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when harry met sheffield

“There is a shocking, unreported, fundamental change coming to the habitability of many parts of the planet.”—PETER GLEICK, co-founder of the Pacific Institute WHEN ROB SHEFFIELD is on deadline, he follows a strict routine: He wakes up at 5 a.m., hits “play” on a cassette mixtape he’s loaded the night before into his 1989 boombox (Rob has hundreds of cassette mixtapes stacked on shelves in his Brooklyn apartment), and makes a grilled-cheese sandwich on his George Foreman. Next, he wraps his hands and arms in black tape (“I hope it prevents injury,” he says, “but it’s probably just superstitious”) and sits down to write. “The internet hasn’t started that early in the morning,” he says. “You can have solitude.” This routine has helped Rob produce thousands of brilliant reviews, columns, profiles, and…

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+ love letters & advice

“She’s better than 95 percent of pop artists and [did it] without letting the industry decide what she sounds like.”—Mark Gard, via the internet Billie’s Teen Spirit For Billie Eilish’s first ROLLING STONE cover [“Triumph of the Weird,” RS 1330], traditional was out of the question. Photographer Petra Collins explained, “There have been a lot of young women on the covers, and I was like, ‘I want to do the opposite of what the Britney Spears cover was.’” For reader Rebecca Stout, this resonated. “As a mother of a teenage girl, what can I say but thank you, Billie Eilish, for proving girls don’t have to shop their body parts in order to be sexy, cool, or successful.” Other readers did not share in this sense of empowerment. “Why the morbid, downer…

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john mayer’s all-access pass

JOHN MAYER SPENT the summer touring as a guitarist in Dead and Co. and on his own solo arena run, but he still makes time for his side gig: photography. Mayer has taken his camera on the road for more than a decade. (He prefers a Leica M10, as seen in this portrait.) In 2007, he wrote about his hobby for Nikon’s website, and has said he likes to post on photography blogs. “There’s a certain retelling of the truth when you see [your photos],” Mayer has said, adding that he counts Jim Marshall and Annie Leibovitz as his heroes. The guitarist has compared photography to hunting: “Lining up a shot, taking the shot — and [instead of] hanging up what you killed, you hang up what you gave life to.”…

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yola’s new town road

IT WAS HARD to miss Yola at July’s Newport Folk Festival. The brightly dressed, earthy-voiced singer appeared on multiple stages at the legendary Rhode Island event, dropping in on sets by the Highwomen — where she got the biggest cheers of the supergroup’s show — and Dolly Parton, who welcomed Yola for a raucous group singalong of “9 to 5.” She also drew an overflowing crowd to her own side-stage performance, delivering a deeply moving set of country-soul originals. “Yola is a force unlike any we’ve ever seen in this genre,” says Brandi Carlile, who considers Yola an “honorary member” of her group Highwomen. This kind of thing has been happening a lot this year, since the 36-year-old released Walk Through Fire. Her debut LP combines the lush heartbreak of Sixties…

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cage & beck’s big adventure

WHEN CAGE THE ELEPHANT went into the studio to make their first album, singer Matt Shultz had one note for their producer: “‘I want to sound like Beck’s ‘Loser,’” he remembers saying. Now, Cage are touring with their hero on their Night Running tour, a double bill that recalls the monster alt-rock tours of the Nineties. “I can’t say enough about how blown away I’ve been,” says Shultz of Beck, who’s been opening with “Loser” before blasting through uptempo classics like “Devil’s Haircut.” Cage are drawing heavily from their dark, New Wave-y new album, Social Cues, with a high-concept performance that has Shultz stripping seven layers of clothing off his body throughout the set. “I’m trying to show people that I’m loved no matter what state I’m in, whether I’m…

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1. Charli XCX “Cross You Out” The punky U.K. pop diva is releasing her first LP in five years, full of confrontationally weird party jams like this emo collabo with fellow rules hater Sky Ferreira. Over a stomping, synth-glazed groove, they detonate the memory of an ex, creating their own killer moment of sisterly chaos. 2. DaBaby and Lil Baby “Baby” Lil Baby’s Drip Harder was one of our favorite hip-hop albums of 2018, and DaBaby’s Baby on Baby is one of our favorites from this year. What can we say? It’s a good time for rappers named Baby, as their frenetically banging tag-team “Baby” attests. 3. Vivian Girls “Sick” The Vivian Girls make sweetly bracing indie pop somewhere between the Go-Go’s and My Bloody Valentine, and they’re finally back after a way-too-long eight-year hiatus. 4. Miranda Lambert “It All…