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Windows Help & Advice July 2019

Windows Help & Advice features all the best ways to get more from your Windows PC, along with in-depth advice on new hardware, the latest technology and the internet. And it's 100% jargon free!

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www.facebook.com/windowsmag This month’s lead feature is all about making the most of the world’s most popular productivity suite: Microsoft Office. In it you’ll discover dozens of tips for Excel, Word and PowerPoint, as well as its arch-rival LibreOffice. Hopefully you’ll come away having discovered new ways to work on all kinds of documents that make using both suites easier and more fun than before. Turn to page 13 to get started. On page 52, you’ll discover whether you really need that new soundcard you’ve been after; while on page 58 you’ll learn how to choose the right motherboard for your next gaming rig. Once you’ve done all that, turn to our Explore section (page 25) for the latest step-by-step guides on doing more with your PC – from creating amazing photo collages to freeing…

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the windows 10 may 2019 update is here

Following its regular twice-yearly schedule of Windows 10 feature additions, Microsoft’s released the May 2019 Update, although it’s most likely you don’t have it yet. After certain updates, notably the one released in October last year, caused problems for users’ computers, Microsoft has slowed the rate at which it pushes its updates out. Head to windowsupdate.microsoft.com and follow the links to the Update Assistant if you’re ready for it now – but do so at your own risk. WHAT’S NEW? The Start Menu has been given a spruce up and it’s now much snappier The most notable and visible change is a new light theme, giving you the option of ousting Windows 10’s traditional gloomy darkness for a grey reminscent of the Windows 95 era. The Start Menu has been given a spruce…

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no-wire vr oculus frees you from your pc

A while back we showed you the Oculus Go – a completely portable VR headset. Now here’s the Oculus Quest – a completely portable VR headset. But wait, it is different: the Quest (which comes in at £399) is a lot more muscular inside, includes Oculus’ fancy wireless controllers, and its depth-sensing cameras mean it can detect the world around you. Draw a virtual line on your floor and the real world fades into view should you leave it.…

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So what’s going on? The US government, on advice of its intelligence agencies, has placed sanctions on Chinese technology firm Huawei. It’s been added to a blacklist that effectively prevents it from selling its products in the US and and from any dealings with US companies. What’s the charge? Specifically, Huawei – apparently backed by the Chinese military – is accused of providing Beijing with a backdoor into the communications networks it operates, since China mandates that its national companies must co-operate with the country on national security issues. What has the impact been? Following the ban, things were relatively swift: Huawei was given a three-month reprieve, after which it would no longer be able to trade with US businesses. Google, most notably, has suspended all business with Huawei beyond that for products already on…

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windows 10 may 2019 update

1 You can now pause Windows updates If you’re on the go or have a limited data allowance, Microsoft has introduced a feature to pause updates for a certain period of time. You can access this via Windows Update. The default delay is seven days, but you can change this from Advanced Options. While it’s always advisable to keep your system up to date, upgrades can sometimes contain annoying bugs, forcing you to restore Windows from a previous backup. Using this new feature, you can hold fire for a few days until you’re certain the update is free of flaws. When you reach the pause limit of seven days, your machine will need to get the new updates before it can be paused again. 2 Reserved space for updates While some of us…

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windows sandbox

Running executable files has always been risky; Microsoft is trying to address security concerns that may arise from installing unverified EXE files. Power users will be used to setting up and installing a virtual machine to test some files before installing them on their PC, but with the new Windows 10 update, Microsoft has come up with a neat solution: Windows Sandbox. It creates a virtual desktop isolated from your actual Windows 10 desktop. The feature will be part of Pro and Enterprise Windows 10 editions. It uses hardware-based visualisation for kernel isolation. This relies on the Microsoft’s hypervisor to run on a separate kernel, which isolates Windows Sandbox from its host. Each time the app is opened, it creates a lightweight (100MB) version of Windows 10. So, each time it…