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Our Canada

June/July 2019

The extraordinary magazine that brings our country to life! Share in the stories, photos, special hometown places, and family-favourite recipes that make this the most unique, proud-to-be-Canadian magazine ever. Every picture and story in this one-of-a-kind magazine will bring Canada to vivid, colourful life for you. Join over 1,000,000 readers - and celebrate Canada!

Readers Digest Canada
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What a Coincidence! I was looking at the beautiful pictures in the latest issue of Our Canada (February-March 2019) when I spotted the picture of the waves on Lake Ontario on page 8. Then I saw where the photographer lived. What a surprise! Kevin Pashuk is from Oakville, about six miles from where I grew up in Clarkson, Ont. No wonder I recognized the lake as we lived right beside it at one time. I have many other suggestions as to where he could get more pictures, if he wants to contact me. You have one of the most interesting magazines around. I send a yearly subscription to my pen pal in Australia every Christmas. He and his wife enjoy it and they race to see who can find the loonie…

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contributor spotlight

CARLA HUNT Carla, a member of the Kwakiutl First Nation, was born and raised in Victoria. She moved to Vernon, B.C., in 1998 and loves the area. In recent years, she moved back to Victoria to care for her ailing foster dad, who was suffering from dementia. That’s when her interest in photography, which has become her passion, began. Focusing on wildlife and landscape, Carla’s goal is to showcase the area’s beauty, as she does in Summer in the Okanagan on page 8. As the region’s population increases, Carla feels it’s important we protect critical habitats for the wildlife that call it home. To see more of Carla’s work, visit www.carlahuntphotography.com. REV. LYNNE DONOVAN Reverend Lynne grew up in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and later studied theology at McGill University in Montreal. She has…

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editor’s letter

A NEW LOOK! As many of you know from reading a few of my earlier letters, we’ve been working behind the scenes here at Our Canada to “refresh” the general look of the magazine. Our primary aim is to showcase your wonderful contributions to their best advantage by adding more breathing space to the pages, and to improve your overall reading experience by simplifying the design. We’ve maintained the healthy balance between story content and photography that you’ve come to appreciate over the years. In terms of the content provided in any given issue, you’ll see that we’ve made very few changes. For example, our recipe section still offers four great selections from home cooks across the country, but we’ve reverted to the section’s original name, A Taste of Canada. On the…

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our canada

PUBLISHED BIMONTHLY BY THE READER’S DIGEST MAGAZINES CANADA LIMITED, MONTREAL, QC. Chairman of the Board Christopher Dornan Editor-in-Chief, Reader’s Digest Canada Dominique Ritter Our Canada Editor-in-Chief Gary George Senior Editor Maryanne Gallagher Proofreader Imogen Brian Art Director Robert Bigras Graphic Designers Pierre Loranger, Michel Pelletier Web Editor Brett Walther Assistant Web Editor Robert Liwanag Content Operations Manager Lisa Pigeon Circulation Director Edward Birkett THE READER’S DIGEST ASSOCIATION (CANADA) ULC President Brian Kennedy Legal Barbara Robins Product Manager, Magazine Marketing Mirella Liberatore National Sales Director James Anderson National Account Executives Melissa Silverberg (Toronto); Suzanne Farago (Montreal); Robert Shaw (Vancouver) Head of Marketing Solutions Melissa Williams Marketing and Research Director Kelly Hobson Head of Advertising Operations and Programmatic Adamo Calafati Senior Project Manager Meri Ward Production Manager Lisa Snow Toronto Office 121 Bloor St. E., Suite. 430, Toronto, ON M4W 1E6…

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veteran profile

Donald Douglas Holloway ROYAL CANADIAN ENGINEERS Donald was born in Port Blandford, N.L, on June 11, 1932. He joined the Canadian Army in May 1951 and was sent to Korea in 1953, where he served as a field engineer with the Royal Canadian Engineers, 59th Field Squadron. Many of the men he served with were WWII vets with wartime experience, which helped. “We got there in early February, and fortun ately things were slowing down as peace talks were going on. Our mine-lifting work was done mostly at night, and we just used a bayonet as a prod to find them. You knew when you hit one—it was metallic—then you lifted it out of the ground. We were proud of our work.” Don is married and now lives in Red Deer, Alta. To view interviews…

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summer in the okanagan

There are many features that make the Okanagan a beautiful vacation destination and place to call home. From the rolling hills and mountains to the gorgeous lakes, it truly takes your breath away. The diverse wildlife contributes to this beauty and their habitat must be protected. The Okanagan has four distinct seasons, with summer being a wonderful time for camping, swimming and days spent in the sun. Vernon has been my home since 1998 and the North Okanagan region has provided me with a blank canvas upon which to create beauty by photographing local wildlife and nature. I like to head up into the mountains quite often to check out the wildlife and take time to relax and unwind. With the ongoing decline of wildlife globally, I feel it’s important to photograph…