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Official Xbox Magazine

Official Xbox Magazine April 2020

Official Xbox Magazine is dedicated to delivering the latest information on the hottest current and upcoming Xbox games. Each issue comes packed with breaking details and first looks, as well as more in-depth commentary and expert analysis on all of the latest trends and thriving culture that surrounds the games industry.

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valentine’s month…

Editor We had to sneak into Umbrella HQ to get our hands-on with Resi 3 this month… but now we know too much, and the evil corporation has sent the Nemesis after us! Chris was the first to go, he tried to fight the creature off by chucking an OG Xbox at it, thinking the weight would squash its head… but that just made our pursuer mad. Full disclosure, we’re more than a little obsessed with Resident Evil here at OXM. We’ve played and loved every Xbox entry in Capcom’s survival horror series, and we’re such devoted fanboys and girls that we’re dedicating an entire bonus mag to Resident Evil next month. Look out for that! But back to this issue, imagine how completely overjoyed we were to hear that Resident Evil…

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the oxm team

Adam Bryant Staff writer Adam thought the office lavatory was a safe room, but that didn’t stop Nemmy. Our writer went out like that guy on the toilet in the first Jurassic Park. Warren Brown Group art director Ingeniously, Woz hid on a train to Cardiff, assuming that the monster wasn’t fast enough to catch him. He forgot Nemesis had a rocket launcher, though. Drew Sleep Production editor Drew often complains that the office air conditioning is too cold, so Nemesis lent him a helping hand by introducing him to a flamethrower. Dave Meikleham Games editor Lucky Mr Meiks managed to snatch the office magnum – which we keep for exactly this type of situation – and brought the creature to its knees… for now.…

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Microsoft’s next-gen console, the Xbox Series X, is still as futuristic and enigmatic as the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. At least until we actually get hold of one, and when we do you’ll be the first to know all about it. Meanwhile, we’re left pondering its blackness, and size, and all the incredible tech stats we know about. One new thing we found out this month has sent a few shockwaves through OXM Towers: there will be no Series X exclusives for the first couple of years. Find out more about this and other new info we’ve gleaned as we lift the lid on Xbox Series X’s Launch on page 8 this month. One of gaming’s great racing franchises, EA’s Need For Speed (p12), is returning to the…

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lifting the lid on series x’s launch

NEXT-GEN NOW Before the clock ticks down on 2020, the most hardcore of Team Green gamers will be playing Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X. Wrap your head around that. It’s a thought that somehow feels almost far-fetched, considering precise details about the next Xbox’s release date, price and launch games haven’t been finalised yet. As we wait for the new console’s launch lineup to take shape, we’ve been pondering the big next-gen questions. Just how good will Master Chief’s new shooter look on the Series X? How will it differ from the Xbox One X version? Just how big a graphical upgrade should we expect Series X games to serve up? And how will your existing library of current-gen titles work on the incredible beefy new box? We already know Microsoft is…

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back in the 4k

Stuffed full of amazing AMD tech, Series X is going to be a 4K monster. With such ferocious power on tap, the next Xbox could breathe new life into your old games. Just look at the Xbox One X. Microsoft’s supercharged console has revitalised original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles thanks to 4K ‘X-Enhanced’ patches. Could the company replicate this strategy with the Series X and provide free Ultra HD updates to older Xbox One games? Given Microsoft’s commitment to remastering its back catalogue, we wouldn’t be surprised. If Microsoft releases Series X 4K patches for the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, Sunset Overdrive and Dark Souls III, we’ll officially lose our collective shizzle. If the rumours prove true and PS5 can actually run games from every generation of PlayStation,…

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revved up and ready to go

SWITCHING GEARS Do you hear that loud screeching sound coming from around the corner? That’s the sound of the Need For Speed franchise returning for another lap, with none other than Criterion Games back in the driver’s seat. Speaking with GamesIndustry.biz, EA confirmed Need For Speed will return to the famed UK studio. This comes after the publisher handed the series over from Criterion to Swedish developer Ghost Games in 2013. It’s about time, too. Criterion is known the world over for being the cream of the crop when it comes to racers. Its beloved Burnout series has become a household name, and the two NFS games it put out – Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and Need For Speed Most Wanted – are the best the franchise has seen in the past…