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Flea Market StyleFlea Market Style

Flea Market Style

September/October 2019

For the reader who loves bargain hunting and those who love one-of-a-kind decoratin looks. Whether you're the frugal decorator, the savvy negotiator, the consummate recycler or a little bit of each, yu're sure to find something just ofr you in this magazine. It is jam-packed with easy, affordable and tuly inspiring ideas for what to do with those castoffs awaiting new life at flea markets, yard sales and auctions across the country.

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flea market style

SVP/Chief Content Officer Lisa Delaney Editorial Director Janet Mowat Editor in Chief Ki Nassauer* Art Director Stacey Willey* Senior Editor Jody Garlock* Graphic Designer Christine Hobbs* Administrative Assistant Taylor Newmark* Editorial Assistant Rebecca Hofmann* Field Editor Melissa Parks* Producer and Project Coordinator Jane Hall* Editorial Consultant Christine Hofmann-Bourque* Digital Coordinator Stephanie Schreck* Senior Production Director Shashika Baldwin Prepress Manager Michael Toppin Production Coordinator Tracy Burg Circulation Consultant Scott Hill/ProCirc* SVP/Sales Marie Tassini…

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ki’s letter

CHANGE IS GOOD. I’m reminded of that every fall when the leaves on trees change colors and 100-degree days give way to more pleasant temperatures. I’m also reminded of it when vintage shopping. My style has evolved over the years from chippy/rustic to more streamlined/modern. I now tend to gravitate to midcentury items in a booth, and I’ll freely mix them with rustic treasures I’ve held onto. I’m not stuck in one lane, and that’s also what I love about Flea Market Style. We applaud homes of all styles and personalities, as the four house tours in this issue show. As long as the vintage runs true, we welcome variety! We also love to inspire you to use cast-offs and salvaged things (dare I call it junk?) in unexpected ways…

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“Go early! It’s so true that the early bird gets the worm.”TAMMY GUTIERREZ, WISCONSIN“Before booking a trip, I check the dates of flea markets so I can enjoy a show when I travel.”WENDY DREANEY, WASHINGTON“Stop at every yard sale! I’ve lost count of how many treasures I’ve found that way. You’ll never find it if you don’t get out of your car.”NANCY FIKE, WASHINGTONI found a booth with “loads of mint-condition tea towels. I decided to take a lunch break before digging through the piles. When I returned someone had purchased all the best ones. Lesson learned: Don’t walk away from the mother lode!”CINDY FUNK, ILLINOIS“I’VE LEARNED TO SAVE A LIST ON MY CELL PHONE OF SPECIFIC-SIZED SPACES I’D LIKE TO FIND A PIECE FOR.”ABBEY SIKKENGA, MICHIGAN“Make sure your phone…

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stain master

First things first. Oxidation (yellowing) is the biggest problem with vintage pieces, Patric says. Treat by dipping a yellowed item in a basin of hot water and sodium percarbonate (bleach alternative). “It will literally whiten in front of you, and often take out stains, too,” Patric says. “It’s my first line of defense.” Find bleach alternative in stores, including some quilting shops, that sell specialty detergents. If stains remain after dipping, treat with an oil soap/oil stain remover. (A very mild dish soap such as Joy could work, too.) Stubborn stains may require Amodex Ink & Stain remover, r, available in many grocery stores, home improvement centers and online. A bar rag is your friend. Use it (or a similar absorbent towel) to back the underside of a stained area as…

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the big move

1 STRETCH WRAP Do some prep work: Use this clear wrap to prevent doors and drawers from coming open. A roll with a handle (bottom right) is easy to work with. Reminder: If you’re hauling in an open trailer, remove drawers so they’re not flight risks! 2 CABLE TIES Keep a stash of these nylon fasteners in your glove compartment or trunk. Use them to secure items on a roof rack or loop one between handles to hold two cabinet doors closed. 3 LIFTING STRAPS Handy for two-person moves. Cross the straps under the item, slip a looped end around arms or shoulders, lift and go. Professional movers use them! 4 HAND TRUCK Think of this workhorse (right) as a souped-up dolly or an instant platform. For versatility, look for a convertible four-wheel model. In the upright…

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solve the mystery

Closer Look The figural corkscrew was (jokingly) designed to look like the senator who championed Prohibition.…