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ThinkSales Issue 28

ThinkSales magazine caters exclusively to the needs of sales management leaders. The editorial objective of ThinkSales magazine is to empower, motivate and inspire sales leaders with strategic knowledge, tactical skills, management insights and exposure to international sales and management thought-leadership and best practice necessary to lead sales organisations to achieve higher and sustainable sales results.

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expert contributors

AMY GALLO is a contributing editor at Harvard Business Review and the author of the HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict at Work. She writes and speaks about workplace dynamics. Follow her on Twitter at @amyegallo. ANTHONY IANNARINO is the President and Chief Sales Officer for Solutions Staffing and the MD of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy, a boutique sales coaching and consulting company. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Capital University’s School of Management and Leadership where he teaches Persuasive Marketing and Social Media Marketing in the MBA programme. Learn more about Anthony at www.b2bsalescoach.com JACOB SHRIAR is the Director of Content and Customer Happiness at Officevibe, a company that measures and increases employee engagement using employee pulse surveys. Learn more about Jacob at www.officevibe.com JEFF THULL is a leading-edge…

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why best in the world matters

A question on the mind of every executive or business owner in today’s turbulent business environment is where and what the pathways are to sustainable revenue growth. A reality is that buying is changing and change is painful. Furthermore, in times of turbulence, where companies are under financial pressure, the tendency is to negate risk by retaining the status quo, thus, not changing and therefore not buying. This is a challenge if you need to grow your revenue. A Personal Story A few years ago my father awoke one morning to symptoms that appeared as if he was having a stroke. After swallowing two Disprin tablets and experiencing no improvement he was rushed to the hospital. En route to the hospital all he could think about was that the best doctor would be on…

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a simple guide to handling work stress

One of the most powerful ways to reduce stress is to release a chemical in your body called Oxytocin, and one of the ways to do that is through social contact and support. Many years ago, one of my mentors told me, ‘everyone has problems, it’s how we deal with those problems that makes us who we are.’ That advice has always stuck with me. I used to not be able to handle stress very well, and I’ve worked hard to make it easier for me to handle it. I remember when I used to let my thoughts spiral out of control. Stress was this infinite loop that would be hard to stop. Stress would lead me to sleep less and eat worse, creating more stress, never getting to the root of the problem. When…

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1 000 decisions well or poorly made

If you want a result you are not producing now, the decisions you make are the difference between the outcomes you are producing and the outcomes you want. YOU HAVE 168 hours in a week and 52 weeks in a year. That’s 8 736 hours. What you do with each hour is your decision. You can invest that hour, or you can squander it, believing you have many more hours in which to make a better decision later. If you eat three meals a day, that is 1 095 decisions. I just watched the man in seat 3C drink three screwdrivers and wash them down with a tiny bottle of Kahlua and a coffee. Separately. It’s 7:45 in the morning, and we are flying from Omaha to Atlanta. His physical, mental, and…

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improve business productivity & efficiency

ACCORDING TO Avesh Subbiah, Team Product Manager, Voice & Infrastructure at Nashua, there are five key benefits to businesses deploying Nashua’s Voice solutions: 1. Saving Money. The cost of using a VoIP telephone is much cheaper than using a conventional phone. Long distance phone calls are exponentially cheaper when using a VoIP number. 2. Portability. Geographic numbers can be ported to the VoIP Service Provider. This means you will be able to cancel all of your services with your current service provider and still retain your numbers. This is also another way to save money and keep all your numbers under one service provider. 3. Complete Mobility. Your VoIP number can be used as an external extension so that you are still able to receive your calls while away from your desk or…

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it’s 10 am. do you know what your sales reps are doing?

Are sales stars born to the breed, or do they engage in specific, teachable behaviours that correlate with success? We believe the latter is true, and that sales leaders can use hard data to identify which behaviours matter most. Sales executives with even moderately large, distributed sales forces rely on data to help them understand which activities and behaviours lead to the best outcomes. Yet much of the data from sources such as CRM reporting tools and time studies is self-reported, and thus inherently flawed. That leaves executives in the dark about what is actually occurring on the front lines, or whether those activities advance or impede progress toward desired outcomes. Using new software to analyse the digital exhaust of calendar and email metadata provides a practical way to build an accurate…