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Mustang Monthly

May 2019

Mustang Monthly magazine has a specialized editorial package that covers everything from do-it-yourself recommendations to the history of Mustang. Buy Mustang Monthly digital magazine subscription today and get comprehensive tech articles, the hottest industry news, latest products and complete racing and events coverage!

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what does the fox say?

THE HEAT WE GOT FROM READERS AND A FEW ADVERTISERS NEARLY FIVE YEARS AGO WAS POSITIVELY EQUATORIAL. In our company’s reorganization in 2014, four of our Ford magazines were consolidated into two: Mustang Monthly and Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, the two biggest sellers. To differentiate them, there had to be a clear demarcation line, so the corporate suits made the decision (and to be honest, I supported it) that the cutoff line would be Fox-bodies. Monthly would cover everything prior to the Fox (1965 to 1978) and Muscle would cover Fox-body and late-model Mustangs.We figured fuel-injected engines said “late-model” more than anything, and the clear generational change from the Mustang II to the 1979 Fox solidified the decision. My first issue at the helm of Mustang Monthly, January 2015,…

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donald farr’s new boss mustang book

Donald Farr, who many know as the first editor of Mustang Monthly magazine and the current editor of the Mustang Club of America’s Mustang Times magazine, has been around Mustangs since they were brand-new cars. He’s written several books in that time, with one of his most sought-after titles being his original book from the early 1980s—Mustang Boss 302: From Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car. Surprisingly, if you can find one, they are closing in on four-digit pricing!For the launch of the 2012 Mustang Boss 302, Ford asked Farr to update his original book with the modern-day Boss information. This also meant another update for the 2013 Boss model launch as well (all 2012-2013 Boss 302 owners received copies of said book in the Boss Owner’s Kit too). Six…

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pre-production mustang sells at barrett-jackson

Ownership of the very first Ford Pilot Plant/pre-production Mustang hardtop, VIN 5F07U100002, exchanged hands recently at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale car auction for $192,500 (includes buyer commission). Bob Fria, a well-known Mustang historian and author, parted company with this Caspian Blue ponycar after 20 years of caretaking. This significant vehicle was hand-assembled at the Ford Pilot Plant and is one of three known Pilot Plant Mustangs to survive. Completely restored to factory-new specifications, it is powered by a 170ci six-cylinder engine coupled to a three-speed manual transmission. Documentation included in the sale is comprised of two binders containing ownership and condition affidavits from all of the previous owners, and photos, statements, and signatures from high-profile originators of the Mustang—including Lee Iacocca, Hal Sperlich, Don Frey, Gale Halderman, and others. Fria also…

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Original Equipment Reproduction (OER) enters the classic Mustang parts market with the acquisition of Highway Classics. The complete line has been rebranded and merged with OER, with many new products to come. See oerparts.com for more details. Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) has announced the release of its 2019 product catalog. The catalog, which features over 60 new products across several markets, including vehicle-specific pre-cut heat and sound control products, can be ordered or downloaded from designengineering.com. The first 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 was auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson’s 2019 Scottsdale auction in January for $1.1 million, with all proceeds benefitting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The winning bid was placed by none other than Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson!…

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new bits

GET GRILLEDThe Fox-era Mustang’s interior plastics don’t age well, especially in high-temperature environments where the vehicle sits outside. One of the most common issues is the 1987-1993 dash speaker grilles. Due to their proximity to the windshield, the harmful UV rays of the sun do them in, and they become brittle, warped, and discolored. Refresh your Fox’s dash with this nice direct-replacement reproduction grille kit from 5.0 Resto. The kit includes left and right speaker grilles, new mounting clips, and a full set of anti-rattle bumpers.INFO: (866) 507-3786; LMR.COMROLLBAR RESTRAINTSIf you’re looking to replace the rollbar-mounted seatbelts in your Shelby, or if you’re building a tribute and need seatbelts to complete your interior, look no further than Seat Belts Plus. They offer a high-quality reproduction seatbelt for classic Shelby Mustangs…

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jim roach’s ’69 drag pack hardtop saved his life—now what to do with it?

“I GOT A CALL ONE DAY ABOUT A 1969 SUPER COBRA JET (DRAG PACK) COUPE,” RICK PARKER TELLS US. Rick and his wife, Jacquie, own Signature Auto Classics in Columbus, Ohio. More than a restorer, Rick collects Mustangs and Fords, so he was very excited to hear about such a rare Mustang—just nine Drag Pack hardtops were built, of which four were automatics like this car.“His question to me,” Rick says, “was should we auction it as a race car or redo it? So we picked a date to drive down to southern Ohio to look at the car.”Apparently, this hardtop was a drag car from day one, or it had very little street use, which explained the 1,406 miles on the odometer. Showing the car to Rick, owner Jim…