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Field & Stream

Field & Stream November 2017

"The World's Leading Outdoor Magazine." devoted to the complete outdoor experience and lifestyle.

United States
Bonnier Corporation
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9 Issues


2 min.
the time has come

I T’S ONLY MID SEPTEMBER as I write this, but already I’ve had my first glimpse of the 2017 rut. Last week, I was hunting blacktails in California, and on the final evening’s hunt we bumped a group of bucks. They all fled before I had a prayer of setting up for a shot, but two of the bucks took longer to scram than the others because they were in the middle of a fight. I couldn’t tell how serious the shoving match was; my guess is they were only sparring. But that didn’t matter. I saw just enough of that head-down aggression, heard just enough of antler against antler, for my eyes to widen and my heart rate to quicken. The hunt had been slow up to then, but from…

1 min.

Associate editor JR Sullivan wrote “The Vanishing” (p. 64), a tragic story about a father and son who got lost while hunting. Only one of them was found. How’d you find the story? JRS: I read about it in a local paper, but the story was short and didn’t talk about what the family was going through. As a hunter, I couldn’t help but imagine myself in the same scenario, and I had a hunch that there was a lot more to the story. Once the interviews started, it quickly became apparent that the family wanted to tell everyone how great Shawn was, to honor him. Have you ever been lost? JRS: Not in any real way. I’ve gotten turned around, and that’s unnerving enough. I can’t fathom what it must have been like…

1 min.
red(neck), white, and blue

If you were to call Will Brantley or T. Edward Nickens a “redneck,” they’d likely take it as a compliment. After all, you don’t coauthor a new book titled The Total Redneck Manual ($29; amazon.com) unless you’re proud of, and confident in, your status as one. But let’s be clear: This book isn’t page after page of Jeff Foxworthy– inspired punchlines. This book’s for people who love to hunt, fish, shoot guns, fry fish and game, and drive old trucks. In other words: This is a book for people who love good American fun.…

1 min.
first shot

Surf Bashed A tip about a spot to surf cast for jacks on Abaco led photog rapher Brian Grossen bacher, Alberta fly fishing guide Paula Shearer, and Michigan out fitter Mike Schultz to a stretch of eroded lime stone karst where water would shoot through blow holes high into the air. After 45 minutes of observation, Schultz cast first. “I was the guinea pig,” he says. Then Shearer stepped out, and the biggest wave yet came in and slammed into her like a wall. She was thrown on her back and dragged across the jagged rocks. Schultz ran in first and lifted her to her feet. “Every one’s yelling, Are you O.K.?” Shearer says. “They thought I was in shock. It takes a ton to faze me.” She’d been saved by…

4 min.
cheers & jeers

POWER TRIP “The Bear at Last Light” was a heck of an adventure (Sept. 2017). The sheer power of bears incites so much wonder in me. tmike51, via fieldandstream.com PUBLIC SUPPORT I found “Go Public,” about the value of hunting on public lands, really applicable in light of recent efforts to transfer federal lands to states. All hunters and fishermen, as well as hikers, campers, birdwatchers, and sightseers, will lose out if those lands are sold off and no longer accessible for everyone. Bruce Jensen, Salt Lake City, Utah “Go Public” was a fantastic piece of outdoor journalism and one of those rare stories that inspires both laughter and note-taking. Not only that, it was a needed reminder of the best aspect of our sport—that it’s open for all. Josh Chadwick, Potomac, Md. BANDED BROTHERS “The Locals,” about hunting…

1 min.
grit and grins

In for an all-day sit? Burn time by snapping a few treestand selfies like these F&S readers 1 Ladder Company As this bear approached my treestand, I thought, I hope I get some good photos before he runs away. Then I felt something tug on my shoe! —DENNIS KLEINE 2 Cross Examine | Drew Heatherly 3 Jam Session | Craig Werner 4 Painted Pair | Caitlin Dennis DAD JOKE OF THE MONTH Shakespeare had nothing on this reader’s letter we received this month Actually, Colin Kearns, the Mc- Honker sandwich that you mentioned on your Editor’s Page has been around for centuries. Julius Caesar, when asked by his friend if he had tried one, replied, “Ate two, Brute.” —RALPH WINKLER…