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The iPadOS Manual

The iPadOS Manual

The iPadOS Manual
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NEW! Premium Special Edition. Over 160 pages of high quality content. The only digital iPad user guide you will ever need. Nothing ever stays still in the world of tech, and so it proves with the Apple iPad; but if you’re getting confused by the new features added with the new iPadOS update, worry no more. The iPadOS Manual is here for all your tablet computing needs. We show you how to upgrade to the new operating system, and what it can do for your iPad, iPad Pro or iPad mini. Its great new features are covered in our in-depth, step-by-step guides, which are written in plain English so you can follow along whatever your level of iPad experience. 100% Independent.

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ipados the manual

This year, the iPad got its own operating system. It no longer runs on iOS and instead uses iPadOS, a brand new platform for Apple’s tablet range. The brand new iPadOS has a lot in common with the iPhone’s iOS, of course. In fact, most of the great new features included in the new iOS 13 are also found in iPadOS. In The iPadOS Manual, we bring you a comprehensive guide to the Apple tablet, its operating system, and its key apps. We take an in-depth look at its features old and new, presented in a plain English, easy-to-follow style. With our help, you’ll soon be an iPad expert! Can You Run iPadOS? Older iPads cannot be updated to the new operating system, so if you want to upgrade your iPad to…

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ipad, 7th generation

The latest release in Apple’s tablet range is not a dazzling new top-of-the range device, but instead it’s a useful refresh for the lower-cost, entry-level iPad. If you don’t yet own an Apple tablet, and are keen to join the fun without spending too much money, it’s the perfect iPad for you. With a 10.2-inch Retina Display, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Support, plus an A10 Fusion chip, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re on a budget. It’s a powerful tablet at an affordable price. On Display The new iPad 7th Generation has a 10.2-inch display, with almost 3.5 million pixels and a very wide viewing angle. It’s powered by an A10 Fusion chip, which isn’t as good as the A12 processors found in the iPad Pros or the new A13…

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new home screen now with widgets

Today Widgets on Home Screen 1 On the first page of the Home screen, swipe the screen right to reveal this sidebar, which only appears in landscape mode (that is, with the screen horizontal). Choose whether to add it to your Home screen permanently. 2 If you choose to add the widgets, they’re permanently attached to the Home screen in an easy-to-use sidebar. The icons on your Home screen are packed closer together to make room for the widgets section. 3 As before, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of your widgets, you see a button marked Edit. Tap it and you can configure the Today widgets to suit your needs, arranging and organising them at will. 4 Also on the Edit screen, you can change your mind about whether…

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ipad multitasking updated in ipados

1 When using an app, you might find you need access to a different app, maybe to look up or transfer some information. Swipe up from the foot of the screen to access the dock, then drag another app to the side of the screen, as shown. 2 Let go of the new app, and it’s shown on a card-like window. With the grey line at the top of this window, you can drag it across the screen or to the side, from where it can turn into a Split Screen app for another sort of multitasking. 3 To close the sidebar app, simply swipe it off the right hand side of the screen, or tap the main app. You can open several apps at once as Slide Over cards, and now…

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new gestures for ipados

Drag to Select To select a long piece of text, double-tap and hold the first word in the piece you want to highlight, and then drag your finger over the rest to select it all. Drag Cursor To move the cursor around the screen, tap and hold it, until it grows larger and longer, drag it wherever you want and then lift your finger to drop it. Tap to Select Tap a single word twice to select it. Tap Twice to select a complete sentence. Tap three times and you can select an entire paragraph. Copy Gesture To copy a piece of selected text to the clipboard, without using the pop-up menu, pinch with three fingers. The word ‘Copy’ appears atop the screen. Paste Gesture To paste text you’ve copied to your clipboard, place the cursor where you want…

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custom fonts for your designs

1 Open the Settings app, and in the left-hand sidebar, tap the General option. Now, in the right-hand column, tap the Fonts option. It’s found in the fourth group of options, and is just below the Keyboard link. 2 The next page shows you a list of fonts you’ve already installed on your iPad. As this is a completely new service, we haven’t yet installed any. Tap the Open App Store link to open the App Store. 3 You’re shown the App Store’s range of design, collage, and graphical utilities, including fonts. Take a look around, and when you find a font you like, install it. Some fonts are free, others must be paid for. 4 Fonts you’ve installed on your iPad yourself become available to use in your designs, just like the…