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Mustang Monthly February 2019

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i like drag racing. don’t hate.

TIME FOR AN ADMISSION: I’M A BIT BIASED IN SELECTING THIS MONTH’S COVER THEME. I like drag racing. All kinds of racing really, but especially road course, and for the purposes of this issue, the 1,320-foot kind. The past few months have provided a cornucopia of racing action as it relates to Mustangs, so it seemed natural to make it our cover this month. The first event that rocked the Mustang world’s socks off was the Cobra Jet Reunion we reported about in the December 2018 issue. Held in conjunction with an NMCA race at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, the highlight was the gathering of super-rare and significant Cobra Jet–powered Fords (Mustangs, Torinos, Rancheros, and everything else Ford and Lincoln-Mercury that could be ordered with a Cobra Jet), many of…

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classic recreations to offer licensed boss 429 model

Unveiled at the 2018 SEMA Show in November, Classic Recreations’ latest licensed model is this Boss 429 continuation Mustang. The new 1969 Boss 429 sits beside Classic Recreations’ other licensed models, including the 1969-1970 Boss 302, 1969-1970 Mach 1, and several Shelby models. We were on hand for the unveiling at the SEMA Show, and it was certainly standing room only trying to get a glimpse of the car as the cover was pulled off in the Centerforce Clutches booth by Will Baty of Centerforce and Jason Engle of Classic Recreations. The continuation Boss 429 is built off of an original Mustang Unibody with improvements in suspension, braking, and much, much more. Under the hood resides a 564ci engine with Kaase Boss 429 cylinder heads and FAST EZ-EFI to make an…

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lawman restoration launches dedicated website

Be sure to check out the launch of a new website—lawmanmustang.com—that is dedicated to following the rebuild process of the original and infamous 1970 Boss 429 Lawman. The site features several sections, including a restoration blog about Marcus Anghel from Anghel Restorations (anghelrestorations.com) as he uses his experience and resources to go through every detail that made this car so special. With only 829 miles on the odometer since new, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind time capsule and probably one of the lowest-mileage restorations ever done on a Mustang. The website will feature some never before seen vintage photos of the car and rare video footage of the other Lawman Mustangs that were were shipped to overseas bases to teach and train the U.S. troops the principles of driver safety with performance…

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Coker Tire has announced a strategic partnership with German tire distributor Münchner Oldtimer Reifen (MOR). The new deal grows Coker’s international expansion into new markets, making it easier for international customers to find and buy Coker Tire products. Ken Block is known for building some amazing Ford vehicles for his Gymkhana videos. His latest Gymkhana escapade will feature the Hoonitruck, a 1977 F-150 with an EcoBoost V-6 putting out over 900 hp to all four wheels. Look for Gymkhana 10 by the time you read this. Hobart Welding Products has launched an all-new website with an improved user experience that includes faster navigation and more detailed product info. Visit hobartwelders.com and check it out for yourself. Eddie Motorsports is proud to announce its latest product catalog is now available. The…

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new bits

BOLT ’EM DOWN RIGHT Finding an original small-block Ford in rebuildable condition is still possible, and building your own engine is something we highly recommend, even if it is just for the satisfaction of saying you built it yourself. While new pistons, bearings, rings, and more are the norm, many reuse critical fasteners like cylinder head bolts. Not knowing how many times those fasteners have been used/stretched can lead to failures, which is why we recommend new fasteners whenever building an engine. Earl’s Racing Products can help with its premium-quality black oxide 170,000-psi chromoly steel head bolts. Available in 12-point and hex-head, these bolts are the perfect upgrade. Made in the USA, they are sold in complete engine sets with hardened washers and antiseize. INFO: (866) 464-6553; HOLLEY.COM/BRANDS/EARLS KEEP IT UNDER WRAPS Your Mustang’s…

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with two similar examples for sale, mike lattin bought one of them—a 1967 shelby g.t. 500 that has been disassembled since 1976

WHEN MIKE LATTIN TOLD ONE OF HIS CONTACTS IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA TO GO LOOK AT A SHELBY FOR SALE IN CORNING, CALIFORNIA, FOR A CUSTOMER IN THE NETHERLANDS, HIS CONTACT CHRIS SAID, “IS THAT THE ONE ON EBAY?” “What are you talking about?” Mike asked. Mike was excited to find a 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 for sale that was a Moss Green, inboard headlight, four-speed car from a longtime owner in California for sale on Facebook. Funny thing, there were two Moss Green, inboard headlight, 1967 Shelby G.T. 500s for sale at the same time—one in Corning that Mike had found, and one located 114 miles away in Sacramento that Chris had found. Mike took the aggressive route. He called on both cars to increase his chances of getting one and tried to…