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Tatler UK November 2017

Tatler is mischievous, glamorous, intelligent and fun, providing an insider’s view of what is really happening in British society with a compelling mix of fashion, the arts, politics, people, parties and glamour.

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United Kingdom
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this month on tatler.com

WELL TASTY Food blogger Tess Ward shows you how to cook all the most important recipes – like shepherd’s pie, vol-au-vents and Eton Mess – in step-by-step online videos that you’ll want to play again and again because she is very pretty. FROM DRAG TO DUCHESS Watch our incredible timelapse videos of the most fabulous drag queens of today being transformed into the most fabulous duchesses of yesteryear YOU LOOK FRIGHTFUL! Well, thank you. But if you’ve been invited to a Halloween party and have run out of costume ideas, here’s a whole gallery packed with (often tasteless, always bloody) inspiration. Do your homework No pressure, but it’s one of the biggest and most expensive decisions you’ll ever make. Thankfully, the Tatler Schools Guide 2018 is online now. And don’t miss your last chance to book tickets…

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ANNABELLE SPRANKLEN Our digital editor Annabelle continues working her magic on the new Tatler website What’s your signature dance move? I like spinning around really fast pretending to be on Strictly. I think I look sexy for a second before my hair gets caught in someone’s shirt button. What’s your worst habit? Feeding the Tatler office homemade cakes most Mondays and watching them all get fat. JOKING. What would be your death-row meal? A bucket of pick ’n’ mix sweets and a full-fat chocolate milkshake. EDWIN S FREYER Edwin photographs the marvellous Letitia Wright (page 50) What’s the phrase or word you most overuse? While I am working, ‘My dear.’ What would be your death-row meal? Canarian wrinkly potatoes with red mojo. What’s your go-to fancy-dress costume? No doubt – Batman. What never fails to make you laugh? My goddaughter’s laugh,…

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11 things to do with your old dream catcher

1 Nipple tassels. Obvious, but who doesn’t want to make their tits more magical? 2 Attach them to metal rods in primary colours and place in your garden, and, lo, you too have a Calder mobile. 3 Insert nuts into the weave and you have a San Francisco (circa 1979) bird feeder. So chic. 4 A jaunty bookmark. 5 Put a paper filter in it and use to make hipster slow-drip coffee. This could be a viable business in some parts of east London. 6 One statement earring. Matching is so passé. 7 Spray it with glue. Voilà! The world’s most exuberant fly-catcher. 8 Hang it from your bedroom door when you are in the mood. Make sure your flatmates understand the new significance of the dream catcher. Send a package of them to your friends in the…

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HERE’S LOOKING AT... JEMIMA JONES ‘I made the mistake of getting my ears pierced at a crusty Camden Town joint when I was 14,’ says Jemima Jones, caterer and co-founder of Tart London, ES Magazine columnist and also the other Jemima Goldsmith (she’s married to Ben). ‘My sister Quentin held my hand while two girls went at me with a piercing gun at the same time, and one of them doublepierced the same spot – so now when I wear heavy earrings, one of my ears looks like Pat Butcher’s.’ Jeweller Kiki McDonough would disagree: she made Jemima the first ever face of her brand last October, and since then the pair have collaborated to create the Jemima collection inspired by their mutual love of Rome. Jemima knows all about dinners in…

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patent leather

Does patent take you back? Does it press rewind in your mind, whisk you back to party shoes and the sheer thrill of the gleam on your tiny foot? Well, you can welcome that thrill into your life again. Because patent has gone INSANE and made a bid for total domination. A patent shoe? Pah! What about a patent coat or a patent suit? Patent is taking no prisoners; the shine is on the march in the form of an electric-blue ruched YSL cocktail frock, or a wine-coloured wet-look Roksanda trench, or an exciting pair of Alessandra Rich gloves with a camply sinister, murdery ring to them. Patent is powerful but also playful, which is kind of the dream...…

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Micro-bags? So big. So clunky. So cloddish. So last year. Meet the nano-bag: a bag so impractical that you can hardly fit a lipstick in it, let alone a bloody great phone. A bag so tiny that you wear it just because you can. Because there is someone at home to open the door. Someone to drive the car/boat/chopper. Hell, someone to answer texts and post on Instagram for you. Yes, you are THAT RICH. Furs? Diamonds? Pah! The biggest declaration of status is an utterly absurd – though properly cute – nano-bag.* *YOU CAN ALWAYS LEAVE A PLASTIC BAG WITH KEYS, PHONE, BUS PASS, ETC AT THE COAT CHECK. WHO’S TO KNOW? PHOTOGRAPHS: PATRICK DEMARCHELIER/CONDÉ NAST, JODY TODD. STILL-LIFES: PIXELEYES…