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Yachting World November 2017

Published by TI Media Limited Yachting World is world's leading international yachting magazine. From ocean racing and blue water cruising to the most glamorous super-yachts, Yachting World has the very best in nautical writing and stunning photography, with up-to-the-minute technical reports, race analysis, new boat tests and much more.

United Kingdom
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‘the adventure that cruising offers’

Standing a watch alone at night can be a magical, if chilly, experience. A sailor I was talking to recently agreed with me on this. We disagreed, however, about which hours are best to be on deck. He preferred the midnight hours so he could get in some sleep before waking up to breakfast. Fair enough, but it’s the dawn watch I love: stumbling up into the cold night air, eyes adjusting to the darkness as the offgoing watch points out ships and sailchanges made. Then, with a mumbled ‘Good night’, you’re on your own. On a clear night, the horizon is an inkruled line above moonlight sparkling on the water. Then the faintest smudge of grey in the sky slowly soaks down to the horizon. Colour seeps in, flooding the sky…

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sailing community unites to help hurricane victims

If you have a news story to share, contact News Editor Theo Stocker EMAIL theo.stocker@timeinc.com TEL 01252 555164 UK sailors and businesses are pulling together to support the Caribbean islands hit by recent hurricanes. Sailors, charities and companies from across the UK are pitching in to help victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean islands, following the devastation caused by September’s storms. The Caribbean has long been a favourite destination among blue water cruisers, racing sailors and holiday charterers, but many beloved harbours and anchorages have been seen wide-spread destruction. Hurricane Irma brought sustained wind speeds of 160 knots (185mph), making it the second most powerful hurricane on record and was followed quickly by Hurricane Maria. It is estimated that the 2017 hurricane season has so far caused over 250 deaths…

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lobster pots campaign restarted

Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/yachtingmonthly Like us on Facebook facebook.com/yachtingmonthlymag A campaign to improve the marking of lobster pots has been relaunched by the Cruising Association (CA). Poorly-marked static fishing gear can present a serious danger to small vessels, it argues. Following a petition launched earlier in the year and backed by Sir Robin Knox Johnston, progress was halted by the general election and the petition was disregarded. The CA has relaunched its online petition, asking the government ‘to improve the way static fishing gear is marked for the safety of all small craft at sea and to seek views regarding enforceable regulation.’ It believes that the current voluntary guidance is not adequate to ensure the safety of small craft. Alongside the petition, which originally gained nearly 6,000 signatures in two weeks, the CA has gathered…

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more sailors but fewer new boats being built

The UK’s boat building sector grew in 2016, according to British Marine figures. Its UK Leisure Boat Manufacturing 2017 report found that overall revenue had increased by 1.6 per cent to £859m. The increase was due to sales of medium sized powerboats, RIBs and sailing dinghies, of which almost 8,000 were built in the UK in 2016. The picture was less positive for UK yacht manufacturing. Sales of sailing boats between 7.5m and 24m fell by 8.8 per cent in 2016. Overall numbers of yachts built in the UK has dropped dramatically over the last eight years, from 180 in 2008 to just 73 in 2016. Some sectors of the market are performing well, however. Sean Langdon, managing director of Discovery Group, which builds Discovery yachts and the newly resurrected Southerly Yachts,…

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in brief

French scrubbing-off Plouër-sur-Rance in Brittany now has a communityowned scrubbing-off grid, on which yachts can dry out and remove fouling between tides. Run off is collected in a sump, which is pumped up into a quayside holding tank. The grid prevents pollution while spare owners the cost of lifting out. Length of Britain record smashed Four young British sailors covered the 876 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats in two days, 14 hours and 6 minutes, taking nearly 22 hours off Phil Sharp’s existing record. The crew were sailing for Vendee2020Vision. Barts Bash Bart’s Bash, the global club sailing event, saw sailors getting afloat at 599 venues in 80 countries around the world. The event raised money to help hurricane victims in the Caribbean. Next year’s event will take place on 15-16 September 2018. Premier…

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nominations open for yachtsman of the year

Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/yachtingmonthly Like us on Facebook facebook.com/yachtingmonthlymag Who is the greatest sailor of 2017? You can have your say by nominating someone for this year’s Yachtsman of the Year and Young Sailor of the Year awards. Members of the Yachting Journalists’ Association vote from a shortlist and the award is presented in January. The current Yachtsman of the Year title holder Gavin Reid, 28, made a heroic mast-top rescue of another sailor in mid ocean during the 2015-2016 Clipper Round the World Race. Elliott Kuzyk, 16, from Poole, Dorset became the 2016 Young Sailor award after winning the 2016 Topper World championship. A new award has also been launched for aspiring young writers. The YJA Young Bloggers Competition will give young bloggers, journalists, videographers and photographers a chance to get their first…