash, can mitigate against this becoming a serious problem,’ says Lena Sabbagh, director of development at HR consultancy Penna. Could you close? It’s not an option for most businesses, but if your customers aren’t going to mind then…

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company vitae

Linked in Just what is Microsoft getting for its $26.2bn? Formative years Founded in February 2002 as a business-oriented social network, LinkedIn even predates its all-conquering ‘leisure time’ oppo Facebook by a couple of years. The online CV library’s key architect was the progressively educated intellectual Reid Hoffman, who farmed maple syrup and drove oxen at school before collecting a BSc from Stanford University – and an MA from Oxford as a Marshall Scholar. Like fellow Silicon Valley royalty Peter Thiel and Elon Musk, he was a cofounder of PayPal, whose sale for $1.5bn to eBay provided Hoffman with the financial clout to match his brainpower. By 2006, LinkedIn became the first major social network to turn a profit. Recent history Fast forward to early this year and LinkedIn has persuaded over 400m people to ‘connect’…