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Prog Issue 103

Since its arrival at the tail end of the 60s progressive rock has offered the world some of the most fascinating music ever heard, in varying guises over the years. Prog magazine brings you the stories behind the people who create these astounding sounds and amazing music, be they the classic originators such as Genesis, Pink Floyd and Yes, to the 80s revivalists such as Marillion and IQ, all the way through to those musicians today who have done so much to help rejuvenate the genre such as Muse, Radiohead, Steven Wilson, Opeth and Anathema. In depth and behind the scenes stories of classic albums and tours sit side by side with widespread coverage of what‘s happening at today’s cutting edge of progressive music.

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ed’s letter

Hello and welcome to issue 103 of Prog magazine. On page 11, reader Paul Farley asks me to repeat what I said onstage at last month’s Space Rocks. According to Farley, what I said “was spot on” describing, in his words, “the meaning of progressive music”. I’m more than happy to, Paul, although I do so fully aware that there may be some who feel the description takes prog too far away from their own comfort zone, and will vehemently disagree. But, in a nutshell, here goes anyway. I find it difficult to subscribe to the theory that prog is a sound. The originators of this great music never sounded alike: Genesis sound nothing like King Crimson, for example, Tull nothing like ELP, Pink Floyd nothing like Yes. None, in fact,…

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bloody well write

SWEDE DREAMS I’ve just read the latest edition and was delighted to find that the spirit is still flourishing (great stuff on Camel, The Aristocrats, to name but two). However, I would take slight issue with Dave Everley’s review of Opeth’s latest [In Cauda Venenum]. While agreeing wholeheartedly with the overall assessment, I think that in these dark times of nationalist populism, the decision to record the album in Swedish and provide an English version is a truly progressive move. I’m old enough to remember when the likes of David Bowie and Peter Gabriel (and others) recorded songs in French, German, in a positive attempt to further communication. In an age when the trend is to foment parochialist divisiveness, it is a courageous move to encourage linguistic diversity. I can’t speak Swedish,…

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tweet talk

Follow us on twitter.com/progmagazineUK HAWKWIND @HawkwindHQ Fly free Ginger… Crazy, happy memories of your time with us… #GingerBaker #Legend #Anhonour NICK BEGGS @NickBeggs A great weekend in Belgium with Fish On Friday. GODSTICKS @Godsticks Just over a year now since our strippedback performance celebrating 10 years of @kscopemusic at the incredible Union Chapel – what a night that was! #Godsticks #GodsticksLive #10YearsOfKscope #UnionChapel #London IAMTHEMORNING @themorningband It’s official. First prize for hospitality on this tour goes to @muziekgieterij. Thank you guys KAVUS TORABI @Knifeworld Magma are playing in London tonight so basically everything else can fuck off. CRAIG BLUNDELL @craigblundell Announcement of the day HAS to go to Minnesota Airport for their paging of “Alison Chains”!! if she exists, amazing, if someone went up to the office to get them to say it, I salute you. Absolutely brilliant…

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van der graaf – live again!

Van der Graaf Generator have announced a series of UK dates for May 2020, with more European dates in the pipeline. The group have been dormant since releasing their 13th album Do Not Disturb in 2016 and have not played live for seven years. Vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player Peter Hammill has been particularly active this year, collaborating with Tim Bowness and Isildur’s Bane and releasing a solo eight-CD live box set Not Yet Not Now, but he sees the revival of Van der Graaf as a separate issue. “We’ve been hovering around since Do Not Disturb and we meet for band lunches, but for various reasons we’ve not been in a position to crack on and do something,” he tells Prog. “And so at our lunch this year we said, ‘Well,…

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yes’ 2020 delirium

Yes have announced seven UK dates in May and June next year. The Album Series 2020 tour will feature highlights from across the group’s career and they will play their 1974 album Relayer in its entirety. “Coming to the table with more Album Series concepts is always exciting but never more exciting than Relayer,” guitarist Steve Howe tells Prog. “Gates Of Delirium is full tilt, very high energy, and Sound Chaser and To Be Over haven’t been played since the shows with Patrick [Moraz] in the 70s. The complexity of the music is really challenging and Yes always works at its best when it’s challenged.” Moraz was one of the guests on 2018’s #Yes50 anniversary tour, but these shows will feature the core line-up of Howe, Alan White (drums), Geoff Downes (keyboards),…

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crimson observations republished

Sid Smith’s feted band biography, In The Court Of King Crimson, will be republished on November 15 in revised and expanded form with the new subtitle An Observation Over 50 Years. Originally published in 2001, the book has long been out of print, but after being approached by Crimson’s Panegyric label, Smith has now taken the story up to 2019 through new interviews with principals. “Everyone has been incredibly helpful and I try to let their voices come through,” he tells Prog. “I had no editorial guidance and didn’t try to meld their opinions into some grand, unified theory of King Crimson.” This new edition includes a track-by-track guide to the band’s recordings and an “annotated gigography”, and at 600 pages it is twice the length of the original book. “It’s like…