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saying farewell to aretha

“Women not only have the right, the power and the ability, but we can show a different kind of leadership that’s compassionate and sincere.”—PAULETTE JORDAN, candidate for Idaho governorWHEN THE SAD NEWS reached us that Aretha Franklin was gravely ill, the first person I called was Mikal Gilmore. The Rolling Stone veteran, who wrote his first piece for the magazine in 1976, is a master at crafting epic, revelatory tributes to the most important artists of our times.Gilmore’s writing, fueled by meticulous research and abiding empathy for his subjects, helps us fathom the complex, often contradictory lives of the artists he encounters: their hidden motivations and hard-won achievements, the difficult places they came from and the new worlds they created.In recent years, Gilmore has paid tribute in these pages to…

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five songs that inspired me

The former Journey frontman is about to release Traces, his first album in 22 years. It was inspired by the loss of his girlfriend to cancer.THE FLAMINGOS“I Only Have Eyes for You”At the time this came out, when I was just a kid, it was like another landscape of sound to me. As old-school as it is today, it still evokes magic.SAM COOKE”Cupid”I was in a ’56 Thunderbird with my mom when this came on the radio. I was captivated by every single thing I was hearing. The world got really small.THE DRIFTERS“Under the Boardwalk”Lyrics like “you can almost taste the hot dogs” aren’t the best, but the way he says it just kills me.THE BEACH BOYS“In My Room”This was an anthem to my teenage isolation. I just wanted to…

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inside the beasties’ wild, moving memoir

MICHAEL DIAMOND was driving in California the other day, just a nudge past the legal speed limit, when he got pulled over. “So the officer goes, ‘My son is eight. He was just listening to “Brass Monkey” and “Intergalactic” this morning!’ ” He pauses for the punchline. “Still gave me the ticket, though.”Adam Horovitz, sitting next to him, smirks: “Yeah, he listened and he hated it!”The two old friends — known to three generations of fans as Mike D and Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys — are sharing a couch in a luxury hotel suite located on what used to be one of the grimiest blocks in Manhattan. Horovitz, 51, slouches backward, nearly horizontal, while Diamond, 53, is upright and alert. Otherwise, they’re similar enough to be brothers: same lanky…

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life after heartbreak

MIKE CAMPBELL doesn’t cry when he talks about the early-morning phone call that told him Tom Petty, his bandleader and best friend of nearly 50 years, had just been rushed to the hospital. The Heartbreakers guitarist doesn’t cry when he remembers playing to a sold-out Hollywood Bowl with Petty one week before that horrible October morning either, or even when he remembers seeing Petty’s body in a hospital bed just hours before his heart stopped beating. “They had his hair straight,” Campbell says. “He was medicated and very still, but he looked like an angel.”It’s not until he thinks back to a brief encounter on a plane after that Hollywood Bowl show — the final time he spoke with Petty — that the eyes behind Campbell’s purple Lennon sunglasses well…

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damon albarn

LAST FALL, Gorillaz singer Damon Albarn was feeling bored on tour — so he did what he knows best and started sketching ideas for a new album on his iPad. The result is The Now Now, Gorillaz’s excellent new full-length LP. With its breezy melodies and comparatively lean cast of characters — Snoop Dogg, 75-year-old smooth-jazz guitarist George Benson and Chicago house veteran Jamie Principle are the only credited guests — The Now Now is a refreshing change of pace from Humanz, the overstuffed set Gorillaz released just last year. “It’s a record within a record, a dream within a dream — sort of like Inception,” says the English singer-songwriter, 50, who’s bringing his cartoon band to the U.S. in October for a string of arena dates, leading up to…

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the dead’s high time

Dead & Company played their last show of the year, at Virginia’s Lockn’ Festival – and they didn't disappoint, delivering four intense sets that included a Branford Marsalis collaboration and an 11-minute “Althea.” The song is a favorite of John Mayer, who got airborne at one point. “You can’t get a hold of me,” he says.RANDOM QUOTE“There’s no such thing as an old living person. People from thousands of years ago perhaps are old. If you’re alive, you’re young.”—Kanye West, on TwitterCLOCKWISE FROM TOP: © JAY BLAKESBERG; SPLASH NEWS; ROBERT O'NEIL/SPLASH NEWS; LURIE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL/SPLASH NEWS. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: ANDY KEILEN; ABILITYFILMS.COM; NICK FARRAR; SPLASH NEWS; SETH BROWARNIK/STARTRAKS.COM; MEGA; MICHAEL TULLBERG/GETTY IMAGES; LISA KRISTOFFERSON…