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American Iron Garage: The ultimate do-it-yourself, tech and homebuilt motorcycle magazine. Looking to learn more about how to maintain and customize your own motorcycle? American Iron Garage is jam packed with great do-it-yourself tech and homebuilt custom motorcycles. Plus, easy to follow step by step how-to installs, maintenance tips, home garage tool reviews and safety features. A must read for the weekend wrench.

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the written robo-call

My response is usually a series of intertwined cuss words strung together… The first thought that goes through my head is: Should I pick it up? The second thought is: I hope it’s not a waste of time. Well, I use my cellphone for work calls, and it might be a photographer offering pictures of the next killer bike or a writer who has a just finished a story, so I cringe and accept the call. The telltale sign that it’s a robo-call is the absence of an immediate reply when I say “Hello?” There’s that annoying three seconds of dead air before the voice on the other end picks up and tries to sell me something. Today it was pain relief back braces, a promise to raise my credit limit no…

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shopping for a biker

…motorcycle and shop safety usually take just a little time, effort, and, sometimes, a bit of money Really, motorcycle and shop safety usually take just a little time, effort, and, sometimes, a bit of money. To avoid any accidents or unnecessary risks, I have put together three items that are very affordable and will keep you safe. Safety glasses A must in any shop. If you’ve ever done any type of fabrication, whether drilling with a hand drill or drill press or using a bench grinder or side grinder, you run the risk of something getting in your eyes. That won’t happen if you’re wearing proper eye protection. Glasses that are designed with safety in mind are crafted with an ANSI Z87.1 Standard rating, which offers impact resistance. Most people don’t realize that…

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www.garagebuild.com Not Done Yet I needed a bike that was reliable, yet fast. And the big KZ was a dream bike of mine when I was a kid. I found this poor thing at a salvage yard and decided to rescue it. The most unique part of the build is all the hand-laid carbon fiber—I’m tremendously proud of rebuilding a junk pile, turning it into a beautiful bike. I get compliments on the bike every time I take her out for a ride. Brian G. Submitted to GarageBuild.com Deepsea Beast My Triumph Scrambler, fondly known as The Beast, is ready for a fishing trip. I wanted to build something different, so I fabricated all the mounts for the fenders and the rear rack. I threw on some knobbies just to be make sure it’ll make it…

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to show or to go

Roughly a year ago, Danny Morgan, with help from his good buddy Mike Knight, screwed together a chopper in Mike’s garage. The build turned out super nice, and while Danny dug it, he didn’t think much of it being show-worthy until he rode it from Missouri to Sturgis last year. While there, several folks leaned on Danny and his girlfriend to enter the motorcycle in the inaugural Garage Build Bike Show at the Iron Horse Saloon (sponsored by Dennis Kirk and judged by none other than the staff of our own Garage Build). Now at this show, no pro-built bikes are welcome. To quote the Garage Build website: “This was a show for people who took pride in building their own bike.” That perfectly describes Danny and his machine. Danny kicked the…

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fabbing anything from everything

Replacing stock parts is a major part of the customizing process, one that sometimes involves swapping out hideous components installed by a previous owner who obviously suffers from a lack of aesthetic bravado—or possibly blindness. Regardless, what makes this step so daunting is something that ironically doesn’t happen in the actual garage: purchasing replacements with exorbitant price tags. Though the cost of new aftermarket parts can range from reasonable to obscene, even eBay purchases, while normally relatively cheap, have the tendency of racking up the total cost of one’s build—fast. That’s why many builders avoid dipping into their wallets as much as possible. Some do so by trading parts at swap meets. Others fab parts out of stuff they have lying around. This “stuff” can be anything: chairs, various street signs, trampolines,…

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ratty rod

The V-Rod made quite a splash when it debuted in 2001, one that sent tidal waves throughout the Harley-Davidson community due to how radically it deviated from the traditionalism of The Motor Company’s cruisers. Unsurprisingly, these controversial bikes became infamous for their futuristic appeal (at least when compared to their siblings), a trait they continued to live up to until their final hurrah in 2017. Some may actually argue that the V-Rod maintained its “most outlandish Harley” title even after the highly modernized Revolution X-equipped bikes hit the streets in 2014. Nonetheless, it’s evident that the provocative VRSC family has made a lasting impression on bike builders. Those who customize V-Rods normally embellish this polarizing design by making their customs look as though they belong on the set of a sci-fi movie…