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Tatler UK January 2018

Tatler is mischievous, glamorous, intelligent and fun, providing an insider’s view of what is really happening in British society with a compelling mix of fashion, the arts, politics, people, parties and glamour.

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United Kingdom
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THE SMARTEST BABY NAMES FOR 2018 You’ve been crossing your legs very hard, but you can finally give birth, because Tatler is publishing its new, eagerly anticipated list of the most aristocratic baby names. FEEL YOUR WAY TO HAPPINESS! With the Tatler Wellness Special, our guide to personal transformation, including handy tips, informative essays and the small changes that will have a big impact on your physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. POSH-WEDDING PORN No, we are not talking about that, you perv – we are talking about many photographs of resplendent gowns, dishy grooms and parties in stately homes that actually belong to the people getting married. Yes, it’s the best society weddings of 2017. Your futureÉ What does 2018 hold for you? Tatler’s astrologer, Countess de Voight, consults the heavens. PHOTOGRAPHS: DAVE M BENETT, GENEVIEVE NAYLOR, LOUISE…

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DYLAN THOMAS Dylan photographs a house with a rather colourful history (page 105) What’s your signature dance move? My first wedding-dance song went so wrong that I just nod now. What’s your worst habit? Not doing any exercise. What would be your death-row meal? Mushrooms on toast, as I’m really allergic to them but love them with garlic. What’s your go-to fancy-dress costume? A golf outfit so I have loads of balls! RICHARD PENDLEBURY Richard (above, in Kabul, 2002) pays homage to the nation’s greatest war reporters (page 98) Favourite joke? ‘We have no record of your visa application.’ What’s your earliest memory? Earliest memories are the falls that made my nose what it is today. If you could get away with one crime, what would it be? Driving at 22mph in my neighbourhood. What would be your death-row meal? A bottle of Taittinger or Veuve Clicquot. I really…

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here’s looking at... rebecca corbin-murray

There was life before fashion-styling, but Rebecca Corbin-Murray – who makes people like Lily James, Emma Watson and Gabriella Wilde look dazzling – would rather forget about it. ‘I went to university,’ she says, ‘but it was so boring. Honestly, I hate talking about it – it was such a waste of time.’ (Nor does she like to discuss her age. ‘I don’t see how it’s relevant to me,’ she sighs elegantly. ‘It’s like asking the size of your hips.’) But back to her career, of which she says, laughing, ‘it’s not like we’re rocket scientists. I feel like fashion is more of a vocation than something you study.’ She describes the year she spent working for Charlotte Stockdale, after meeting the stylist’s assistant at Boujis, as her ‘baptism of…

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Military, nautical, monochrome, embellished, Seventies... Ah, hello, old friends. The fashion merry-go-round has its familiar touchpoints and pitstops, and this New Year we are landing on floral. That old flowery, blousy, feminine chestnut. The good news is that you probably have a load of it in your wardrobe, which, by harnessing the power of a glittery boot or a bit of shearling, you could update without going bankrupt. The other good news is that this season’s floral mood is intensely wearable. None of those flock-wallpaper patterns or challenging palettes. True, it’s not that interesting. But it’s easy. In the face of slip dresses (difficult) and trouser suits (difficult), we should probably count our blessings. AR…

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Howdy, pardner. And welcome to a kind of Seventies-Hollywood take on cowgirl. You might be too lily-livered for the full cow-print-jacket situation, but who can’t make a calf-length A-line skirt and boot work? Quite a lot of tan suede is knocking about and you might even have some of that hanging around from last season, in which case head ’em up, move ’em out. A fitted jacket with a horsewoman vibe will be useful, but you could also do the whole poncho thing and be incredibly cosy yet irreproachable in terms of style. Them city slickers can just hold their tongues. AR…

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good as gold

Emma Weaver, 22, is in love with a handsome chap called Bradley. He’s got long, lustrous hair, muscly shoulders, a great arse and always does what she tells him. Emma rides him when she is at home in Buckinghamshire between modelling jobs and fancy-dress parties. She’s not into fancy dress, but her boyfriend’s family (she’s actually dating Freddie Coleridge, not a horse) are – they threw a Tube-themed party recently, so she went as Golders Green, covered in gold bodypaint. EMMA WEARS WOOL JUMPER, £149, BY BOSS. FOR STOCKIST, SEE ADDRESS BOOK. HAIR & MAKE-UP BY JACK MERRICK-THIRLWAY & DEBBIE FINNEGAN AT ELSL MANAGEMENT, USING MAC. EDITED & STYLED BY PHILIPPA DURELL…