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Tatler UK September 2017

Tatler is mischievous, glamorous, intelligent and fun, providing an insider’s view of what is really happening in British society with a compelling mix of fashion, the arts, politics, people, parties and glamour.

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United Kingdom
Conde Nast Publications Ltd
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here’s looking at... whitney bromberg hawkings

Whitney Bromberg Hawkings talks at 500wpm. Not in the style of a teenage girl who will eventually pass out from forgetting to breathe, but in the assured way of someone who gets shit done. It’s a skill Whitney honed while working as Tom Ford’s indispensable aide for 19 years, before realising there was an industry out there in need of fixing. And that was the flower business. Whitney was fed up with the absurd overpricing of bouquets, the lack of freshness and how hard it was to order a simple, single-variety bunch (which is, in fact, the last word in chic: Tom, Calvin, Karl – they all do it). ‘It was the one thing in my life that wasn’t working,’ she explains. (Wow.) So, together with Tom Ford’s former PR director…

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sex, jodhpurs, diamonds

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dior adored

Mariella Tandy rounds up the month’s most splendid stuff LET US EAT CAKE If you’re feeling peckish at teatime, head to Muriel’s Kitchen (in South Ken, Putney and Soho) for freshly made sandwiches, homemade scones and cakes you’d sell your children for. It’s £16.75 per person and served every day from 3pm-6pm.murielskitchen.co.uk Ah, the never-ending delight of new bed linen. We are feeling a bit starry-eyed over Yves Delorme’s Maiolica range, as you can see. Yet another excuse to never get out of bed, to be honest.uk.yvesdelorme.com It’s time your kitchen got its act together and entered the world of high fashion.Smeghave collaborated withDolce & Gabbanato produce this stand mixer, which may or may not make you paranoid given how beautifully dressed it is. Which is not something you can often say about a…

2 min
the sleep doctor

We know a lot about bedding these days. We discuss thread count with religious solemnity. We are connoisseurs of goose down. We order from pillow menus in smart hotels (‘I’ll have the buckwheat, please’). But what gets forgotten is the mattress. ‘Sleep, wellness and mental health. It’s all super-aspirational,’ says Jas Bagniewski. ‘But mattresses are still icky. And they shouldn’t be.’ Jas, 37, is the founder of Eve, the mattress company that offers a 100-night trial period and aims to rebrand the very concept of mattresses. ‘All this beautiful stuff happens in bed,’ says Jas. ‘Sex, reading to your kids... But they’re sold like loo paper in horrible showrooms.’ Jas lives in Kensal Rise with his wife Maria and their two children: Harper, five, and Leon, nearly two. He was born in…

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future toff

EMILY BROOKE BLAZE You know those little wobbling green bicycle lights you’ve seen projected from Boris bikes onto the streets of London? Emily, 31,above, invented those. She grew up in Bath and started cycling as a student at Oxford, then moved to Brighton to study product design and focused on bikes for her final-year project. ‘I gave myself the theme of urban cycling,’ she has said. ‘The countryside I loved [cycling in], but the cities were terrifying, dangerous and full of problems. So I thought, “Right, I’ll find the biggest problem and tackle it.’” She launched Blaze soon after, thus establishing herself as the guardian angel of the capital’s cyclists. KATIE MASSIE-TAYLOR MUSH Not many people could launch a successful app with a baby under the age of one, but then Katie, 34,below, isn’t most…

3 min
what, pardon, sorry?

Did you just say something? Did I miss it? Pardon? Sorry? What? Could you repeat that? Eh? Hm? Well, exactly. What to say when you haven’t quite heard something is a deeply contentious issue. Marriages have dissolved, nannies have been sacked, flirtations abandoned, multimillion-pound contracts lost. This is explosive territory. And, as ever, we are not here to judge but to help. And, seeing as context is all, we have contextualised... PARDON? Many of you will believe that ‘pardon’ is only polite. Refined. Well-mannered. And you are right. But it will alienate as many as it impresses. ‘Pardon’ is a bit like a matching sofa and armchairs; de rigueur in some circles, déclassé in others. Nannies and schools will often educate children to respond with a nice, polite ‘pardon’ that will…