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September 2019

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editor’s letter

I’VE REACHED THE second point in my life where I find myself traipsing across university campuses hunting out oddly named buildings. “They said it was up the hill and left,” I moan to anyone who will listen, “so where the [muffled] is it?” There! My son and I hurry through the doors, follow the signs and find ourselves in a modern lecture theatre – all bendy tables and weirdly shaped seating, as if Escher and Dalí decided to get out of art and into sadistic furniture design. We throw ourselves into two of the few empty seats and wait for the start. By the time it does, there’s standing room only. The head of faculty enters, wearing his academic-cool mix of jeans and shirt, and begins the sell. “If you’re here,”…

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pc pro

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will anyone trust the bank of facebook?

FACEBOOK IS FACING a battle to win the public’s trust after announcing plans to launch its own banking service based on a new cryptocurrency. Facebook plans to launch the Libra global blockchain currency next year under the guise of a subsidiary called Calibra, with wallets available for WhatsApp, Messenger and via a standalone app. However, the company faces many hurdles before launch, with watchdogs already worried over the risks of Facebook combining data from its social network with transaction records. “I’m definitely concerned about Facebook correlating all your spending behaviour with your identity,” Justin Brookman, director of privacy and technology policy at rights group the Consumers Union, told PC Pro. Facebook went to great lengths to stress that it would keep financial and user account information separate, pledging a fire gap between the…

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mi5 slammed over “undoubtedly unlawful” data practices

THE UK SECURITY service MI5 unlawfully acquired and stored data for years, according to the body responsible for overseeing the service’s work. In evidence revealed during a court case challenging the validity of the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA), which allows security services to monitor hardware and communications, MI5 was forced to reveal practices that shocked the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office (IPCO). According to rights group Liberty, which brought the case, court documents show that MI5 had kept data to which it had no right, stored it in insecure places and misled officials to try and cover up its breaches. “These shocking revelations expose how MI5 has been illegally mishandling our data for years, storing it when they have no legal basis to do so,” said Megan Goulding, a lawyer with Liberty. “It is…

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Thoughts on Huawei WeChat, the absolute must-have app for every Chinese citizen, is the product of a commercial enterprise (Tencent). If, as we are repeatedly assured, such enterprises are wholly separate from the state, then why, when people share photos deemed unacceptable to the state, must they submit both a photo of themselves and use their voice to request reactivation of the app? Does the Western equivalent (WhatsApp) monitor your activity to ensure it complies with government requirements, and disallow sharing pictures of crowds in Times Square if President Trump deems such images unacceptable (rather than Hong Kong residents remembering Tiananmen Square)? Huawei may be trying the charm offensive at present, but its suggestion that it is a wholly independent private company is just as offensive to our sensibility. Chinese citizens learn…

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readers’ poll

The answer is clear – people are willing to buy secondhand if the price is right, with only 15% ruling out the possibility entirely. Simmons Maccalonni commented that he would buy secondhand hardware because “older laptops have better keyboards”, while Alex McMillan reminded us that sometimes “new tech is not particularly advanced over older tech, and not worth the cost – or new tech isn’t compatible with an older system”. We will give Nick Oldrini the final word. “In some cases, say hi-fi, old tech is better tech. In others, it makes more financial sense. Why buy new when it depreciates immediately, for example in the case of cars, which are increasingly ‘tech’?” Join the debate Join the growing PC Pro community on Facebook at facebook.com/pcpro Get the latest news and updates by following us…