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T3 January 2019

Our writers are as passionate about gadgets as you are, and this is reflected in insightful articles that cover every aspect of technology. In the Hype section, you'll read about cutting-edge launches; tech that truly has the 'wow' factor. Each month, Agenda recommends seven adventures that you can have with tech right now – everything from filming extreme sports on your GoPro action camera to taking a flight on a jetpack! Select is where we review the latest and greatest new products, from hardware to games and apps. And Elite is the ultimate tech buyer's guide – your first port of call if you're looking to buy something new for yourself or your home. Please Note: Digital editions do not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies.

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BANG & OLUFSEN X DAVID LYNCHTwin Peaks legend David Lynch first brought his design talents into the spotlight back in 1997, when he designed furniture for his film Lost Highway, before going on to present a furniture collection at the prestigious Milan Furniture Fair. In recent years the director has lent his design prowess to audio tech, most notably with Bang & Olufsen. Artwork by David Lynch, his second collaboration with the Danish brand, comprises the highly portable Beoplay P2 (£175) and the more powerful, multi-room compatible Beoplay M5 (£700). Both speakers are embossed with select images from Lynch’s War Between the Shapes series of works, created on paper in the 1970s, and from the ‘Paris Suite’ lithographs created in 2007 at the fine art printing studio Idem in Paris.…

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meet the team

MATT BOLTONEditorAs the office’s biggest tablet user, Matt wrote our big review of the iPad Pro (p82). He said it’s his second favourite tablet, after the Scottish sugar stuff, but it makes his teeth hurt less.MICHELLE McLARENArt EditorMichelle had a fantastic time torturing the poor writer of our waterproof tech feature (p52). The water was freezing cold, but she just kept making him plunge his hands back in. “Again! Again!” she cackled.PAUL DOUGLASGlobal Editor-in-ChiefPaul’s fervent interest in the newly-crowned best noise-cancelling headphones (p92) was because he wanted to drown us out for some peace and quiet. If only they could block out Slack too…ROB JONESTech & Gaming EditorOur keeper of the phones oversaw our review of the best giant handsets (p64). Switching to the Palm phone (p16) we’re reviewing next…

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editor’s letter

I think that for a lot of people (by which I mean myself), the thing that first got them interested in the idea of smart home tech was purely how cool it is to have something like your lights turn on in specific modes with just a tap or a spoken phrase. Smart heating has been around just as long, but is a lot less sexy, even though it’s the upgrade that probably has a bigger impact on your quality of life, and your wallet, over time.Our cover feature this issue (p37) is about the practical side of the smart home. Yes, most of it is also still extremely cool, but here we’re looking at how it can save you time and help you go greener, which will also save…

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You can charge from a wall socket (slowly), a special wallbox that Audi will fit, or those high-power road stations, which is where you’re most likely to find 150kW chargersSPACE STATIONWith no traditional mechanics to fit in, Audio ditched the standard centre tunnel, leaving even more space to get comfortable in the car for long rides. The virtual dash is made up of touchscreens, so you can customise where you want the different instruments, making it truly yoursI MUST BRAKE YOUWhen you press the brake pedal, the car decides whether to use energy e-tron systems in the motor to slow you, or whether to apply good ol’-fashioned pads to wheels, depending on your driving situation. You can even adjust the level of energy recovery, easing it off when you want…

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compact pc gaming gear

SAYS…“The capability of a high-end gaming PC in a tiny space”Rob Jones, Tech & Gaming Editor1 ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27UQThis 27-inch monitor from Asus could give Dan breathtaking imagery without dominating his desk space. Even if his gaming machine can’t quite handle 4K just yet; when he eventually upgrades, it’s nice to know it’s there, and the PG27UQ not only boasts 4K pixels, but G-Sync HDR for the best gaming visuals out there – and yes, there are titles that support Nvidia’s proprietary HDR tech: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, for one. Backing this up is a 144Hz refresh rate, for a buttery-smooth image.£1,998, asus.com2 LOGITECH G903 + POWERPLAY MATA match made in heaven: when the G903, Logitech’s top dog wireless mouse, is placed upon its Powerplay mouse pad compadre, it will…

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keep it buttoned

1 MR P DOUBLE-BREASTED BOUCLÉ PEACOATThis is the reliable winter coat you need. The navy colour is versatile while the wool and cashmere blend is super cosy.£575, mrporter.com2 COS TAILORED COATThe classic cut makes this coat ideal for more formal moments. It’s made from a wool blend and features neatly hidden buttons.£180, cosstores.com3 KENZO PADDED SHELL COATBrace yourself for the winter bite with this outdoorsy shell coat from Kenzo. It comes with an adjustable hood and ribbed cuffs, and looks great with sweatpants.£510, harveynichols.com4 BELSTAFF DURAN DOUBLE-BREASTED OVERCOATGo practically anywhere with this rugged overcoat from Belstaff. The insulating wool blend keeps the heat in while you’re out, and looks super-sharp in the process.£650, mrporter.comHARRIS WHARF LONDON SINGLE-BREASTED OVERCOATIf you need a staple coat then this one from Harris Wharf should…