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September 2019

Gets down and dirty for you every month with in-depth technical articles covering the hottest engine combinations, trick suspension and brake testing, and full-on restoration. There's also complete product reviews, up-to-the-minute news and event coverage, as well as four exciting Tech Talk columns written by industry experts on Chevelles, Camaros, Novas, and '55-'57 Chevys.

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ls swap everything

Spring has kicked in and that meant it was time to visit the desert burg of Las Vegas for the annual Holley LS Fest West. It’s a celebration of all things LS and, like its counterpart in the east, shows how popular and versatile this engine really is. And while the tarmac was stuffed with newer Camaros and Corvettes, what really blows us away each year is just how many cars show up that didn’t come with an LS originally under their hood, or a GM mill of any sort. If you can name it chances are some gearhead has figured out a way to LS swap it. And we’re not just talking about stuffing an LS into a vintage Chevy that originally had a Gen I small-block; that’s child’s play.…

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super chevy

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a test of two worlds

“What better way to start the new decade with a bang,” wrote the editors of Car Craft magazine in their December 1989 issue, “than with a dragstrip test and re-enactment of a 23-year-old shootout, Camaro versus Mustang?” And for “a little variety,” they brought a Kawasaki Ninja to the test at Los Angeles County Raceway up in the desert. For 1990, GM’s Tuned Port Injection (TPI) engines were giving up their mass air sensors in exchange for a speed density air metering system. “Instead of actually measuring the amount of air entering the engine with the MAF sensor, speed density calculates air flow by sensing engine pressure and manifold air temperature,” they explained. “This change, along with other calibration mods, has added 5 hp to V-8 Tuned Port engines across the…

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an unlikely marriage

Here atSuper Chevy, many of the cars we feature are what we’d call the second coming for their owners. Often we hear something like “I had one of these in high school,” or “my uncle owned one and that car shaped my youth,” or some similar refrain. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a full-on show car like this ’69 Camaro masterpiece owned by Craig Hardee or a car that’s driven and used on a regular basis, we almost always hear a similar sentiment during interviews. In the case of Hardee’s killer Camaro, the story starts in high school. “My first car, at the age of 15, was a 1969 Camaro. It was a hardtop because it was all I could afford at the time and I kept that car for 15…

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pump gas push

When it comes to performance, the easiest route is to combine more of everything. What do we mean by everything? Well, if a little compression is good, or a little camshaft is good, or a little displacement is good, then more must be better, right? There is definitely a method to this madness, but so, too, are their limitations. Big power certainly comes from things like high compression and wild cam timing, but what happens if a track-only monster isn’t your goal? What happens if you are looking to build power for a street car (like most of us)? Things like high compression and wild cam timing can certainly build power, but they also tend to create problems. I mean, who has the money to pop for the high-octane race…

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comeback camaro

Cars, like all machines, are built to the technology of their time. Big-time automakers, such as Chevrolet, are always looking forward, focusing on innovation, the next model year, and ever-tightening automotive legislation. This focus leads to some truly amazing vehicles, but it also fails to afford such companies a look backward—sort of a “What if” moment for past models. Fortunately for us gearheads, the aftermarket industry operates in a polar opposite fashion, grabbing the latest technological advances by the horns and retrofitting them into our beloved vintage iron. For the 2018 Super Chevy Muscle Car Challenge presented by Falken Tires, Classic Performance Products (CPP) gave a garage-find 1967 Camaro a new and thoroughly modernized lease on life. THE CAR Belonging to a friend of CPP owner Jim Ries, the Camaro was as…