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Practical Sportsbikes December 2019

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Practical Sportsbikes magazine is about buying, fixing, restoring and riding sportsbikes from the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s. Every issue of PS – the magazine home of new-wave Japanese and Italian classics – is packed with: - The most inspiring and ingenious reader restorations - The most in-depth road tests and buyers’ guides - Unmissable workshop tips and how-to features Practical Sportsbikes gets under the skin of the bikes that really matter to our readers and explains how best to maintain, rebuild and enjoy them. So if you’re in to sportsbikes from the 1970-1990s, PS is essential reading.

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practical sportsbikes welcome

Winter doesn’t have to be miserable: here in the bipublication world of Practical Sportsbikes, inc Performance Bikes, even if we’re not able (or willing) to ride, we just get on with something else: projects, namely. It’s all kicked off as the clocks changed, the temperature dropped and the local authorities got giddy and made their first pass with the gritter, just because it was a bit chilly… Two new projects found their way into our possession this month – an Aprilia RSVR that Damo will oversee (and he will this time: the rest of us have enough to be getting on with), and MG seamlessly transforming an idle eBay browse into an over-the-phone FZ750 purchase within a day. Good impulse buying, that man. And as usual, we’ve been scrutinising the fruits of…

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the team

Damian Smith Art Editor Got very excited about his new/old RSVR project until Chris informed him he can’t ride it until Medium G’s been over it. Old G did a lot of workshop time with Prillers see. damian.smith@pspb.co.uk Mark Graham Production Editor Our very own Jim Bowen lookalike has overstretched himself slightly with three bikes on the go: the RM, the KH1F (remember that) and now this FZ750. mark.graham@pspb.co.uk Alan Seeley Technical Editor The genial Cornishman has been up in Scotland taking care of business this month. How we miss his cheery manner, winning smile, and rancid modern classic clothing. alan.seeley@pspb.co.uk Gary Hurd Workshop Consultant We don’t see much of the Medium G these days on account of him having a proper job. To be perfectly frank this probably suits both parties. editorial@pspb.co.uk John McAvoy Road Tester Johnny’s been…

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gripping news

The world’s largest tyre manufacturer has pulled the plug on one of its longest-running and best-loved tyres. Bridgestone will no longer make the Battlax BT45, which has been in production since 1997. They are replacing it with… the Battlax BT46. Bridgestone claim the new 46 is better in the wet without sacrificing any of the old 45’s dry grip prowess. A new silica formula is the reason behind this improvement. An inverted V-pattern on the front tyre is claimed to improve feedback to the rider too. The new BT46 can be used with tubes on wire-spoked wheels. It will appear in January 2020 in 10 popular sizes, the full range of 21 fronts and 27 rears will follow – soon after, they say. The firm have also launched the Racing Street RS11.…

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wheelie, wheelie poor show

A school in Ipswich has banned pupils from pulling wheelies – on their bicycles. Copleston High School has threatened to stop kids cycling to school if they loft their front wheels in the traditional manner. Head Andy Green said, “99% of our students aren’t silly on their bikes, and we have never had to ban anyone and we don’t see this happening in the future. There are only one or two people who don’t follow the rules.” We respectfully suggest the head teacher should acquaint himself with rule number one enshrined in the British two-wheel constitution which clearly states: Any boy or girl riding a pushbike is at liberty to pull, or to attempt to pull, wheelies of whatever nature when riding. Subclause 6 (b) clearly states: Wheelies performed in front…

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forum for you

The PSPB would like you to know that our combined PSPB chat forum thing is up and very much running, offering a more immersive experience than your social media outlets, if you enjoy being immersed in the opinions and random waffling of total strangers. The address is pbmagforum.co.uk and as well as PS and PB readers be-ing able to give advice to each other, chart progress of bike builds, you can also sell things on this forum. If you want to get your bikes seen in the mag, it’s a great place to stick your head above the parapet: the splendid RD500LC cover bike came from this very forum. You can, if you really feel you must, also chat to much of the PSPB team, but not MG (as if) because he…

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a piece of broken fairing!

BUT NOT just any old bit of broken fairing. No, no, no. This is an ex-Michael Rutter piece of BMW S1000RR fairing. You may recall Rutter recently took delivery of a brand, spanking new 2019 S1000RR to race. Well, Blade managed to highside it first time out at The Donington Park’s Melbourne Loop. Typically, he was later seen grovelling around in the tyre wall attempting to retrieve all the fairing splinters so he could glue it back together and avoid paying out for a new one. He failed to find all the bits, but generously offered to sign one large part and give it away to a PS reader. Here is that very part, signed by old Blade himself. To win this piece of motorcycling history all you have to…