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ADMIN Network & Security May/June 2020

ADMIN Network & Security magazine is your source for technical solutions to the real-world problems you face every day. Published six times per year, every issue includes the latest techniques for better network security, system management, troubleshooting, performance tuning, virtualization, cloud computing, and more!

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3 min.
the dilemma of the ten-second commute

Are you sick of being at home yet? Have you gained 10 pounds? Are you sore from perching yourself for 16 hours a day on the couch? Get used to it. I doubt things will ever return to “normal” again. Working from home is a liberating and an imprisoning experience. That short commute from your bedroom to your home office, couch, or dining room table is your new normal. But, it’s not all bad, is it? Without that lengthy commute time to your office and back, you have time to ponder the universe, to pick up a new hobby, and to find new happiness with your significant other and children – and you have time to just count your blessings. In 2001, my manager required us to work from home two…

1 min.
on the dvd

This latest long-term support distribution is built on Linux kernel 5.4 and comes with “enterprise-class stability, resiliency, and even better security” [1]. New to Ubuntu Server is the easy-to-use, cryptographically sound WireGuard VPN [2]. The bootloader can now be written to multiple disks, removing a single point of failure. Also new to version 20.04: Updated Live installer New Ubuntu Server Guide SSH support for hardware-based two-factor authentication Runs on all major architectures Updated applications Canonical support for Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) extends to 2025, with end of standard maintenance (ESM) coverage to 2030. DEFECTIVE DVD? Defective discs will be replaced, email: cs@admin-magazine.com While this ADMIN magazine disc has been tested and is to the best of our knowledge free of malicious software and defects, ADMIN magazine cannot be held responsible and is…

2 min.
turing pi now offers a raspberry pi kubernetes cluster

For admins looking to deploy a robust cloud-native app testing environment, Turing Pi has you covered. This new Raspberry Pi cluster is a mini ITX-size motherboard, designed to run up to seven computers in a cluster. But this isn’t just any Raspberry Pi-based cluster. The Turing Pi is designed specifically to support a cloud-native stack. The Turing Pi clusterboard supports Raspberry Pi compute modules which are interconnected with a 1 Gbps network (although each node is limited to 100 Mbps USB speed) and can share RAM and storage between the nodes. Other features include multiple I/O, nodes power management via an I2C bus, up to 28 cores, 7 x 40 pin GPIO, HDMI, audio jack, and ATX connections, 8 USB ports, real-time clock, flash mode, and boot mode. The Turing…

1 min.
nextcloud partners with ionos

In times of crisis, open source projects step up big. That’s exactly what Nextcloud has done. In the current climate, companies have had to quickly migrate to cloud solutions, only to find themselves bumping up against serious privacy and security issues. Because of the 2018 CLOUD Act, authorities could obtain data without prior judicial review for this request. With so many companies and employees having to migrate from their inhouse cloud platforms and turn to various third-party cloud services, Nextcloud and IONOS have come together to ensure sovereignty over customer data. Because both companies are housed in Germany, anyone using the Nextcloud platform on IONOS is guaranteed maximum protection against the US CLOUD Act. Achim Weiß, CEO of IONOS, had this to say about the partnership: “Our cooperation, therefore, gives Nextcloud customers the…

1 min.
github accounts stolen

Many Linux admins use GitHub for various reasons – some for hosting code and others for finding projects to install. No matter why you use this massive collection of software repositories, it’s important to know that GitHub users are currently being targeted in an ongoing phishing attack. Not only have the attackers stolen GitHub account credentials, they are immediately downloading the contents of private repositories, which includes those owned by organizations and their collaborators. Once the hackers have logged into an account, they can create GitHub personal access tokens or even authorize applications, via OAuth, in order to maintain access to the account, if the user changes their password. The phishing attack tricks users into clicking a malicious link to check their account activity, which when redirects them to a fake GitHub…

10 min.
open for business

Red Hat’s acquisition by IBM was surprising to many, not only because of the economics of the transaction, but also because it propels Big Blue into position as a leading contender in the open source cloud landscape. But it doesn’t come as a surprise to Nimesh Bhatia who is the Program Director in the Open Technology group at IBM where he heads a team that contributes to many open source projects. Nimesh tells us how the company engages with open source and how the acquisition fits nicely into IBM’s cloud and container-centric efforts. ADMIN: How is IBM engaging with open source? Nimesh Bhatia: IBM has a long history of contributing to open source projects, and we engage with open source in three different ways. One, we are engaging with various open source…