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Second Quarter 2021
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Winston Churchill was one of the greatest statesmen in world history – widely revered, sometime reviled and universally recognized for his tenacious leadership. Finest Hour, the Journal of Winston Churchill, is the flagship publication of The Churchill Centre. Each quarterly issue is packed with expert analysis and insightful discussion from prominent authors, historians, and journalists on all aspects of Churchill’s life and times. Finest Hour dispels the myths, explores the rousing speeches, and reviews the most interesting books, all thoughtfully written, thoroughly researched, and presented by a team of experts. Your digital Finest Hour subscription also includes membership in The Churchill Centre. As part of your digital membership you receive full access to all of our premium website content, a free subscription to the monthly email newsletter of Winston Churchill, Chartwell Bulletin, discounts to Churchill sites in Britain, and invitations to special events.

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churchill’s presidents

Winston Churchill met more American presidents than most American presidents. The articles in this issue show that, of the fourteen presidents who served from 1897 to 1977, all but three had some form of direct contact with Churchill. At the time of Churchill’s first visit to the White House in 1900, there was no Oval Office. At the time of his last visit to the United States in 1961, Churchill had become too frail to accept an invitation from President Kennedy to be flown to the White House. Much has been written about Churchill’s dealings with US presidents. Churchill wrote on the subject himself, but he also wrote about the American presidency in his History of the English-Speaking Peoples, and this issue begins with a look at how he sized up…

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Email: info@winstonchurchill.org Finest Hour 191 “Churchill, Race, and Religion” PENDER ISLAND, BC—I want to commend your achievement here in pulling off this tricky assignment—the right thing to do at the present moment and very aptly done here. Your article about “Standing for Tolerance and Liberty” hits so many of the right buttons—not least in drawing attention to the fact that when Churchill uses the word “race” it does not fit at all with today’s template. I looked up “race” in the Oxford English Dictionary (“on historical principles”), and it duly confirms, with a whole column of references, that the historic use in Shakespeare, Milton, et al. has the emphasis on ancestry, heredity, and propagation of a supposed “breed”—much more John of Gaunt’s “This blessed isle” speech in Richard II than the racial…

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dr. monroe e. trout awarded winston churchill leadership medal

For his community service and contributions in the fields of education, health care, and the art world, Dr. Monroe E. Trout, of Appleton, WI, has been awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Leadership Medal by America’s National Churchill Museum at Westminster College. The award, the museum’s highest honor, was presented to Trout on Friday, March 5, during virtual 75th anniversary ceremonies commemorating Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech. The events were hosted by the Museum and Westminster College. America's National Churchill Museum Timothy S. Riley, Sandra L. and Monroe E. Trout Director and Chief Curator tim.riley@churchillmemorial.org Board of Governors Philip J. Boeckman, Senior Fellow James Bennett Nancy E. Carver Robert L. DeFer Earle H. Harbison, Jr. Barbara D. Lewington Deborah Lindsay Richard J. Mahoney Jean-Paul L. Montupet G. Robert Muehlhauser Harold B. Oakley William Piper Suzanne D.…

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the international churchill society gratefully acknowledges donors to the society in support of its many educational endeavors.

ICS ASSOCIATES Original contributors to the International Churchill Society at $100,000, $50,000, $25,000, and $10,000 respectively BLENHEIM PALACE ASSOCIATES Jack and Barbara Bovender • Churchill Heritage, Ltd. • Laurence Geller CBE Audrey and Martin Gruss Family Foundation • Michael Michelson Alice and Harry Stillman Family Foundation WINSTON CHURCHILL ASSOCIATES Annenberg Foundation • David & Diane Boler • Samuel D. Dodson Fred Farrow Marcus & Molly Frost William and Gretchen Kimball Fund Mr. & Mrs. Parker Lee LL&P Philanthropies Michael & Carol McMenamin David & Carole Noss Ray & Pat Orban Lee and Jill Pollock Wendy Reves Elizabeth Churchill Snell Matthew Wills • Alex M. Worth, Jr. CLEMENTINE CHURCHILL ASSOCIATES Ronald Abramson Winston S. Churchill Jeanette & Angelo Gabriel Craig & Lorraine Horn • James F. Lane Dr. John H. Mather Linda & Charles Platt Ambassador & Mrs.…

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prelude to power: churchill and the american presidency before the second world war

As Prime Minister, Winston Churchill had important working relationships with three different American presidents: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Churchill’s involvement with holders of the Oval Office, however, did not begin or end with this impressive trio. Altogether, from December 1900 through January 1977, there were eleven occupants of the White House who either met Churchill personally or had at least been in his presence. Additionally, Churchill wrote assessments of several American presidents before his own time, beginning with George Washington. The articles that follow this one describe the encounters that Churchill had with each president from Roosevelt to Gerald R. Ford. This article looks at what came before that, when Churchill studied American history and met several of its leaders but was not yet the…

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