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Official Xbox Magazine January 2020

Official Xbox Magazine is dedicated to delivering the latest information on the hottest current and upcoming Xbox games. Each issue comes packed with breaking details and first looks, as well as more in-depth commentary and expert analysis on all of the latest trends and thriving culture that surrounds the games industry.

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we’re dying for this game

Editor During the work Christmas party a Dying Light-like zombie virus struck the entire OXM office. Luckily, the team survived the plague so let’s see how they’re getting on… Chris has managed to assume the role of leader, as he was closest to the UV light switch when the outbreak happened. We were big fans of zombie-parkour game Dying Light, so of course we’re anticipating Techland’s sequel will be one of the must-play games of 2020. It looks huge, and scary, and we’ve got all the latest on how the game is shaping up on page 38. But before we get to 2020 and all its promised gaming goodness, we take a moment to reflect on 2019 and the games we’ve played this year. Check out the games that made OXM’s Games…

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the oxm team

Adam Bryant Staff writer Adam’s reviewed enough horror games to be our zombie-slaying expert. Currently he’s posted at entrance lobby and is looking menacing with the office baseball bat. Warren Brown Senior art editor We’re not entirely sure Warren noticed that the Christmas party got overrun with zombies. He’s still busily hunched over his laptop laying out OXM pages. Drew Sleep Production editor Seeing as he brought his longboard to the party, Drew is now our post-apocalyptic courier. Every day he must make a daring run to the shops for the team’s Cornettos. Dave Meikleham Games editor Zombies don’t seem to bother Dave too much. After being reintroduced to the horrors of interview transcription this issue, he says he prefers the undead.…

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It’s been a very exciting month in the world of Xbox. For starters, we had Microsoft’s gaming top bods descend on the UK for the year’s big Xbox games shindig, XO19 (p8). No name for next-gen just yet, but plenty of news about upcoming Xbox game releases as we learned a little more about what Xbox Game Studios’ various first-party developers are up to. Find out over the page what’s coming from the likes of Rare and Obsidian, as Phil Spencer and co lifted the lid just a little bit on the very exciting future of Xbox gaming. The big games news didn’t just come out of London this month though. Anaheim, California hosted Blizzcon 2019 which saw Blizzard reveal some surprising but very welcome sequels – find out more…

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xbox charges into 2020

Reach out Halo Reach recently came to Xbox Game Pass, with Microsoft giving Bungie’s beloved shooter plenty of playable booths at X019. The arrival of the sombre prequel means every mainline entry in the legendary series is now available on Microsoft’s subscription service. The bump up to 4K on Xbox One X is a total game-changer. Let’s address the Scarlett-shaped elephant in the room straight off the bat. Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox was nowhere to be seen at X019. That doesn’t mean the expo was a dud, though. Far from it. Held at London’s Copper Box Arena, exciting new games were announced during the three-day extravaganza, and there was a big focus on making Xbox Game Pass a truly irresistible service. While we’re glad to see intriguing new IPs from Rare and Obsidian, it’s…

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oxm says

Chris Burke XO19 certainly ramped up the potential of Game Pass, it’s such a huge part of how we’ll be Xbox gaming in the future that even a no-show Scarlett hasn’t dampened our ardour. We can’t wait for more news on new games though. Just what the heck is Everwild? DAVE MEIKEHAM Being at X019 was an absolute blast… well, aside from that dodgy jalapeño wrap I ate. While Scarlett failing to show is a bummer, Grounded looks and feels great. This was also the show that hammered home how essential Game Pass is. Adam Bryant I was a little disappointed that Microsoft didn’t reveal any new info on Project Scarlett, but the multitude of game announcements more than made up for that. I’m super excited about Everwild. I have no idea what it’s about,…

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non-stop news

Microsoft made all the announcements at X019. Aside from the stuff we’ve already covered, there were some major reveals about the Project xCloud service, Minecraft and yet more exciting Game Pass tidbits. With its streaming tech, Microsoft announced 50 games from 25 different studios are headed to the mobile-friendly platform, including Devil May Cry 5, Madden NFL 20 and Tekken 7. Mojang also made quite the splash at the event. We went hands-on with the promising Minecraft Dungeons; the fast-paced isometric adventure serving up furious co-op battles against legions of blocky enemies. There were further nice surprises for Game Pass subscribers, as Sega revealed the first two Yakuza games and Yakuza Zero would grace the service in 2020. This marks the first time Kazuma Kiryu’s early titles have hit Xbox.…