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Motor Boat & Yachting

Motor Boat & Yachting November 2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Motor Boat & Yachting is Europe's best motor boating magazine. It's also the oldest, with a history dating back to 1904. Our long experience makes our boat tests the most authoritative in the business and means our technical coverage is without equal. Each month we cover the best new boats on the market, cruising areas that are both practical and inspirational, and the latest boating developments and training. Core editorial focuses on boats up to 80ft, but we also venture beyond the 80ft barrier in our monthly Custom Yachting pages.

United Kingdom
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2 min

The first SOUTHAMPTON BOAT SHOW without Robert Braithwaite to kick off proceedings on the Sunseeker stand was always going to be a muted affair. Gone were the burlesque performers strutting about in skimpy costumes while Rule Britannia blasted out across the pontoons, replaced by a middle-aged man with a thick Italian accent wearing designer jeans and trainers. Andrea Frabetti may not be the obvious choice as SUNSEEKER’S new CEO (pictured below with Sean Robertson and John Braithwaite) but I have a feeling he might just be the right one. First and foremost he’s a boat guy so he really understands what makes customers tick. He also knows a thing or two about boat design, having spent many years as Vice President of Product Development at the Ferretti Group. But most of…

11 min
this month’s 10

THE EDITOR’S VIEW… Talk of waiting all day for a bus to come only for three to turn up at once – Sunseeker’s decision to follow up its Hawk 38 with two new Superhawks after a decade long wait is as surprising as it is welcome. New CEO Andrea Frabetti is on a mission to accelerate its launch programme – buckle up! 1 SUN SEEKER’S DARING NEW FUTURE Sunseeker used the Southampton and Cannes Boat Shows to reveal details of its busiest ever launch programme. No less than eight new models are due out in the next 12 months with a further six in the plans for 2021, including a stunning new Superhawk 65. Shown here for the first time, the Superhawk 65 reveals an aggressive new look that not only moves the game…

3 min
the boataholic

The French have a term for it: joie de vivre - joy of living The irony is that I wasn’t planning to go that night. It was a new event, Tunes On The Sands, a three-day concert on Blackpool Beach just west of Dartmouth with a plethora of great bands. A few friends and I had planned to take our boats down on Saturday, anchor off the beach, enjoy a bit of music and a long lunch and potter back later. Then Marianne discovered that Eighties band Wet Wet Wet were playing Friday at 7:45pm, a band that features strongly from her teenage years, and suddenly we were going to see them that evening! I went down to the boat early afternoon to get it ready and Marianne came straight from work…

3 min

I guess my other passion came about through boating, or to be more precise, through Motorboat & Yachting. In 2009 I proposed writing a series of articles about our future exploits on board Zaffina, our Azimut 62, which we were taking from Chichester down to the Med, with a view to cruising from west to east over a period of a few summers. Hugo commissioned the articles but said that I needed to provide around 25 top quality edited photographs with each article. In a previous life, I worked as a video journalist for the BBC in the Channel Islands, so I was used to the logistics of imagery: how to set up a good photograph, what balance to aim for, how to use light to my advantage, considering unusual angles and…

4 min
your mby

YOUNG GUN I have heard about people circumnavigating the UK in sportsboats and RIBs with some being leisurely adventures for charity and others an attempt to break the fastest record. I was wondering whether you know what the record is for the youngest person to circumnavigate the UK in a motorboat? And also if there are any legal reasons for not being able to do this at a young age (16?). Ollie Weldon I think there is a record for the youngest person to sail around the UK but I’m not sure about the youngest to do it in a motorboat. I don’t see there is any legal reason why you can’t attempt it at any age. You may not be able to get an RYA certification until you are 16 but…

2 min
motor boat & yachting

MAGAZINE OFFICE Motor Boat & Yachting, TI Media, Pinehurst 2, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 7BF ISSN: 770027 178204 Published monthly EDITORIAL Email: mby@ti-media.com Website: www.mby.com Editor Hugo Andreae Deputy Editor Jack Haines Group Art Editor Neil Singleton Group Chief Sub-editor Daniel Thomas Senior Sub-editor Sarah Williams Technical Contributor Nick Burnham Website Editor Chris Jefferies DISPLAY ADVERTISING & TRADE ENQUIRIES ONLY Tel: +44 (0)1252 555306 Head of Market Jane Smith +44 (0)7966 159 924 Account Director Bess Cullis +44 (0)7970 636 444 Account Manager Bella Yoloff +44 (0)7950 189 102 Ads Production Peter Burton (0)203 1482688 Group Production Manager Becky Singleton CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Trade advertising Bradley Turner +44 (0)1252 555374 Private Boats for Sale Hana Sodawala (0)1252 555 373 Private Boats for Sale Perpetua Hlatshwayo (0)1252 555 312 LEAFLETS AND INSERTS Tel: +44 (0)20 3148 3710 SYNDICATION Efi Mandrides +44 (0)20 3148 5485; ukcontent@ti-media.com OVERSEAS ADVERTISEMENT OFFICES Italy: Ediconsult Internazionale, Piazza Fontana Marose 3 – 16123,…