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Official Xbox Magazine

Official Xbox Magazine September 2019

Official Xbox Magazine is dedicated to delivering the latest information on the hottest current and upcoming Xbox games. Each issue comes packed with breaking details and first looks, as well as more in-depth commentary and expert analysis on all of the latest trends and thriving culture that surrounds the games industry.

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it’s hot, and getting hotter

Editor Team OXM is so excited for Cyberpunk 2077 that we all visited our local Ripperdoc to get our own cybernetic enhancements. After being pelted by hellish sunlight for an entire weekend at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, Chris has had a pair of factor 5,000 sunscreen dispensers installed in his forearms. This month we’ve got an issue that’s as jam-packed as usual with great Xbox-y stuff, including everything we know about the year’s most wanted game, Cyberpunk 2077! We also have an exclusive interview with Rockstar North chief Rob Nelson, in which he talks about the creation and exciting future of Red Dead Online. In our expanded Directory, there’s everything you need to know about your Xbox, from what to play to what to stream, what accessories you need and more. You’ll…

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the oxm team

Adam Bryant Staff Writer Sick of his bus constantly running late, Adam opted for a new pair of super-fast cyber legs so he can make it to work in time for the morning tea break. Warren Brown Art Editor Warren had his ancient ZX Spectrum computer grafted directly into his brain. He tells us he views everything in blocky 8-bit vision, and he loves it. Drew Sleep Production Editor Drew got new eyes with lock-on targeting. He tells us it’s for spotting rogue commas and we don’t need to worry… but he keeps staring at us and laughing maniacally. Robin Valentine Contributor After writing this month’s list feature on the best powers in gaming, Robin went a bit crazy and tried to install them all into his body. We had to wipe his memory. (Don’t tell him!)…

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There’s a lot to mull over post-E3, following Microsoft’s barnstorming conference. While the new generation of console hasn’t got a name yet (come on, Microsoft, just pick one already!), Xbox Project Scarlett nonetheless now has a solid release date, and we’ve learned more about just what it will be able to do. This month we’ve picked through all the details we have so far to bring you everything we know about the future of Xbox hardware on page 8! The recent Summer Games Done Quick has once again smashed it for charity. Find out more about the speed-gaming event on page 12. Then we have news of a new Telltale’s The Walking Dead collection (p14), and finally we’ve got our first real look at Netflix’s The Witcher TV show. Videogames…

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xcloud has a silver lining

When Microsoft’s Phil Spencer took to the stage at last year’s E3 he made a point of describing the future of Xbox, specifically how the same hardware team responsible for creating the Xbox One X was “deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles”. Notice the plural. To many this all but confirmed the rumours and reports floating around that Microsoft was, indeed, developing two consoles, codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart. Anaconda being the main top-end, high-spec console, while Lockhart would be the disc-less, less powerful, but more accessible and, more importantly, affordable console. However at this year’s E3 where Microsoft once again, but in more detail, spoke about its upcoming next generation console, currently dubbed Project Scarlett, there was a surprising absence of any mention of a second system. In fact, it certainly…

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oxm says

Chris Burke This is a fantastic vision for the future of gaming, and I can’t wait to see what’s unveiled in the coming year. The idea of streaming any game on your phone is cool and all, but I’m happy to keep my console in the living room, with a nice big TV! Drew Sleep It’s an exciting time to be an Xbox fan, isn’t it? Microsoft has been saying all the right things to get us excited in the lead up to the next generation. It feels like all its chess pieces are in place, and we’re on the verge of seeing its masterplan unfold. Robin Valentine Microsoft is in a great position to lead the way on videogame streaming, but I remain unconvinced by the tech. There’s far too much handwaving of the…

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the power of xbox

Project Scarlett is gearing up to be a complete powerhouse of a games console. Microsoft is claiming it will be the biggest leap in next-generation hardware and will be the most powerful console in the world. In terms of raw specs it’s certainly impressive. It’ll supposedly be four times as powerful as an Xbox One X and will achieve framerates of around 120fps, support 8K resolutions and have the ability to almost completely eliminate loading times. This is all thanks to a built-in solid-state drive, high bandwidth GDDR6 RAM, a custom-designed AMD graphics processing unit, and at its heart a custom AMD Zen-2 CPU. These may only be preliminary figures, as Microsoft has a tendency to push for better hardware towards the release of a console, just like it did…