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Practical Photoshop

October 2018
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Your monthly guide to Adobe Photoshop

Practical Photoshop is the world’s premier Photoshop magazine, a monthly guide to the best Photoshop techniques, tips and tricks. Inside each issue you’ll find an array of inspirational tutorials and accompanying video lessons that will help you master Adobe’s collection of industry standard photo-editing software. What’s more, there’s a selection of amazing images from the world’s best Photoshop creatives, free downloadable content, and a beginner’s guide to the basics. If you love photography and you want to learn more about digital imaging, then Practical Photoshop will help you to unleash your creative potential.

Maa: United Kingdom
Kieli: English
Julkaisija: Future Publishing Ltd
Saatavilla: Web Reader, Desktop Reader, iPad, iPhone ja Google Play Store