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Summer 2019

Foiling Magazine brings the best features, the latest tech and the finest tricks-and-tips to you from the world of foiling. Within this relatively new sport, Foiling Magazine is essential reading for any surf, SUP or wake foiler. Working with the best riders, the biggest brands and the finest photographers, Foiling Magazine provides the ultimate representation of the most exciting sport on the planet…

United Kingdom
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welcome to foiling magazine!

As you gingerly open these fresh smelling pages, one at a time, let us begin by introducing you to the first ever international print magazine (and accompanying digital edition and website) devoted to all things surf, SUP, wake and eFoil. Ladies and gents, with issue #1 we are striking, as they say, while the iron is hot… Hydrofoiling – something that not so long ago could have been passed off as a niche – is quickly (and justifiably) becoming part of mainstream surf and watersport culture. Public awareness, interest and uptake is growing exponentially, thanks in no small part to the continuing enthusiasm and mind-bending talent shown by several established big hitters in the surf and SUP scene (several of whom feature in this issue!), but also thanks to the increasing…

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foiling magazine

PRODUCTION TEAM Editor: Cai Waggett Editor-in-Chief: Alex Hapgood Art Director: Katharina Godbersen Technical Editor: Richard Boughton CONTRIBUTORS Bobo Gallagher, Caio Ibelli, Charles Bertrand, Charley Pert, Chuck Patterson, Cova Productions, Damien LeRoy, David Edmondson, Erik Aeder, Florian Dorn, frankiebees, Grant Scholtz, Jalou Langeree, James Jenkins, Jayde Stent, Jennifer Stenglien, Jenny Iserlohn, Jesse Richman, John Carter, Julien Fillion, Julien Salles, Kaden Sponhauer, Kai Lenny, Kian Bates, Lukas Haigermoser, Lukas Pitsch, Marc Chambers, Mario Legenstein, Martin Allen, Mathieu Fouliard, Matt Georges, Melanie Lochhead, Mike Oxley, Nick Leason, Philippe Caneri, Robby Naish, Rui Santos Jorge, Ryan Johnson, Ryan Osmond, Scott Sinton, Shannon Stent, Si Crowther, Sky Solbach, The Spencer Brothers, Tom Court, Vasco Santos, Will Crumpacker ADVERTISING All advertising enquiries can be sent to advertising@thefoilingmagazine.com SUBMISSIONS We’re always on the hunt for foil adventurers who can write and/or take a good…

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RIDER Lukas Pitsch LOCATION Egypt PHOTOGRAPHER Lukas Pitsch Lukas: This day I was ready for some kite action but the wind did not pick up, so it was time to unleash my full creativity. I tried wakeboarding using my foilboard which wasn’t a big challenge, so for round two I armed myself with an action cam in one hand, which worked pretty well. After the session I was slightly surprised with the result when I reviewed the footage on the laptop – I can promise the water-drop is not photoshopped at all… RIDER Chuck Patterson LOCATION Picnics, Maui PHOTOGRAPHER frankiebees Chuck: There’s nothing quite like the free, flowing feeling of gliding across the water; riding the raw power and energy of a wave deep below the surface of the ocean. I love how foiling has opened our…

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the spencer bros.

There's a lot of names and faces that are going to become more and more familiar as all the burgeoning aspects of this sport develop into the mainstream. In this section, we celebrate those on their way up. First in line: Finn and Jeffrey Spencer… Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us. So, how’s it looking out of the window right now? It’s another sunny and windy day on the North Shore of Maui. Nice. So what originally turned you on to foiling? In 2016 our dad approached Alex Aguera about making SUP foils and it turned out that he had just started working on the idea with Kai Lenny. Soon after that we started working with them on the development of the foils and we haven’t…

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Firstly, where is this? It looks amazing… JL: This was for the North Kiteboarding product shoot. We went on a road trip deep through the South Island of New Zealand in the Otago high country basin, next to the Southern Alps. That's where we found this magical canal right next to the road. And how come the alien-blue water? JR: That beautiful turquoise blue is created by rock flour sediment from surrounding glaciers. How did this idea come about? JR: Nick Jacobsen, Graham Howes and I are always trying to combine as many wild elements as possible to create an unbelievably absurd moment, and this time we roped Jalou into the fun. As we were driving by this canal, we saw the potential to foil in an epic setting, on beautifully colored water, nestled in…

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