Forks Over Knives Fall 2020

This gorgeous “bookazine” dedicated to the plant-based lifestyle features 100 pages of expert tips, beautiful photos, inspiring success stories, and 78 healthy, satisfying recipes. Highlights include: Dumpling Recipes from Around the World, 6 Delicious Meals That Start with a Pot of Chili, Plant-Based Pros Share Their Go-To Breakfasts, Incredible Instant Pot Soups & Stews, Tasty Salads Featuring Hearty Whole Grains, Dinner for Two: A Cozy Valentine's Day Menu and Sunny Citrus-Centric Desserts.

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healthy comfort food

There’s so much I love about Thanksgiving. The crisp fall air and short workweek lead perfectly into a day that is celebrated simply—with a warm gathering of family and close friends. Darshana and I love participating in the joy of a bountiful home-cooked meal while also keeping it healthful. We enjoy hosting a plant-based feast at home that includes lots of comfort foods and classic fall ingredients. If we’re the guests, we’ll off er to bring a dish or two to share with the group, being sure to make enough so that we have plenty ourselves to indulge in. In this issue, “A Forks Thanksgiving” on page 38 off ers Darshana’s latest and greatest recipes for a plant-based feast. You can follow the entire menu for your own gathering or choose a…

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the forks over knives diet explained

WHAT TO EAT ON A WFPB DIET LOAD UP ON THESE Fruits (bananas, blueberries, oranges, strawberries) Vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, kale, lettuce) Tubers and starchy vegetables (corn, green peas, potatoes, winter squash) Whole grains (barley, brown rice, millet, oats, quinoa, wheat berries) Legumes (black beans, chickpeas, lentils, pinto beans) ENJOY IN MODERATION Plant-based milks (almond, cashew, hemp, oat, rice, soy milks) Tofu and tempeh Whole grain flours and breads Whole nuts and seeds, nut/seed butters (almond butter, pumpkin seeds, tahini, walnuts) AVOID OR MINIMIZE Bleached flours, white bread, and white pasta Dairy products Eggs Meat, poultry, and seafood Oils Refined sweeteners White rice For a more detailed primer on the FOK diet, visit LASTING CHANGE: 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS 1 PUT STARCHES AND FRUITS AT THE CENTER OF YOUR PLATE. Enjoy nonstarchy and leafy veggies in generous amounts, but look to carbohydrate-rich whole grains, beans, fruits, and starchy vegetables to provide…

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DARSHANA THACKER ALONA PULDE, MD, AND MATTHEW LEDERMAN, MD Drs. Pulde and Lederman created the medical program used in the Forks Over Knives documentary, at all Whole Foods Market Medical & Wellness Centers, and most recently at They also coauthored The New York Times bestselling book The Forks Over Knives Plan and the book The Whole Foods Diet: The Lifesaving Plan for Health and Longevity. MICHAEL GREGER, MD, FACLM Dr. Greger is a physician and author of the The New York Times best-selling books How Not to Die and How Not to Diet. His videos on 2,000-plus health topics can be viewed at DANA HUDEPOHL Dana is an Atlanta-based writer specializing in health. Her work has appeared in more than 40 national magazines, newspapers, and websites including O, the Oprah Magazine; Shape; Health; and…

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does your immune system need a boost?

With the emergence of COVID-19, people are asking what they can do to boost their immune health. The human body is naturally a fantastic virus fighter—when given the proper fuel, care, and environment that allow it to function optimally. When we’re stressed, anxious, inactive, exhausted, and malnourished, then we impair that normally robust immune system along with all the other organ systems in the body. It’s not that we have weak immune systems that need a boost; rather, we have robust immune systems that need to be liberated from the “added weight.” A helpful analogy is to think of a marathon runner who is given a 40-pound weight vest to wear while he runs. How well will he run with that vest? Does he need more supplements to run better? No, he…

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5 easy ways to unburden your immune system

1 SLEEP Ensure that you get sufficient sleep to feel rested. For most of us, that means eight hours a night. 2 NUTRITION Eat as many whole plant foods as possible—to optimize nutrient content and minimize toxic burden. 3 ACTIVITY Move your body with moderate daily activity, from walks to following online exercise videos. 4 PLAY Engage often in play that invites spontaneity—fun with others and solo creative play. It’s hard to stimulate stress-chemicalinducing anxiety during play. 5 SOUL 5 Take daily measures, such as meditation or other self-regulating techniques, to get your body out of survival mode and enjoy life rather than just get through it.…

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VINE TO TABLE Grapes are classified into three different types: wine grapes (self-explanatory); thick-skinned juice grapes; and thin-skinned table grapes, which are often seedless and found year-round in the supermarket produce section. BEST OF THE BUNCH Choose full, tight grape clusters with fruit that clings firmly to the bunch. Green, pliable stems are the best indicators of freshness; brown, woody stems mean the grapes have been in cold storage a while. The “bloom”—a white, waxy coating that the fruit produces for protection—is another sign of extra freshness. SMART STORAGE Refrigerate unwashed grapes in a paper or perforated bag so cold air can circulate around the fruit and keep it fresh up to two weeks. Give the grapes a quick rinse under cold water just before eating or using in recipes. (ALMOST) ALWAYS IN…