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Nashville Lifestyles Magazine January 2019

Nashville Lifestyles is the exclusive city magazine for the greater Nashville area. Features include local issues, dining, celebrities, fashion, homes, and neighborhoods, events and much more! In addition to the regular features, readers enjoy special issues like Top Doctors, the 25 Most Beautiful People, Single in the City & The Music Issue.

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Nashville Lifestyles
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from the publisher

Looking for some fun tidbits for your next cocktail party? Consider this: Do you know why we’re called “music city?” Not because of our country music scene, as you might think. It actually came from the Fisk Jubilee Singers, who started touring in 1871. The story goes that when they played for the Queen of England during a tour, she said that the singers must come from the “Music City.” Pretty impressive. A little more modern trivia for you: Name the country song that sat on the Hot Country Songs chart for 50 weeks. We’re guessing you’ve heard it, since it’s on the radio all the time: “Meant to Be,” the collaborative version created by our cover stars, Florida Georgia Line and artist Bebe Rexha. The single is the longest-running song…

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This time of year always has us ready to turn a new leaf. For suggestions on how, we turned to registered dietitian nutritionist, MCKEL HILL. Hill is the founder of Nutrition Stripped, an online nutrition education company specializing in making it simple to understand the science of nutrition and the art of healthy living. With 10 years of experience, Hill knows the real-life struggles and the solutions that can make people feel their best—through an integrative perspective on health. Her work and expertise have been featured in Women’s Health, Self, SHAPE, Food Network, Dr. Oz, and many more. Her book, Nutrition Stripped: 100 Whole Food Recipes Made Deliciously Simple (William Morrow Cookbooks) was released in 2016. (nutritionstripped.com)…

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A LOVE OF THE ARTS 5 Established in 2006, a beloved Music City tradition continues to grow. A new year may call for a clean slate, but leave room for this Nashville tradition: the monthly FirstBank First Saturday Art Crawl. Although Nashville is known for its music scene, a growing art scene offers a space for even more creative outlets. On the first Saturday night of each month, various studios, galleries, museums, and other venues around Fifth Avenue of the Arts open their doors to thousands of guests. Admission is free, and many of the participating venues offer wine and refreshments. The crawl is a chance for the public to get to know more artists and their work, whether it’s Nashville natives or international artists, in a variety of art forms. The…

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fit for the gods

For its 2019 winter production, the Nashville Shakespeare Festival retells a political thriller in a neo-noir fashion. The festival is re-imagining Julius Caesar, which follows the story of the Roman emperor’s assassination. The story unfolds in a world where media and a constant flood of information reign, and, as director Santiago Sosa explains, conspiracy is found in dark street corners and also in people’s hearts and minds. “Being less time- and location-specific allows the audience to focus on [being] immersed in this world to see the universal themes of ambition, greed, power, demagoguery, the cycle of violence, and the importance of loyalty and transparency,” Sosa says. The festival offers student matinees, giving students an opportunity to learn about Shakespeare outside of the classroom. Julius Caesar runs from January 10 to…

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brandon donahue

You see them in souvenir shops from Gatlinburg to Gulf Shores: white backgrounds airbrush-painted with black bears in hearts, or palm trees with couples’ names intertwined. These neon-colored creations evoke emotions like cotton candy: light and fluffy but fleeting. But not when the airbrush is created by Brandon Donahue. An assistant professor at Tennessee State University, artist, and 2018 Tanne Foundation award winner, Donahue uses airbrush to make real statements about art, community, and loss. (brandonjaquezdonahue.com) Age: 33 His first studio: His mom’s basement, where, as a teenager, he’d make t-shirts. “I got into it to impress my friends,” he says. When the basketball team or a cheerleading squad placed an order, he noted the strong communal ties. It made him “start to think about how airbrushing could be transformed into something…

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a feast for the eyes

Escape the bone-chilling winter weather and get lost in a weekend of sensory overload at the Antiques and Garden Show, a three-day event that brings some of the best names in design, style, entertainment, and more to Nashville. This year’s theme, “A Passion for Home,” is what the show is truly about, according to chairs Martha Chapman and Shea Ghertner. With a history of speakers, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Charles, 9th Earl Spencer, the show welcomes Faith Hill to the main stage on Friday to share stories of her Nashville home and her home in the Bahamas. Architect Bobby McAlpine and interior designer Ray Booth will join Hill as keynote speakers. Katie Ridder and Peter Pennoyer, who are described as one of the design world’s power couples, will also take…