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Field & Stream

Field & Stream April 2015

"The World's Leading Outdoor Magazine." devoted to the complete outdoor experience and lifestyle.

United States
Bonnier Corporation
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9 Issues


2 min.
this is our land

I CAN’T HELP BUT THINK that if Theodore Roosevelt could see the current scam being peddled to American sportsmen he’d be fighting mad. I’m talking about the proposal to transfer ownership of federal lands to states. Make no mistake: This will lead to a loss of access to some of the country’s best hunting and fishing grounds, mean fewer opportunities for millions of sportsmen, and decimate the contribution that hunting and fishing make to our national economy. It will seriously threaten the North American model of wildlife management, which is based on the idea that wildlife belongs to the people, that hunters are the best way to manage our game populations, and that the ability to hunt, fish, and camp on public lands is the right of every American, not just…

1 min.

“You don’t need to have played in the NFL to cover football, and you don’t need to have run for office to report on politics, but if you don’t fish a lot, the audience is going to call you on it,” says editor-at-large and FlyTalk blogger Kirk Deeter (p. 38). He strives to put a line out at least 150 days a year, mostly on the Arkansas, Colorado, and South Platte Rivers. “I used to pore over Tap’s Tips in my grandfather’s collection of F&S issues,” says photographer Peter Frank Edwards, who caught snapper and grouper alongside Islamorada legend Richard Stanczyk in between shots for “How I Fish” (p. 60). Edwards splits his time between Maine and Charleston, S.C., where he’s a contributing photographer for Garden & Gun.…

1 min.
strut patrol

Clint George, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, scaled the side of this grain bin to get a better vantage point on a group of nearly two dozen turkeys— including six mature gobblers and eight jakes—about 400 yards away on a southeast Georgia farm last spring. “I’ve always been deployed during turkey season, so it was my first time visiting the property where my buddies have permission to hunt,” George says. “We drove by these birds, but the grass was so tall that we could only see their heads, so I got the idea to crawl up the tower’s ladder and get a good look at them.” The birds disappeared into the treeline that day, and it rained for the next 24 hours, but George and his friend Jimmy…

6 min.
cheers & jeers

YOUR HUNTING AND FISHING COMMUNITY GREAT AND POWERFUL As a young boy, I was fervent about fishing, hunting, and trapping, so I read every outdoor magazine that I could get my hands on, with F&S being my absolute favorite. Your Feb. 2015 issue has reignited that spark and conjured up the ghosts of Ted Trueblood, Robert Ruark, and Ed Zern. Thank you for that. Rick Cypher, Thornton, Colo. I read with interest each of the “Great Family Stories,” and I saw myself in many of them. My own experience hasn’t been as tragic as Phil Bourjaily’s, but it has been just as funny as Dave Hurteau’s. T. Edward Nickens’s piece has me looking forward to spending more time in the great outdoors with my young grandchildren. Mike Guillot, Alex City, Ala. DIGGING INTO THE PAST Cheers seems…

1 min.
get your shots

WEB SERIES IT WOULDN’T be fishing season without all the hardcore tactics, punk rock tunes, and on-the-road antics of Fishing editor Joe Cermele’s original Web series, Hook Shots, and this month marks not only the Season 7 premiere but also the show’s 50th episode. To honor the occasion, the original crew—Cermele, Capt. Eric Kerber, and F&S editor-in-chief Anthony Licata— ditched the Northeast for sun, fun, fish, and beer in the Florida Keys. Go to field andstream.com/hookshots to check out what the boys were up to while the rest of us were shoveling a couple feet of snow. Next, head over to Facebook and like the new Hook Shots page to fill your news feed with never-before-seen outtakes, extras, giveaways, and fly-tying videos. Cermele, Kerber, and some of your favorite guest anglers from…

5 min.
sudden silver

NEWS AND STORIES FROM THE EXPERTS • THE SEASON • THE WILD CHEF • RIFLES • SHOTGUNS • ESCAPES • ASK PETZAL • HEROES OF CONSERVATION • THE TOTAL OUTDOORSMAN MY BUDDY Jim Fee saw the first striped bass from the front casting deck. The fish went maybe 27 inches and paid us little mind as the pontoons of my raft drifted above its back in 3 feet of water. In the last quarter mile of our float, we’d seen channel catfish, short-nose sturgeon, and a fat smallmouth crashing bait near the bank. At first, the striper was just another species checked off, something cool to see. But then we spotted another, and another. In the blink of an eye, we were in a blitz. On all sides, clouds of terrified herring flashed silver and purple as bass surged…