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Our Canada

February/March 2019

The extraordinary magazine that brings our country to life! Share in the stories, photos, special hometown places, and family-favourite recipes that make this the most unique, proud-to-be-Canadian magazine ever. Every picture and story in this one-of-a-kind magazine will bring Canada to vivid, colourful life for you. Join over 1,000,000 readers - and celebrate Canada!

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A Fitting TributeThank you for including my story “Eternal Thanks” about my Uncle George in your Profiles in Courage section (October-November 2018). All the stories in that issue are a great tribute to our veterans past and present. I love both your magazines and read them cover to cover. I have also given them as gifts to my family.Lucille Chisholm, Delta, B.C.Lucille’s Uncle George (left), pictured with his troop.Tea for TwoI was thrilled when my Collectors story about Hollie Hobbie appeared in the January 2018 issue. It has brought about some interesting results. AMrs. Green, also from Guelph, saw the article and contacted me. She still has a Hollie Hobbie tea set from when her own daughter, Holly, was a child. It’s still in the original box. It turns out that…

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meeting place

KEVIN PASHUKKevin never outgrew his childhood imagination and finds the medium of photography a great outlet to express the wonder and beauty of the worlds he discovers on his walks; a case in point is his photo essay Stolen Moments on page 8. A native of northwestern Ontario, Kevin currently lives and works in Oakville, Ont., but he says that he has tried the patience of his darling, long-suffering wife Leslie with several moves across both the province and the country. To see more of Kevin’s images, view his portfolio at www.flickr.com/photos/kwpashuk/as well as 500px.com/kwpashuk.BARBORI GARNETBarbori, who makes her home in Calgary, is a writer, artist and musician with a BFA in painting and drawing, and an MA in communications in public relations. She enjoys spending time in her family’s…

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(ISABELLE CLÉMENT)That’s Refreshing!It was recently brought to my attention that the photo of yours truly presented on this page has been in use for quite some time—since September 2010, in fact, when I stepped in to run the OC editorial department. Thankfully, I haven’t changed a bit in all that time (wink, wink). Even taking into account that Our Canada has much more to do with you, our readers and contributors, than it does with me as lead editor, you’ll probably agree that a photo update is long overdue in this case.As those of you who read More of Our Canada already know from my letter in the January issue, we’re also looking at other components of the magazine that might benefit from a little freshening up. Our goal here…

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veteran profile

Leonard Avery PocockAnti-Tank Rifleman, Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, 7th PlatoonLeonard was born on May 4, 1916, and joined the Royal Canadian Army near the beginning of the Second World War. He landed at Dieppe with his regiment on August 19,1942, and took part in that ill-fated raid.“We were as green as green could be, but we learned that if you saw a radioman, you stayed away from him… ours had a mortar land on him.”Leonard was later captured and held as a prisoner of war at Stalag VIII-B for the remainder of the war. He plainly called the Dieppe raid a disaster, but even after more than 68 years, he wouldn't lay any blame. Leonard passed away several years ago.To see video interviews with war veterans, visit Veterans Voices of…

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stolen moments

I have been blessed with an insatiable curiosity. As a child, I often took way more time than was necessary to make my way home from school, distracted by some oddity or puddle that captured my imagination. Thankfully, that curiosity wasn’t diminished by adulthood and I still take “the long way home.”I grew up in northwestern Ontario, where there was lots of room to wander and I spent a lot of time out in nature. I am now living just outside of Toronto in what could be called suburbia. Thankfully, there is still a lot of nature to be found and I take any opportunity to get a dose of vitamin “n” (for nature), which helps ground me amid the hectic pace of adult life.time to shovel the roof!winter wildlife.McCraney…

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THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLEDBeth Thomander of Beaver Bank, N.S., writes, “While on a weekend away with our son Grant at a hockey tournament in Thorburn, N.S., an ice storm hit overnight. The following day, I managed to capture a shot of this gorgeous farm down a side road.“HAVE YOU HEARD THE ONE ABOUT:)Wife: Do you want dinner?Husband: Sure, what are my choices?Wife: Yes and no.Q: Why shouldn’t you fall in love with a pastry chef?A: He’ll dessert you.Q: Why should you never breakup with a goalie?A: Because he’s a keeper!Can You Help?Roman Gadzala of Timmins, Ont., writes, “My son David and I found this item on a nearby archaeological dig at a former fur trading post. The site has been in use for thousands of years. The item is made…