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Field & Stream April/May 2018

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From the cover to The Wild Chef (p. 24) to the cover story (p. 34), contributing photographer Travis Rathbone shot the hell out of this issue. CK: You’ve photographed a ton of stuff for F&S—deer mounts, live trout, lures, food knives. Do any stand out? TR: Shooting for FIELD & STREAM has always been an adventure, but my first shoot with you might be the most memorable. We shot a bow-hunter in full draw. Not your average day for a still-life photographer, but I loved it. CK: Of the knives you shot for this issue, which was your favorite? TR: The custom knife was stunning and definitely my favorite. I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at the throwing knives either. CK: You also shot the trout au bleurecipe for The Wild Chef. If you had…

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collective work

OF THE STORIES I hear from readers, my favorites—and the most frequently told—are about how, growing up, copies of FIELD & STREAM occupied a permanent place in their home—splayed on coffee tables, archived on bookshelves, or stacked on toilets. (Side note: Whenever I visit a hunting camp or lodge where F&S is the designated Book of John, I can’t help but feel proud.) When the magazine arrived at their home, it was a big deal—an occasion—and after the issue had been read, it wasn’t pitched or recycled. It was saved, collected. That idea, of producing a magazine worth collecting, is something we’re getting back to at FIELD & STREAM. One way we’re going to do that is by including more of what magazines do best in every issue. That means more…

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barn raising

Jeffrey Lobitz hoisted a 3-year-old Eastern gobbler in a Kansas barn last April alongside a 5-yearold Eastern that photographer Tom Martineau had killed in Iowa the day before. The two buddies from Minnesota hunt together around the Midwest. Martineau had a Kansas tag, so he drove five hours to the 200-acre farm that Lobitz was scouting. The next morning, Lobitz arrowed his tom over a spread of eight Dave Smith Decoys: two upright and two feeding hens, a breeder, a lookout hen, a strutter, and a jake. “Some guys would say it’s overkill,” says Lobitz, “but I set up the same way every time and have good success. I once had a jake sleep right next to my jake, get up and beat it up, then lie down and nap…

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cheers & jeers

THE G.O.A.T. WITH A BASS BOAT Michael Jordan is the Bill Dance of basketball (“The Wise Guys,” Feb.– Mar. 2018). ADeaver, via fieldandstream.com BEST BUDS One of the joys I have always had in hunting is the companionship that develops with a hunting or fishing partner (“Tough Love,” Total Outdoorsman). They become kindred spirits who will go through whatever conditions— rain, sleet, cold, more cold, and wind. Maybe griping and fussing, but never quitting. In some ways, they get to know you better than your wife does. They know your moods, your concerns, and your habits. They are people you have come to trust, and who trust you. Good story. It brought back some fond memories. FSU70, via fieldandstream.com MADE TO LAST I was pleased to see the Savage 110 in the “Made in the U.S.A.” feature.…

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buried in bass heaven

• THE SEASON • RIFLES • SHOTGUNS • THE WILD CHEF • THE TOTAL OUTDOORSMAN • FISHING • SPORTSMAN’S NOTEBOOK OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS I’ve owned six fiberglass bass boats. With each purchase, I’ve investigated whether the new model will run faster, handle waves better, and store more tackle, but I’ve never looked into perhaps the most important question of all—how shallow will it float? As a result of my failure to ask that question, I’ve spent lots of time knee-deep in the mud pulling my meticulously waxed boat into and out of places that would’ve been better accessed by float tube. But taking 1,700 pounds of fiberglass where no one else has provides an intense high, the feeling that I am alone with the fish, where no one else is nutty enough to go. I’ve taken that…

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shoot the gap

BEFORE WE GET to hybrid rifles, let us reflect for a moment on mules, which are also hybrids. They’re the children of gentlemen donkeys and lady horses, but they’re stronger and more enduring than horses and less likely to commit suicidal acts in moments of blind panic. However, mules are not perfect. They love to argue. They’re fond of sneak kicks. And being sterile, they can’t reproduce. Hybrid rifles, a new breed of long-range long arms, are not produced by four-legged fornication. They result from the mating of a hunting rifle and a competition rifle, with the expectation that the result can take game reliably beyond the 300-yard mark, and punch paper in competition to 600 yards or more. Hybrids are now all the rage. At the last two SHOT Shows,…