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Model Airplane News

Model Airplane News July 2020

Model Airplane News is the brand that started it all back in 1929, and it remains the trusted resource for RC aircraft enthusiasts everywhere. Written for the full spectrum of RC airplane, helicopter, and multirotor fliers—from beginners to seasoned pros—Model Airplane News entertains and informs with on-the-flight line event coverage, impressive flight techniques, detailed flight reports, DIY workshop projects, and much more.

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flight plan

SPEED & EXCITEMENT Held in Lakeland, Florida, the annual Florida Jets is a prime event to see the latest in jet technology and releases, and this year, the 22nd, was no exception. Turbine or electric, RC jet aircraft keep getting bigger and more impressive, and highlights of the event include a 10-foot-span F-86, a 13-foot-long A-12 Oxcart, and a twin-turbine Su-30 Flanker. You don’t want to miss this month’s in-depth coverage from our man on the flightline, Andrew Griffith. IN THE WORKSHOP This month, our own senior technical editor, Gerry Yarrish, shows how you can fully outfit your model’s cockpit with a scale pilot’s seat, lifelike gauges, and realistic controls. In another how-to, contributor John Tanzer shares how his molded scale louvers provide enhanced airflow for the engine while adding a finishing touch…

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pilot projects

F11C-2 Goshawk Jeff Fiscus, Portsmouth, Rhode Island Jeff designed and scratch-built this unusual scale model of the 1930s U.S. Navy biplane. The 44-inch-span aircraft has an electric power system and sports a Williams Brothers dummy engine, wheels, and pilot figure. Jeff notes that it has scale airfoils and rib positions, and that he covered the frame with Sig Koverall and painted it with Poly-Brush, Klass Kote, and Warbird Colors paints. Callie Graphics decals provide the finishing touch. Would you believe this Goshawk crashed on its first flight due to excess power? Jeff rebuilt it, added more positive incidence on the stabilizer, and took this photo after its second—successful!—flight. Barnstormer Gil Weiss, Bensalem, Pennsylvania Gil always enjoyed flying his first Barnstormer 25L, a glow-powered one he flew in the 1980s. After finding an original Barnstormer 25L…

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hobby hacks

Balancer Mod I kept getting different center of gravity locations when using my Great Planes CG Machine, until I noticed that the balancer’s base rod moved every time I used it. As a remedy, I installed Du-Bro 5/32-inch wheel collars on either side if the base legs. This locked the legs in place and the balancer now works properly every time. Eppi Santiago, Valley Stream, New York Truing Balsa Sheets I often need to edge-glue sheets of balsa together to produce a wider sheet for fully sheeted wings and other surfaces. Even sheets of the best grade of balsa may curve slightly, so you have to use a straightedge and true the edges with a sharp knife. By cutting a slight amount from the edges, you produce a straight mating surface to eliminate gaps.…

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latest news and releases

TOLEDO SHOW UPDATE As many are already aware, the 66th Annual Toledo R/C Expo for 2020 has been cancelled because of the Coronavirus outbreak. The show organizers, the Weak Signals R/C Club, look forward to seeing everyone on April 9 through 11, 2021. We reached out to Rick Lederman, co-director of the Toledo R/C Expo, to get more information regarding the annual show. Model Airplane News: Tell us a little about yourself. Rick: I am a Life Member of the Toledo Weak Signals R/C Club. I joined in 1971, got on the Expo Committee in 1975 and became co-director in 1986. The 2020 Expo would have been my thirty-fifth as co-director, forty-sixth total. I’ve also been president of the club six times. MAN: The Toledo Show is a very big ship. It must be…

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alibre atom3d

MODEL Airplane NEWS APPROVED I’ve been using 2D computer-aided design (CAD) programs for more than 20 years, and have designed dozens of model aircraft with it. I have always wanted to try 3D CAD, but previous programs have had a steep learning curve, and I didn’t think I could really master 3D at the same level that I had with 2D. Enter Alibre Atom3D from Alibre, LLC, an easy-to-use, affordable program that I could jump right into and not quickly become discouraged. Alibre Atom3D really makes digital modeling projects easy—and fast. It’s built with the same parametric technology used in the Alibre Professional design, but the toolset is simplified to make it more user-friendly. Marketed as the perfect 3D modeling program for enthusiasts, Atom3D allows you to create, edit, and refine your…

3 min
red5 designs vinyl graphics

MODEL Airplane NEWS APPROVED When it comes to producing accurate aircraft markings, your results depend on two things: accurate documentation and quality materials. I have been using Red5Designs vinyl markings for many years and they never fail to impress. Company founder, Marshall Gross and his team are true digital artists, and they use the finest materials to produce their custom graphics. Every set of Red5Designs graphics is custom-produced for each customer. The company’s markings have appeared on many U.S. Scale Masters winners and Top Gun-winning models, so you know they understand the importance of the detail and accuracy. PLACING AN ORDER When I order a set of markings, I first find accurate scale color profiles and/or photographs of the ones I want. I then use my CAD program and trace them to size the…