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Winter 2021
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Foiling Magazine brings the best features, the latest tech and the finest tricks-and-tips to you from the world of foiling. Within this relatively new sport, Foiling Magazine is essential reading for any surf, SUP, Wing, wake or eFoiler. Working with the best riders, the biggest brands and the finest photographers, Foiling Magazine provides the ultimate representation of the most exciting sport on the planet…

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United Kingdom
Water Born Media Limited
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There was a concern, given the assumed consequences of a year spent amidst global chaos and uncertainty, that we might struggle to pull together content for this issue, published as it is at about a year after the pandemic really applied pressure to western governments to enforce necessary lockdowns, which in the most part often included beaches too. At some point, we theorized, this will come back to bite us… I’ll be the first to admit I was (happily!) wrong. Quite honestly, we’re swimming in feature-worthy content. So much so, in fact, that issue #8 has already started building itself (we even had about four serious cover options lined up for this issue too… A record, being as we’re a pretty fussy bunch here at HQ). So for those of you who…

10 min.

RIDER Jesse Richman LOCATION Maui, Hawaii PHOTOGRAPHER Frankie Berthuot Jesse: Fear is a dear friend of mine, one of our typical meeting places is out in the ocean. Finding her on big days is easy, but she's very elusive when the waves are small. This session, I went tow foiling to test out the new 2021 North foils and holy golly jeepers, I found my friend out there. The speed and agility of the new North SONAR foil range put a smile on my face and some thrilling tingles down my spine. It still blows me away at how much fun small waves can be on a foil and how scary things can get when going mach 10… RIDER Annie Reickert LOCATION Sugar Cove PHOTOGRAPHER Noah Andrews Annie: Flying like this is a relatively new sensation for…

3 min.

Hey Philippe. Firstly, great film. It left us feeling all warm inside… Hey first of all thanks to you so much for the positive feedback on this video! This one’s about foiling but it’s also kinda personal so thank you! It looked like you were somewhere warm and lovely. Can you tell us where? We shot this video on a lovely island in the Mediterranean called Corsica. It is just paradise man. It’s a windy place, really nice for winging too, and the water is crystal clear there. Was your filming affected by the global pandemic at all? I have to say we were lucky. We shot the video last summer, between two big pandemic waves here in Europe, so we have been lucky regarding the timing, and we weren’t really affected by it at…

5 min.
dylan roose

Hi Dylan, so firstly tell us about yourself and your experience in the sea… My name is Dylan Roose, and I’m almost 12 years old. I started skateboarding when I was four, mostly in bowls, and I love going fast. I started surfing when I was five on a foamie, I got my first hard board when I was six, then a shortboard at seven. I’ve been sponsored by Vissla since I was eight which has been an amazing opportunity, I’m very grateful to them. I love riding everything and just being in the sea as much as possible, I’ve been foiling for just over eight months now. Do you remember the first time you encountered surf foiling and what you thought of it? That was when my dad started showing me foiling…

1 min.
dougie newell

This was the first of the winter swells on our little island in the English Channel. This day we were greeted with sunshine and offshore winds that groomed our coastline and lit up the reefs and this particular secret spot. Days like this don’t come around that often so we made the most of it by launching the Zapcat to go and tow endless waves on the outer banks and point breaks. Something that we could only have dreamt of doing a few years ago. This spot would normally be full of local surfers, but the high tide keeps them away due to the backwash, making it available for us to claim a few deep runners which break close to the cliff and along a shallow reef… Dougie…

6 min.
gwa interview dr jörgen vogt

Firstly, for anyone not already familiar with the GWA, could you give us a quick overview of the organization? The Global Wingsports Association was founded at the beginning of 2020. It had already been decided by a few wingfoil brands to start this association in 2019, and then it took a while to register all the key wingfoil brands around the world. They had to agree to specific statutes that the GWA represented, which includes the running of a world tour, supporting professional championships, improving access for everybody who wants to enjoy this sport in harmony with nature, and to foster access to high-quality schooling and make this sport as safe as possible. The GWA aims to be the one platform for this sport, for professional riders, recreational athletes, event organizers,…