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YOU Blockbusters

YOU Blockbusters No. 18

The highly anticipated 11th issue of YOU Blockbusters is here! It’s packed with 122 puzzles including favourites such as photoblockbusters, sudoku, sudoku-x-words, cryptic crosswords and much more.

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South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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from the editor

CHATTING to readers is one of the best parts of working on YOU Blockbusters – we love how involved you are in the magazine. Recently Tessa van Rooyen told us she loves the codebreakers. “Just wish there were even more. I imagine myself working for a secret service and solving vital messages!” Lorna Manning asked for more sudokus, anagrams and colossus. “I enjoy your puzzles, but now I have to wait for the next one!” she added. And Dianne Newcombe said, “Thank goodness No 17 has come out and I don’t have to scrounge for crosswords to do! My winter nights are safe once more.” We value all the feedback and love hearing from everyone. In this issue we have four new types of puzzles in the bonus section (page 86)…

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NO 1 The aim of this game is to complete the crossword puzzle (below) and sudoku (right) simultaneously. Clues for the sudoku can be obtained from the crossword and vice versa. Each number within the sudoku represents a letter, for example: 8 = N. Wherever the letter N is present within the blue sudoku blocks of the crossword, the number 8 can be put into the corresponding sudoku puzzle. This works both ways. Wherever the number 8 appears in the sudoku puzzle, the letter N will appear in the blue sudoku blocks of the crossword. Use the grid below to keep track of your matching letters and numbers. NO 2 The aim of this game is to complete the crossword puzzle (below) and sudoku (right) simultaneously. Clues for the sudoku can be obtained…

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cryptic crosswords

CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 3 Very confidential poster etc. should be ripped apart (3,6) 7 Each girl has to go on railway (5) 8 In fish I will find a foundation (5) 9 Excursion to the country to evict (5,3) 10 Nasty individual has to make slow progress (5) 13 Great happiness for a girl (3) 15 Flimsy affair in palm fibre (6) 16 It’s hard to see on teeth (6) 17 Pale individual, we are told (3) 19 Jumping favourite I had is not very warm (5) 23 Vicar’s caper disturbed the woman (8) 24 Five hundred finished in port (5) 25 Speed of secretary given nothing extra (5) 26 Song from a shed on the shore? (3,6) DOWN 1 He’s adrift at sea, having to dive in like this? (9) 2 It shows amount paid to have bed raised on to it (5) 3 Class, fourth grade, did…

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NO 1 ACROSS 1 Rug at a building’s entrance (7) 5 Large striped cat (5) 9 Clasp on a cope (5) 12 Set free (7) 16 Plant related to the banana (5) 17 Outspoken (5) 18 Dried grapes (7) 20 Has a meal around noon (7) 22 Clergyman (5) 23 Utilising (9) 24 Imagined (6) 26 Handgun (6) 27 Japanese rice and fish dish (5) 28 Phonetic transcription of a word (13) 31 Back part of the feet (5) 32 Dress (6) 34 Disregard (6) 36 Seaman (inf) (3) 37 Entrepreneur (11) 40 A limb (3) 42 Cook by direct heat (5) 43 Things (5) 45 Client (8) 47 Anaesthetic, eg (5) 49 Shreds (5) 50 Unfounded (8) 52 Former name of KZN (5) 54 Furnishings (5) 55 Joined by thread (5) 56 Variable star (4) 58 A punctuation mark (5) 59 Control (5) 60 Be concerned (4) 61 Neutral tone (4) 62 Reef material (5) 63 Ogle (4) 64 A soft-shelled tropical fruit (6) 67 Food seasoning (4) 68…

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bonus puzzles

1. CONTRASTS Fill in the answers to the clues below and the green columns will reveal two antonyms – words of the opposite meaning. 2. DOUBLE EXPOSURES Complete each row of words by filling in the same missing letter in the circles (per row). When the rows have been filled in, the same new word will appear vertically in the two sets of circles. We have filled in the first row as an example. 3. OVERLAPS Fill in the answers to the clues in the grid where indicated with numbers. Each word overlaps with the previous one. 1. Mean 2. Abundant 3. No good 4. Necessary 5. Height 6. Resolution 7. Attack 8. Sore 9. Mocks 10. Heavily armed warship 11. Mistake 12. Arrange 13. Bodies of water 14. Amaze 15. Refuge 16. Great fear 17. Fruit 18. Gestured 4. TEXT CODES Use the phone keypad to figure out which letters should be used to…