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Mountain Biking UK has got all the latest news, kit and exclusive info on the newest and best bikes. The MBUK Wrecking Crew testing team are out there right now, riding new bikes and products to destruction, to give you expert reviews you can count on to be brutally honest. We live to ride - and that's what makes MBUK Britain’s best-selling bike magazine.

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Before parting with your hard-earned cash, you have to work out how much travel you need (or more accurately, want – after all, when you buy a bike, you’re buying into an image too) Buying a mountain bike has never been such a minefield. Before parting with your hard-earned cash, you have to work out how much travel you need (or perhaps more accurately, want – after all, when you buy a bike, you’re buying into an image too), which wheel size to go for, what type of geometry and which frame size will suit you best, and whether it’s worth shelling out more for steel or carbon fibre – and that’s before you even start thinking about brands and component specifications. Thankfully, we’re here to assist you, with our ultimate…

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hardtail hard nuts

“Winter’s here, time to drag out the old hardtail” – it’s a phrase we often hear bandied about at this time of year, and one we can see sense in, even if we don’t lead by example (we’re too busy testing trail and enduro bikes for our big Bike of the Year shootout). “But why do away with rear suspension when you need grip the most?” we hear you cry. Well it’s true, riding a hardtail does take away the safety cushion, to a point. But it isn’t just about making things hard for yourself – it’s about rediscovering the raw fun that can be had when you strip things back to basics. With fewer daylight hours and shittier weather, winter rides are generally shorter anyway, so they’re the perfect time to…

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the dog’s new tricks

There are few people as stylish and exciting to watch on a bike as Brendan Fairclough and, since his last big video project, Deathgrip, in 2017, we’ve been eager to see some new edits. Finally, the wait is over. A Dog’s Life is a four-part series that follows the racer/ freerider extraordinaire to some of the world’s best riding spots. And what could be better than watching one seriously rad rider? Two, of course! In the second episode, Brendog shreds with Vincent ‘Vinny T’ Tupin on the Frenchman’s tracks near Châtel (pictured). “It was cool to get Vinny in the series because he’s not that well known for video edits,” says Brendan. “He’s crazy and his local trails are just as wild. They’re almost too steep for building jumps! It took…

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latest action hero

GoPro are still by far the most popular action camera brand. Never resting on their laurels, they’re constantly developing and regularly releasing newer and better products – the latest of which is the HERO8 Black. A key update is its improved ‘HyperSmooth 2.0’ image stabilisation – something that’s of utmost importance to mountain bikers filming on rough trails. Hopefully the days of enduring nausea-inducing helmet cam footage will soon be a thing of the past! This stabilisation has three modes – ‘On’, ‘High’ and ‘Boost’ – the first two of which also work for slow-motion footage, so you can get all arty with your edits. There are a host of other software improvements too, to help make your footage look even more professional. Another highlight for MTBers is the updated shock resistance.…

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chasing the light

“We get so damn comfortable with the world around us,” asserts photographer Tristan Tinn. “Staying in the same familiar places and going about our everyday lives, it’s easy to slip into autopilot, lose concentration and process less. It sounds clichéd, but studies have shown that new experiences can slow the mind’s perception of time.” The solution, he suggests, is to drop your life down a gear – taking time to travel, see new places and view things differently. “Life is inspiring and should be examined in more depth,” says Tristan. “I’ve tried to do this with my photography and, thanks to new technology such as drones, have been getting a new perspective on some familiar places. Winters in the Lake District can be cold and bleak, but also extraordinarily beautiful. In…

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supercross dreams dashed

Supercross is the pinnacle of moto racing, held in front of huge crowds on highly-technical indoor tracks with 20 riders battling bar-to-bar. It usually takes a lifetime of dedication to get to this level – but, after a bet with his Pivot teammate Eddie Masters, Surrey Hills shredder Bernard Kerr almost made it to the big league after just four years of MX! The 2015 King of Crankworx attempted to qualify for the 250cc class at the 2020 AMA Supercross Championship opening round in Anaheim, California. All was going well in practice and Mr Supercross himself, seven-time champion Jeremy McGrath, even loaned him a bike. But then, at sign-on, the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) stopped him from racing, even after he’d required all the necessary licences and spent a month in…