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The European Business Review

The European Business Review November/December 2018

The European Business Review is a leading business intelligence magazine designed to ensure that its readers make informed decisions. It provides them indispensable insight, current best practices and is their best source of new ideas about what’s important. The European Business Review readers embrace leadership in their jobs and their lives. Their affluence, education, achievements, and wide ranging experience are unparalleled. They are the men and women who shape the world we love, the world we live in.

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new thinking, new strategy for the new age

After years of planning and preparation, we have ultimately launched our highly anticipated feature: Top Executive Education Programmes with the Best Return on Investment, in which we aim to give you a glimpse of the most top-quality executive education programmes from around the world, and provide insight into how they maximise the impact and return on investment (ROI) for participants, both individually and organisationally. For the first issue of this series, we are honoured to feature Berkeley Executive Education, University of California Berkeley, through an in depth interview with their Interim Dean, Professor Laura Tyson, who shares with us the institution’s culture of excellence, faculty’s breadth of expertise and knowledge, and the impressive understanding of their client’s business objectives. On the cover story, we are delighted to feature an important interview with…

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how women leaders build careers they thrive in

Early career women understand that building a career and life they thrive in is no small feat. Instead, they find they are navigating a labyrinth of obstacles, twists, turns, and often dead ends. They desire to learn from the stories of triumph, defeat, and resilience of those who have gone before them as they chart their own paths. Research from QUEST identifies six mindsets that high-powered women leaders display. This article outlines how senior women leaders think and provides a roadmap for early career women for how they can flex different mindsets to build careers they thrive in. “How do successful women leaders build careers they thrive in?” This is the question that is top-of-mind for early career women who desire to learn from the journeys of the accomplished female leaders who…

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top executive education programmes with the best return on investment

With the integration of technology into the modern economy and the changing dynamics of the marketplace, individuals and organisations in every industry are exploring ways to adapt by having new skills and new ways of thinking under their belts. One of the options for business professionals and companies seeking to thrive and stay at the top of their game is to pursue an executive education. However, executives and business owners often find it hard to choose the right programme due to the proliferation of course providers either online or offline, as well as the financial costs and a great deal of commitment of time and energy involved. In response, we present to you our special series on the TOP EXECUTIVE EDUCATION PROGRAMMES WITH THE BEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT, which aim to…

13 min
berkeley executive education: vreating a “ new thinking for the new economy ”

Located in the heart of the world’s innovation center, UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business aims to address the need for lifelong learning by creating a “new thinking for a new economy.” The institution’s culture of excellence, faculty’s breadth of expertise and knowledge, and an impressive understanding of their client’s business objectives, allow programmes at UC Berkeley Executive Education (a Haas affiliated company), whether custom designed or open enrollment, to help shape careers and put companies ahead of the curve. To understand more about what makes UC Berkeley Haas the west coast business school which best meets client’s needs, we sat down with their Interim Dean, Professor Laura Tyson. Q Good day, Dean Tyson! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. Let’s start this interview by giving…

12 min
smile, smile and be a leader?

While humour can serve as a key to improve work culture and leadership effectiveness, there is a good chance that you are not cracking jokes properly or in a strategic manner, which can be damaging on many levels. The authors present their study on what makes for an effective humour at the workplace based on their interviews with successful female and male leaders from a wide range of industries. I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself. That is the best combination. – Dame Judi Dench A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done. – Dwight Eisenhower The use of humour at the workplace gets mixed reviews. While humour can create positive energy in teams and help to improve leaders’…

8 min
how banks grow now

Spending on customer loyalty keeps going up, but returns are diminishing. This article will tackle how banks manage and integrate new techniques in keeping up with their customers’ needs and demands in order to maintain ties with their clients and achieve growth simultaneously in the fast-changing times. Retail banks were severely battered a decade ago when the Great Recession hit. Since then, they’ve done a lot to recover lost ground. And yet profitable growth has often remained conspicuous by its absence. The average operating income growth rate across the top 100 banks globally by total assets was a mere one percent between 2014 and 2017. This struggle is linked to the loyalty-focussed growth strategies that still make up a major part of most banks’ go-to-market approach. Banks have traditionally aimed to “lock…