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Tatler UK February 2019

Tatler is mischievous, glamorous, intelligent and fun, providing an insider’s view of what is really happening in British society with a compelling mix of fashion, the arts, politics, people, parties and glamour.

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United Kingdom
Conde Nast Publications Ltd
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1 min
all for love

To the Roundhouse, where society’s brightest philanthropic lights gathered for the Big Love Gala to raise funds for blood-cancer charity DKMS. Lord Dalmeny fired up the crowd with a charity auction in which he asked if anyone would bid £5,000 for Eddie Spencer-Churchill – much to the amusement of his new wife, Kimi. Sisters-in-law Jemma Mornington and Charlotte Santo Domingo, both in floor-length gowns, tied for the title of most glamorous guest. In total, £1.2 million was raised – and Eddie was spared being put up for sale.…

1 min
end of an era

There was a nostalgic mood at the original Annabel’s as guests descended the steps at 44 Berkeley Square for the last parties – first, the preview of the Christie’s sale, hosted by the Earl of Snowdon and Orlando Rock. Ludovic Lindsay described it as ‘a wake’, and former US Secretary of State John Kerry popped in to pay his respects. Two nights later, at the final dinner in association with Lombard Odier Private Bank, Nina Campbell (who led the design in the Mark Birley era) and Martin Brudzinski (arbiter of the new Annabel’s) swapped notes on decorating London’s most beloved nightclub.…

1 min
great scott

To Annabel’s once more, for the launch of Moschino’s hot new collaboration with H&M, hosted by the brand’s designer and all-round ringmaster Jeremy Scott. The basement club was a riot of golden balloons and golden company – excess was the mot de jour. Mary Charteris, in a diamanté bra and her signature pink hair, DJed with Jaime Winstone for the likes of Madonna, who arrived with her adorable five-year-old twin daughters in tow. Molto Moschino!…

4 min
with friends like these…

Over the course of a morning recently, I was steeplechasing in Dorset with Claudia Rothermere, ‘husting’ in Hastings with Amber Rudd, and watching the Palio in Siena with Sabine Getty and Celia Weinstock. Not in real life, of course, but on Instagram. My virtual alter ego was liking, lol-ing and leaving witty remarks, while IRL I was in my dressing gown running a bath. Life has always moved on two tracks – the reality in front of us and the fantasies in our heads. But as social media comes to occupy an ever-greater chunk of our time, our virtual lives are almost as meaningful as our real ones. Once, anyone who cared enough to build an online following was, by definition, a loser. But now the metrics of popularity are there…

6 min
the miller’s tale

It is 1927. Lost in thought, 19-year-old Lee Miller walks down a crowded street in Manhattan. She is ravishingly beautiful: blonde hair stylishly bobbed, lips painted red, her slim figure clad in the latest fashions from Paris. Perhaps it is Paris she’s thinking about so deeply – whatever it is absorbs her entirely, and she steps off the sidewalk without noticing a car speeding towards her. At the last minute a man whisks her to safety. He turns out to be none other than the publisher Condé Nast, and as soon as he sees the woman he’s saved, he decides she must model for his magazine. A few short months later, Lee Miller’s face, drawn by Georges Lepape with the New York skyline for a backdrop, stares out from the…

3 min
hustle & bustle

Two of the biggest films of the New Year portray the complex personal relationships of early British queens. The Favourite depicts the battle fought in the early 18th century for emotional – and sexual – control of Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) by Sarah Churchill, the 1st Duchess of Marlborough (Rachel Weisz), and another servant in Anne’s royal bedchamber, Baroness Abigail Masham (Emma Stone), a drama observed by the editors of The Tatler, newly founded in 1709. Mary, Queen of Scots, meanwhile, focuses on the doomed Mary Stuart (Saoirse Ronan), Catholic cousin of Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie), and on the personal parallels between the famously rivalrous queens. These histories have extra resonance given the return of strongwilled, charismatic young women to the current royal family. The relationship between the Duchesses of Cambridge…