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firing order

I’ve been working on Four Wheeler’s soon to be legendary 60th Anniversary issue. In addition to some great content, it’s going to take you on an incredible ride down Memory Trail (which is like a walk down Memory Lane, only different) through some of the six decades of Four Wheeler’s history. One of the stories planned for the issue is a review of Top Truck Challenge. I don’t think an anniversary of Four Wheeler would be complete without a look at this incredible event that spanned 23 years, from 1993 to 2015. If you’re not familiar with Top Truck Challenge (affectionately known simply as TTC), here’s the lowdown: It was an epic, weeklong competition held in Hollister, California, and for the majority of its lifetime was comprised of 4x4s selected by Four…

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David St. Hubbins perhaps said it best, “It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.” Truer words were rarely uttered when it comes to building 4x4s. There’s a reason that there’s so much uniformity in the vehicular world. It’s hard to argue the success of tried-and-true formulas like four tires instead of three or five; the balance of a front-engine, rear-drive configuration; and sitting passengers astride one another rather than four- or five-inline. Uniformity isn’t always a bad thing when you get down to it. And on that same note, uniqueness for the sake of uniqueness isn’t always a good thing. Can you imagine trying to off-road a three-wheel, rear-engine, quadra-pod that seats the rear passengers directly inline behind the driver? Unique? Heck yes. Practical? Not on your life. But staying…

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6.9 DIESEL DRIVER I liked reading your column about your appreciation for the old and simple in the truck world (Firing Order, Nov. ’20). Here’s my ’86 F-250 4x4 Lariat with a 6.9L diesel and four-speed manual transmission. I don’t do long trips with it, but I did when I bought it in McMinnville, Oregon. I got in and drove it home to Ohio without a glitch. Got 17 mpg. It gets 15 mpg running around home. The hood and top of the cab have newer paint, the rest is original paint. Keep it simple I say! NAME WITHHELD VIA EMAIL SIBERIAN WHEELIN’ First off, thank you for your fantastic magazine. I’ve been religiously reading it for the last 25-plus years. I had a question/suggestion regarding a future article. Recently, I remembered reading a multi-part…

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Is It True? • As more EVs hit America’s roadways, could we see a tax based on drivers’ annual mileage? • Will we see GM bring a Bronco fighter named “Grand Blazer” to market? Overland Roadster The Morgan Motor Company is a longtime purveyor of quaint roadsters seemingly unaffected by the passage of time. Morgan got together with Rally Raid UK, a specialist with a huge amount of Dakar Rally experience, to hone this Plus Four CX-T roadster into off-roading shape. Doing this entailed using modified wishbones from Morgan’s Plus Six, as well as EXE-TC coilovers, complemented by modified wheelwells and an increased track width. With the under-armor fitted and a side-exit exhaust system tucked tighter to the body than the stock unit, ground clearance measures in at around nine inches. A BMW-sourced…

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parts rack

DISTRIBUTION OF POWER Bring the comforts of home on your next weekend getaway or extended off-grid adventure with REDARC’s new Manager30R with RedVision Display Screen and mobile app. The REDARC Manager30 combines a multi-stage 30-amp DC to DC charger, a multi-stage 30-amp AC to DC charger, solar regulator, dual battery isolator, load disconnect controller, and remote battery monitor all into a small and simple system. The Manager30R is a state-of-the-art battery management system designed to maintain and charge auxiliary batteries using the DC output from your starting battery/alternator, 110V AC shore power, or your solar panel array. The Manager30R is compatible with all vehicle alternator systems and battery types, including lithium batteries. The Manager30R features a color LCD screen that displays live system data and transmits live to the company’s mobile…

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overland adventure 2021: part 2

SPONSORED BY When we last checked in with the participants of the 2021 Overland Adventure, they had settled down outside Escalante, Utah. Brooding skies greeted yawning faces as campers opened trailer doors and unzipped tents, seeking out the first cuppa morning joe. If you’re just joining us, this is Day 2 of the 2021 Overland Adventure Presented by Jeep. It Began With a Call to Adventure For 2021, Overland Adventure Presented by Jeep set its sights on southern Utah. We selected 20 participants from a pool of applications submitted through our website, To be considered, vehicles were required to have true four-wheel drive and bear unique sleeping accommodations, among other items. Nena Barlow was again chosen to lead this year’s adventure for many reasons, including her lifetime of off-road experience, knowledge of…