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friends afield

I USED TO PLAY POKER with this guy. I didn’t know him well, but we got along fine. We’d talk the usual poker-table talk—sports, jokes, boasts—but as the night went on, he would invariably start asking me about hunting: Had I been in the field lately? Where did I go? What’s bowhunting like? He was a city guy, born and raised, and I thought his interest was just curiosity about something foreign to him. Finally one night, he got right to the point. He said he’d like to learn how to hunt deer, and he asked me where to start. You have to start by taking your hunter-safety course, I told him. And then…and then what? This guy had never fired a gun, knew nothing about even the basic skills of…

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“This was a great shoot. Props included a live turtle, a dead duck, and real guns,” says New York– based Dylan Coulter, who has taken the portraits of numerous celebrities and athletes, as well as the kids for “How to Raise a Wild Child” (p. 50). “I’ve photographed the cast of The Walking Dead. They have guns on set, too, but they aren’t real.” When he was 17, Jeff Johnston spent an inheri tance from his grandmother on a nightvision scope. “Did I blow the money? Nope. I could hit a target from 100 yards in total darkness.” Johnston has always been a gun guy. He competes in numerous 3-gun events each year (“Ready. Set. Shoot!” p. 70) and writes for various NRA publications, Range365.com, and other shooting titles. BILL BUCKLEY (ANGLERS);…

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fly-guy flyby

› PHOTOGRAPHER: BRIAN GROSSENBACHER + LOCATION: SCOTT LAKE, SASKATCHEWAN ✖ Angler Jimmy Kloote was fishing for northern pike last July at Scott Lake Lodge, located on the 60th parallel, when he paused to watch this restored 1949 de Havilland Beaver zoom past. He and photographer Brian Grossenbacher were offshore in the 18-foot skiff with lodge owner Tom Klein at the tiller when the floatplane took off for a smaller fly-out lake, and the pilot “came by to say hi,” says Klein. “It happened very fast,” says Grossenbacher. “I was not prepared for the sound and fury.” He used a wide-angle lens to capture the plane as it roared by. “You don’t hear much until it’s past you,” says Kloote. “It just about knocked the ash off my cigarette.” The day before, Kloote had landed…

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cheers & jeers

YOUR HUNTING AND FISHING COMMUNITY TWELVE CHEERS “Twelve Deer” by Rick Bass (April 2015) sent chills down my spine. After reading it I was so ready for hunting season that I went to my gun cabinet, just to make sure my rifle was ready. Jake Zander, Kalispell, Mont. 50-YEAR FAVORITE I just want to say how much I enjoyed the April issue. Back in the ’50s, you had a centerfold of a trout stream in the magazine; I kept it on my wall and looked at it every day until I joined the Coast Guard and moved away. There are other fishing magazines out there, but F&S was and is my primary source for fishing information. My son, who always fished with me, read F&S like I do until he passed away. Keep up the great…

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download this reel!

VIDEO SHARE A few months ago, I looked into what fishy wares were popping out of 3D printers, and happened upon Michael Hackney’s printed fly reel. His classic clickpawl design was made of polylactic acid (PLA), a biodegradable plastic derived from cornstarch. It looked neat online, but my burning question was, how does it fish? Hackney made me a reel, which I put to the test on some giant trout in New Jersey. The result was the world’s first video of a 3D-printed fly reel in action, which you can watch at field and stream.com/3Dflyreel. That this first-generation reel stopped some serious fish without a glitch hints at how good printed reels could become. We’re already seeing the next generation of Hackney’s design. After watching the video, field and stream.com reader Klein350 wondered…

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the everything hatch

• THE SEASON • ASK PETZAL • FISHING • RIFLES • HEROES OF CONSERVATION • THE TOTAL OUTDOORSMAN • THE WILD CHEF ONE OF MY most productive days as a flyfishing guide was also one of the most frustrating. It was early summer on Colorado’s South Platte River. As evening approached, a smorgasbord of bugs popped onto the film, and the water began to percolate. A few eager rainbows slashed at stoneflies in the riffles. Others boiled over drakes in the deeper slicks. I watched a pack of egg-laying caddisflies dart past and dip the surface, then looked up to see mayfly spinners hovering overhead. Downstream in the tailout, the snouts of heavy browns started bobbing above the surface. I had a talented angler for a client. He’d picked off several nice fish on nymphs and streamers during…