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Yachting World September 2017

Published by TI Media Limited Yachting World is world's leading international yachting magazine. From ocean racing and blue water cruising to the most glamorous super-yachts, Yachting World has the very best in nautical writing and stunning photography, with up-to-the-minute technical reports, race analysis, new boat tests and much more.

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costs of cruising

www.twitter.com/yachtingworld www.facebook.com/yachtingworldmagazine The spirit of adventure and innovation Long-distance cruising begins with a dream, but succeeds with a solid plan. Few people have talked to more cruisers and sailors throughout the world than Jimmy Cornell. This fascinating, highly intelligent and driven man has had a huge influence on cruising for more than 30 years. He founded the ARC rally, wrote the ‘bible’ that is World Cruising Routes and has carried out numerous skipper surveys. Far from enjoying a relaxed retirement, he relatively recently finished a 20,000-mile cruise through the North West Passage in his latest yacht Aventura and is publishing a new book about cruising. Cornell knows exactly what it takes to prepare a yacht and crew for bluewater cruising. So if that is what you dream of, make sure to read his feature this month…

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flying high

Fewer than seven months after setting a new solo round the world record, French sailor Thomas Coville added another huge achievement to his list when he blasted into the Western Approaches to shatter the solo transatlantic time. Coville, again sailing his 105ft Sodebo Ultim, sailed from New York to The Lizard in 4d 11h. He beat a record set only three days earlier by countryman Francis Joyon, and did so by an impressive margin of over 15 hours. Read the full story of Coville’s high-speed crossing on page 18.…

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his father’s son

Look closely at the credit info at the side of this beautiful image and you’ll see a familiar surname – Tomlinson. However, it’s not by famous yachting photographer Rick Tomlinson but his 18-year-old son James. James is currently on a gap year before studying yacht design and production at Southampton Solent University. He explains that the shot was taken on a two-week cruise he spent exploring the Swedish archipelago with a friend. The pair sailed a 16ft yacht called a Havsfidra that was built by James’s grandfather. This photo was taken on the island of Brandskär. “We set our anchor and went bow to the land. Being on this very little island there was very little light pollution, and in the little bay we were in the wind was very light. This…

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revolutionary trimaran will foil solo at 50 knots

A revolutionary 100ft fully foiling ocean-going trimaran capable of covering more than 900 miles in a day and sailing at speeds of 50 knots was launched in July. Designed by Guillaume Verdier, the foil genius behind the America’s Cup winning Emirates Team New Zealand, Gitana 17 is designed to be sailed solo and to beat the round the world record. Gitana 17 is the latest of the race boats backed by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild. The 100ft ‘Ultime’ trimaran is the culmination of three years of work by the team and brings together developments from areas as diverse as the IMOCA 60s, the America’s Cup and MOD70 trimarans. This is a beast of a boat and significantly different from others in the growing ‘Ultime’ class such as François Gabart’s MACIF and Thomas…

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prosecution seeks retrial for cheeki rafiki manslaughter

After a complex six-week trial, Stormforce Coaching boss Douglas Innes has been found guilty of failing to ensure the safety of the yacht Cheeki Rafiki, which capsized mid-Atlantic in 2014, with the deaths of four men. Innes was not convicted on four charges of manslaughter by gross negligence. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is seeking a retrial on those counts. Innes, 42, the director of Stormforce Coaching, and the company Stormforce Coaching, which operated the Beneteau 40.7, were separately convicted of failing to ensure the vessel was operated in a safe manner between 18 March, 2013 and 18 May, 2014, contrary to section 100 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995. The jury at Winchester Crown Court convicted on both charges by a majority of 10-1 on 14 July, having taken four days to…

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series of events

An email from Stormforce Coaching to the yacht sent on 6 May read: ‘Go north, do not pass go, go north, do not collect £200, go north.’ The yacht reached around 30°N on 10 May, when it began heading north-east. An email was read out in court that the crew had sent on 14 May to Stormforce Coaching which read: ‘Why is my rum floating? James just hit a wave hard and it fixed the stereo.’ The following day, 15 May, at 2022 UTC, the yacht sent an email to Innes with the subject heading ‘Urgent’ which read: ‘We have been taking on a lot of water yesterday and today. Today seems worse I think stbd water tank has split so that it is drained checked hull and seacocks for damade [sic] but cant see…