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Food & Home Entertaining March 2016

South Africa's most established and trusted food magazine inspires professionals, homemakers, culinary students and food lovers. Even the most sophisticated dishes are made accessible to the reader, and there’s never a shortage of comfort food ideas for the whole family. Food & Home keeps readers up-to-date on trends, faces and places, restaurants, events, gadgets, local producers and gourmet travel destinations.

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cook like a pro

Smoked salmon and baby-potato frittata Serves 4 EASY 30 – 40 mins THE FLAVOUR COMBINATIONS 400g PnP Baby Potatoes, cooked and sliced in half 100g PnP Baby Marrows, coarsely grated 12 PnP Eggs 80g PnP Low Fat Smoked Salmon Flavoured Cream Cheese 115g PnP Cheddar, grated small bunch fresh parsley, finely chopped salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste 100g (at least 4 ribbons) PnP Smoked Norwegian Salmon PnP Micro Herb Leaves, to garnish HOW TO DO IT 1 Preheat the oven to 180°C. Place four 375ml oven-safe ramekins on a baking tray. 2 Divide the potatoes and grated baby marrow equally among the 4 ramekins and set aside. 3 Place the eggs, cream cheese, Cheddar and parsley in a medium bowl, combine well and season to taste. 4 Pour the egg mixture over the potatoes and baby marrow. Bake in the oven until set and…

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our daily bread

Life was put into perspective for me recently by a Karoo thrush I’ve cooed and clucked at in my garden and fed only fresh breadcrumbs for the last three years. One evening, while my husband and I were sitting down to supper, into our house hopped this little birdie, settling on a coiled pile of TV cables, which were clearly the closest thing to a nest he could find. Refusing to be coaxed out by anything – including my now-minced dinner on a saucer – he stayed there for the night. The following morning, he stepped out onto our patio and sat in the sun, not objecting in the slightest to me stroking him. Not even 10 minutes later, he gently closed his eyes for the last time. I was inconsolable all…

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our contributors

ADEL FERREIRA Freelance photographer Being a mother of two boys, it is the simple things in life that hold the greatest pleasure. My favourite part of cooking is picking fresh herbs from the garden. Inspired by Kath Megaw’s Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children , I want to grow a lot more of my own food. One of my favourite dinners is ostrich steak done on a griddle pan, green beans with a lemon and garlic sauce and roasted veggies. In a perfect world, I would bake fresh bread every day and make my own ice cream! RIEHAN BAKKES Freelance photographer I’m a Stellenboscher delighted to be stuck between the worlds of photography, food, wine, music and the sea. It takes no time at all to get me, my wife and kids out to Pearly…

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dear food & home

AN AGELESS SKILL I’m 13 years old and an avid reader of this magazine, as well as an aspiring chef. I have been cooking since I was three (that’s another story!) and I started reading Food & Home Entertaining in 2010. I love your amazing recipes and your reviews of gourmet restaurants. I read many cooking magazines but, I’ve got to say, this magazine exposes me to so much as a chef-to-be. My favourite recipe was your frosted coconut lemonade (January 2016), which shows, in a most brilliant way, how to use something that is so plain in a gourmet manner. One of my most memorable moments was when I made some coconut prawns and my younger cousins helped me – we ended up with lots of coconut on the floor and…

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what we’re loving on instagram

@thedopedonuts These donut-devising Joburg-based culinary masterminds create every flavour of donut imagineable, from the ‘Peanut Butter Legs’ (vanilla-cake donut, peanut butter and crumbed toast) to the ‘Curious George’ (vanilla-cake donut, Nutella and chocolate and banana chips). Treat yourself to this follow! @yours_ceramics Yours Ceramics is just beginning to showcase cute and quirky products on our favourite social-media channel. Find them at yoursceramics.co.za to view their striking collection of ceramic bowls. They are still small, but we expect big things from this fun, emerging brand! @symmetrybreakfast These two UK-based boys blow us away every morning with breakfast delights that get the taste buds tingling. In the above image, what may look like one digitally mirrored breakfast, is actually two almost-identical dishes. The feed features breakfasts eaten around the world. Intrigued? Go check it out!…

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menu suggestions

SUNDAY FAMILY FEAST Rosemary, brown butter and cracked black pepper soda bread PAGE 86 Lemon, mustard and rosemary roast chicken PAGE 23 Red wine-marinated rump and rocket salad with a chive and mustard oil dressing PAGE 111 Gooey bacon and marshmallow-studded chocolate brownies PAGE 40 TARYN “When the in-laws come round, this menu offers the comfort of a Sunday roast with the light, but flavour-packed rump salad. And, who doesn’t love ending a meal with warm chocolate brownies?” SUPPER IN A HURRY Mussels steamed in Asian miso broth PAGE 114 Shamrock greens with purple cabbage and pecan salad PAGE 88 Coconut sticky rice with mango PAGE 24 CHEVAUN “I’ve been trying to fit in my New Year’s resolution of ‘making something delicious every night’ with my pretty jam-packed lifestyle. All three of these dishes perfectly fit that bill and I love the healthy aspect – perfect for the busy,…