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What Hi-Fi? December 2019

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision is the world's leading independent guide to buying and owning hi-fi and home cinema products. Our comprehensive tests help you buy the best equipment for your cash, with the magazine's advice sections giving you step-by-step information on how to get even more from your music and movies.

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size is relative in today’s tv land

FREE! Eclipse 3-way USB charger worth £70 – when you subscribe! p30 It’s an amazing thought that, these days, a ‘normal-sized’ television comes in at 55 inches. In the days of the good old cathode-ray tube, a TV with a screen measuring 32 inches on the diagonal was an absolute beast that required two people to put it on its stand. Goodness only knows how many poor souls would be needed to pick up a 55in CRT, if such a thing had ever existed. With the advent of flat-panel sets, and resolutions getting ever higher, we are used to housing screens that would have seemed unfathomably large a quarter of a century ago. So our round-up of 49-50in TVs (p36) becomes a 21st century small(ish) screen collection. With prices starting at just…

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how we test

EXPERIENCE. HERITAGE. We’ve been helping the world discover the best in hi-fi and home entertainment for more than 40 years, and have more than 100 years of reviewing experience under our collective belts – so you can count on our expert opinion. DEDICATED TEST FACILITIES We test every product against its peers in our brand-new, bespoke reviewing facilities in London and Bath. We conduct all our tests as a team – our opinions and conclusions are always the result of collaboration. HOW WE SCORE All review verdicts are agreed upon by the team as a whole – not an individual reviewer. Each product will be listened to and/or viewed by several members of the test team, who will then discuss the final verdict before it appears in the magazine or on the website. This avoids…

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bose noise cancelling headphones 700

Few products come with a reputation quite like Bose’s new headphones. The Noise Cancelling 700s are the latest in a long line of Bose QuietComfort noisecancellers that for much of that time have set the benchmark in the category. The 700s break away from Bose’s QuietComfort range, inaugurating a new premium series that will expand in 2020 with the Bose Earbuds 500 true wireless buds and the true wireless Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds 700. Bose says its Noise Cancelling Headphones 700s are ‘the biggest leap forward in headphones since the iconic QuietComfort’ – a bold claim considering that range's success. But if anyone can further push the boundaries of wireless noise-cancelling standards, Bose can. The rather unwieldy name reflects the company’s focus on noise-cancelling technology. The 700s use a new noise-cancelling system with…

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grado gw100

In some ways, the Grado GW100 headphones are as paradoxical as tech can get. They are wireless, so their untethered portability means you can listen to music out and about. But their open-back design leaks sound both in and out, making them less than ideal in outdoor environments and pretty anti-social in crowds. These headphones are the first open-back model in the history of Bluetooth headphones. That's Grado’s way, of course – the Brooklyn-based company doesn’t have one closed-back pair in its Award-winning catalogue. While the GW100s won’t be for everyone or every situation, they will be perfect for those who want a pair for home environments, for pottering around the garden or listening to a Bluetooth turntable, when isolation from their surroundings isn’t important. And, within that niche capacity, they sound simply…

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sharp lc-70ui9362k

The 70in Sharp LC-70UI9362K is the first Sharp TV we’ve reviewed for five years. It’s not that we’ve been remiss, but because the once-proud Japanese manufacturer has seen hard times of late. In 2012, poor financial results resulted in a series of measures to save the company, including the sale of rights to manufacture and retail TVs under the Sharp name in Europe and the Americas. Two years ago, Sharp re-acquired those rights and the LC-70UI9362K represents its first attempt to get a foothold back in the market. The previous Sharp television we reviewed back in 2012 was another 70in model costing £2500, but it was a completely different proposition to the telly on review here. This one is an altogether more budget proposition. With 4K resolution, HDR technology and a set…

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jaybird vista

The engineers at Jaybird, dedicated makers of wireless sport headphones since 2006, know exactly how it feels to be running when one of your earbuds falls out and gets lost in the grass. So they’ve designed a pair of true wireless headphones that won't do that. The Jaybird Vistas are true wireless earbuds for athletes. They weigh just 6g apiece, can play independently and feature in-app, customisable sound profiles and settings. The units have been made with SportFit's silicone gel eartip and fins: a thumb-sized piece of silicone comprising both the traditional tip plus a shark’s fin-shaped protrusion, which snaps on to the unit and covers it. Three sizes have been supplied. A secure fit that won’t budge, alongside an IPX7 water and sweatproofing is the end goal here. Even if the…