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Tatler UK July 2018

Tatler is mischievous, glamorous, intelligent and fun, providing an insider’s view of what is really happening in British society with a compelling mix of fashion, the arts, politics, people, parties and glamour.

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good times, all the time

SAVING VENICE The starry Save Venice gala (the Met Gala’s little sister) has been going since 1971, but thanks to New York powerhouse Lauren Santo Domingo (nicknamed ‘LSD’ – and known in certain circles as ‘GOD’), it’s gone seriously glam. This year, Sienna Miller, Ella Richards, Fritz and Caro von Westenholz and Sascha von Bismarck led the London pack at the Pierre hotel. Best dressed went to LSD (of course) in Oscar de La Renta, gloves and a lace mask. Bellissima! LET’S DANCE Fancy-dress obsessive Violet Naylor-Leyland (in a dress by Vin+Omi, inspired by her deep-sea-diving grandmother Bindy Lambton), milliner Victoria Grant and photographer Diana Gomez took over Loulou’s, the basement nightclub of Hertford Street, for their ‘Greatest Fashion Moments’ party, with Violet’s brother William as Ziggy Stardust and Matthew Guinness in double…

2 min
flower power

Entering the artist Raqib Shaw’s salon in a former sausage factory in Peckham is rather like being transported into the ornate court of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The walls of the long, mirrored room are covered with wintry dried flowers, crimson chaises longues line the walls, and red candles drip wax onto a table reminiscent of Miss Havisham’s, draped with decadent, dying blooms. ‘Please ignore the mess,’ says the theatrical Shaw of what is in fact an exquisite room. For he recently suffered a tragedy – a horrific fire that destroyed much of the now restored salon and several adjoining rooms. The burning salon appears in one of his newest paintings, inspired by the German Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Elder’s Allegory of Melancholy, as do his two dogs…

2 min
art of fabulous

‘Right now, I’m a serving fashionista on her day off ’, says Leo GuGu to the author madison moore (who is a lower-case kinda guy). ‘I feel like I’m in Milan right now, not in New York.’ GuGu, a New York nightlife personality and stylist, is just one of the flamboyant, eccentric personalities we encounter in Fabulous, moore’s wonderfully sassy and scholarly book on fabulousness as a form of cultural identity. The thoughts and philosophies of this motley crew of creatives are treated with the same reverence as those of Rousseau and Berger, moore being the kind of person who thinks about Baudelaire in the queue for Berghain, and is as fluent in Beyoncé as he is in Barthes. This joyful cultural analysis looks at fabulousness as a queer aesthetic and political…

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the new cliveden set

It may only be in its second year, but Cliveden has already established itself as the Glyndebourne of literary festivals. And it’s the only one to be held in a 17th-century mansion that also happened to be the backdrop to a major Sixties sex scandal, the Profumo affair. This year, in association with Tatler, from 29 to 30 September, Simon Schama, Tina Brown, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Edmund de Waal, Armando Iannucci and others will descend on its gardens to discuss art, architecture, politics and espionage. clivedenliteraryfestival.org…

1 min
the odd couple

It was Grey Gardens, the classic 1975 documentary, that propelled the wildly eccentric and spectacularly slovenly mother-and-daughter duo of ‘Big’ and ‘Little’ Edie Beale into the spotlight. That Big Edie was Jackie Kennedy’s aunt and Little Edie her cousin only lent their story more allure – allure that saw their lives spun into a Broadway musical, a play and an Emmy-winning TV film. All this had its cinematic beginning in That Summer, a film that brings together footage shot in 1972 when Jackie’s sister, Princess Lee Radziwill, and handsome artist/adventurer Peter Beard hooked up on Aristotle Onassis’s private Greek island, then debouched to Beard’s Long Island house, where Mick, Bianca, Truman and Andy dropped in and filmed each other. That footage is great, but Beard and Radziwill had other recently rediscovered filmic…

1 min
the magic of monochrome

It’s back to the Eighties with Michael Kors. The king of fun fuels our current obsession with the high/low mix – hotshot fashion meets urban influence; designer meets high-street collaborations – by reviving the original black-and-white logo graffiti print on accessories like shoes, bags and watches. It’s an ingenious fusion of jazzy NYC vibes with street art; Club 57 and the Mudd Club; and Fab 5 Freddy and Jean-Michel Basquiat.…