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Food & Home Entertaining January 2017

South Africa's most established and trusted food magazine inspires professionals, homemakers, culinary students and food lovers. Even the most sophisticated dishes are made accessible to the reader, and there’s never a shortage of comfort food ideas for the whole family. Food & Home keeps readers up-to-date on trends, faces and places, restaurants, events, gadgets, local producers and gourmet travel destinations.

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its all greek to me

Inscribed in the vestibule of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi are two words by ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates:“Gnothi seauton”, meaning “Know thyself”. I call upon this sage advice more and more when questioning my actions (or lack thereof) and contemplating decisions that will have a significant impact on my life. Just a few quiet moments spent absorbing the profound wisdom of this maxim helps me quiet the “Shoulda Woulda Coulda” song that plays on a loop in my head. Along with the messages of authenticity and being true to oneself that these two words convey, comes sustainability – a topic we prioritise when it comes to ecology and agriculture, but one we often ignore when it concerns our own capacity. So pressured is today’s need to not only keep…

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our contributors

VIRGINIA BOSHOFFDIGITAL INTERN Virginia, also fondly known as Ginny, describes her diet as “gluttony come to life and let loose at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Other than that, I’m a girl of simple tastes. A cup of tea, kittens, classic rock and great films are all I need”.The new website is... everything I’m not: sleek, sophisticated and easy to navigate. If you haven’t already fallen down this culinary rabbit hole, do so immediately! It’s a perfect digital recipe box.A New Year’s resolution I’m considering... is learning how to do a decent party trick. Preferably one involving magic. “Was this your card?” DANIELA HATTON-JONESDESIGNER With an Italian father (who is a cheesemaker), our designer Daniela has always loved being in the kitchen and having big family meals around the dining room…

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the coffee experience

Have you ever paused to think about why baristas put so much care and attention into the way they serve coffee? It’s because all these small touches add to the rich experience of enjoying coffee, elevating it to a ritual rather than just a mundane, everyday activity.Thanks to Nespresso, it’s easy to make coffee like a professional barista. All you need is the right equipment, your favourite Nespresso Grand Cru and a touch of creative flair.When it comes to having the right equipment, your individual preferences are key. With a range of machines to suit your space and lifestyle, you simply can’t go wrong.Nespresso is all about adaptability. Take the Pixie Clips machine for example - it allows you to update the style and colour of your machine as easily…

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dear food & home

A LIFE SAVER I worked overseas for many years in war-torn countries. On my final trip I was nearly killed in a bomb blast; I lost many good friends that day. I came back and spent three months in hospital and was diagnosed with PTSD. After two years of drinking too much and pushing not only my wife away, but my kids as well, I was on the verge of divorce and suicide. I was hospitalised for a second round that year. That’s when I picked up F&HE . Wow! was I blown away (in a good way this time). I was mesmerised by the imagery in the magazine, the styled photographs were so bright and beautiful... Once I was discharged, I immediately started cooking, using your magazine as a…

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Rediscover the pleasure of cooking! Good health starts in good cookware. Made in Italy, the Dr Green Tajine (26cm x 26cm x 20cm) is non-stick. Due to a patented formulation, the food does not need any oils or fats, making fat free cooking possible and a healthier lifestyle easier to achieve. Visit risoli.co.za for more product information.Email foodhome@caxton.co.zaand share your food experiences.F&HE reserves the right to edit letters and award prizes based on merit. ■…

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menu suggestions

NEW YEAR’S EVEICED BUBBLY LOLLIES AND ROS RUBY GRAPEFRUIT LOLLIESPAGE 38 HAND-CHOPPED BEEF AND BACON SLIDERS WITH SMOKY NECTARINE RELISH AND PARMESAN MOUSSEPAGE 56 CRAYFISH CORN TORTILLASPAGE 23 PAVLOVA WITH A ROS CHERRY SAUCE AND CARAMEL MASCARPONEPAGE 47 Claire“I’ll be making a few platters of indulgent nibbles this New Year’s Eve... if ever there was a time to splurge and add crayfish and a dash of bubbly to your menu, New Year’s Eve is it!” THE SHARING TABLEROS AND NECTARINE SPARKLING SANGRIAPAGE 54SLOW-COOKED LEG OF LAMB WITH CHERRIESPAGE 46FRIED CAULIFLOWERPAGE 88LIME, CORN AND MINT BLACK RICE SALAD WITH CHIA SEEDSPAGE 52LEMON TARTPAGE 32 Imka“Sharing food is an expression of love and what better way to spread love and cheer than around the table, filled with my favourite people as…