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Official Xbox Magazine Christmas 2019

Official Xbox Magazine is dedicated to delivering the latest information on the hottest current and upcoming Xbox games. Each issue comes packed with breaking details and first looks, as well as more in-depth commentary and expert analysis on all of the latest trends and thriving culture that surrounds the games industry.

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yule love this new shooter

Editor Inspired by humanity’s robotic future in Disintegration, we’ve zipped ahead in time to see how the Integrated OXM team has been getting on. Turns out they’ve all started their own Crews. Chris heads up the ‘Rootin Tootin Cowboy Shooters’. He likes to pat his grav cycle and say, ‘Y’okay girrrl!’ just like Arthur Morgan. Merely the mention of Halo tends to get us a bit excited here at OXM, so the news that one of the co-creators of Xbox’s greatest ever FPS was working on a new sci-fi shooter meant we were always going to sit up and take note. Disintegration is a unique, strategic shooter with tons of style, as you’d expect from Marcus Lehto, the man who created Master Chief and had a hand in the origins of Bungie’s…

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the oxm team

Adam Bryant Staff writer Adam’s brain got uploaded into his new body with his Resident Evil 2 save data. He now leads the ‘RPD Renegades’ and thinks everyone is a zombie. Warren Brown Senior art editor This Integrated renegade established the ‘Old School Cool’ Crew. You’ll likely spot them raiding museums and harvesting them for their retro gaming gear. Drew Sleep Production editor Not letting a robot body get in the way of his style choices, Drew still wears double denim in the future. He loves it so much he named his Crew the ‘Canadian Tuxedos’. Dave Meikleham Games editor Our shiny new Games Editor is the de facto leader of the ‘Meiky Blinders’. They’re the most dapperly dressed Crew that you’ll find on this barren Earth.…

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Exciting times ahead for Xbox gamers, for sure. First off in Insider this month, we’ve got news of a way to get yourself an Xbox One X that you can then upgrade to Scarlett when it comes out in a year’s time! Xbox All Access is surely a great incentive to treat yourself to the world’s best console, the X, in the meantime – find out more on page 8! Fortnite continues to surprise and impress. After everyone thought the whole thing had literally disappeared up its own, well, servers, Epic unveiled Chapter Two with a brand-new island and more besides. We take a tour of ‘Fortnite 2.0’ on page 10 this month. Then we report from our time using xCloud streaming which was released on beta to the general…

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access all areas

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX When Project Scarlett hits shelves in holiday 2020, our credit cards will probably wince. Buying a brand-new console is never cheap, and with the insane amount of cutting-edge tech Microsoft is squeezing into its nextgen Xbox, Scarlett could retail for a sizeable sum. Don’t despair quite yet, though. You and your tattered change purse may have a more manageable way of upgrading to Scarlett. Enter Xbox All Access, the program previously launched for a limited time last year, letting you buy and pay off an Xbox One over a number of months. Back then, the service was exclusive to the US, but now it’s been rolled out and repackaged to also cater for UK and Australian Xbox fans. The headline news? Under the new scheme you can buy an…

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fortnite maps out its future

THE PROMISED LAND Talk about a brave new world. Epic’s free-to-play phenomenon Fortnite has ditched its original map and introduced a completely fresh island to celebrate the arrival of its second ‘Chapter’. The studio also closed the curtains on its first world with a cheeky sense of spectacle. This might be the first instance of a developer turning server maintenance into a bona fide event Xbox gamers could get excited about. Epic didn’t so much send Fortnite’s first Chapter out with a bang as it did a black hole. Literally. The first island was sucked into a rip in the space-time continuum, swallowed into an inky void that initially sent Fortnite fans into a panicked frenzy. Even the game’s Xbox Store icon was blacked out during the intergalactic maintenance period. Holed over With the…

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Elite unit The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is out now, with a rubberised grip and adjustable tension sticks that make our digits giddy. We’ll deliver our verdict on the pad next issue. Stream supreme Xbox Console Streaming is now available to Xbox Insiders. Unlike xCloud, this preview program uses your Xbox to stream games to your mobile device. Mixer it up Shroud, Twitch’s second biggest streamer, has moved to Mixer. That’s a hell of a signing. Out of touch Fallout 76’s new subscription service, Fallout 1st, is about as popular as a vegan deli serving Bambi burgers. Dog down Ubisoft has delayed Watch Dogs Legion and Rainbow Six Quarantine until its 20-21 fiscal year. At least Breakpoint is ace, right? Oh. No Russian Modern Warfare being review bombed for its depiction of Russia has given Activision a huge headache.…