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rut reporters

WHAT’D YOU SEE? That’s the question of the hour during late October and November, when my hunting buddies and I are constantly checking in through calls and texts. We all want to know what’s happening in the deer woods and have the suspicion that whenever we’re not there, the action is hot. Whitetails aren’t the only ones driven wild during the rut. We have good reason for the frequent updates, because conditions change quickly and dramatically at this time of year. Even though it can be the best time to bag a big buck, it can also be the most unpredictable and frustrating. To help you get a handle on that uncertainty, F&S has dispatched a team of expert deer hunters across the nation to give real-time updates on rut activity. Headed by…

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With the photographs for “The Rut Club” (p. 57), husband-and-wife team Jenn Ackerman and Tim Gruber hoped to showcase both the trophies and the hunters who tagged them. “We wanted to capture a slice of these guys’ lives,” says Gruber, whose work with Ackerman has appeared in Esquire and Wired. “We didn’t want straightforward portraits.” Tom Davis has spent the past 30-plus years writing about dogs and bird hunting, but in telling the story of two of his setters (“Butch’s Legacy,” p. 78), he forced himself to be especially candid. “It was less an assignment than a challenge from F&S,” says Davis. “I wanted to pay tribute to both dogs and reveal what connects them without lapsing into sentimentality.”…

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zoning in

+ PHOTOGRAPHER: BRIAN GROSSENBACHER + LOCATION: KITIMAT RIVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA Darren Wright, co-owner of the Steelhead House lodge in British Columbia, was casting for steelhead on the Kitimat River when photographer Brian Grossenbacher took this shot from a logging bridge. “I’ve been Spey casting for 17 years,” says Wright. “I love the grace of it and being able to reach the other side of the river. Here, I’m setting up my D loop for a snap-T cast.” Wright, who grew up playing hockey in northern Ontario, adds, “A good caster is always focused on technique but at the same time is in the zone. I think athletic people can pick up Spey casting better than most because of their hand-eye coordination, and they also tend to use their body to cast rather…

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cheers & jeers

PIG IDEA Hiring Will Brantley as hunting editor was a stroke of genius. His writing is excellent, and his story “The Pig Report” (Sept. 2015) is one of the best pieces on environmental, hunting, or wildlife issues I’ve ever read. W. Alan Wentz, Germantown, Tenn. LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE GUIDES “Straight Talk From the Deer Guides” was one of the most informative and well-rounded hunting articles I’ve read in a long time. I would love a followup about exit strategies for stands along field edges. Tram Rogerson, Greenville, S.C. The “Best & Worst” segment had me laughing so hard it hurt. Larry Donna, Hudson, Wis. Your guide survey labels New York and New Jersey as the states with the worst hunters, but one step over the line into Pennsylvania, and they’re the best. That’s bogus. New York…

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tundra swan song

CHAD YAMANE has a plan. The Salt Lake City firefighter and guide for Fried Feathers stashes a pick-head ax in the bottom of his aluminum boat, and together we push the floating blind into the slush of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Somewhere out there, Yamane hopes, is open water, where we may still have a chance to call a tundra swan into range. Last night, the saltwater basin locked up under a sheet of ice. A brutal November storm had rolled in, stranding motorists across the Northern Rockies and scattering the 12,000-plus tundra swans resting on the nearby Bear River Migratory Refuge. Most of the birds have now flown south, winging with them my odds of filling the swan tag I waited three years to draw. If Yamane has any doubts that…

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ask petzal q&a

Q: I hunt with an 85-year- old man who is still a great wingshooter and a legend at our club. I’ve been hinting to him that, God forbid anything should ever happen to him, I wouldn’t mind getting his Winchester Model 12 sweet 16. When should I start hinting to his wife? —JOHN YOTHERS, NORTHERN MICHIGAN A: I’d do it after you’ve gotten your own affairs in order, because I don’t think the wife is going to appreciate your overtures one little bit. Q: Suppose you had an Adirondack deer camp and a rack on the wall that held five guns. What five rifles would you fill it with? —ALAN MACLAREN, UTICA, N.Y. A: First, not all of them would be rifles, because there’s more than deer at an Adirondack deer camp. No.…