Amigurumi Collection Vol. 2

Packed with the cutest creatures and most fantastical friends, Amigurumi Collection is an essential compendium for crochet lovers. From lambs and lions to dogs and dolls (plus some super-cute wearable patterns), every project is beautifully photographed and clearly explained. Crochet some new friends today!

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6 min
otterly in love

YOU WILL NEED DMC Natura Just Cotton (100% cotton, 50g/155m), 1 ball of each: Salomé (N80), Lin (N78) A 2.5mm (US C/1 or B/2) hook Safety eyes or black beads, approx 5mm diameter Plastic nose, approx 1cm Black embroidery thread Pipe cleaners Stitch markers Toy stuffing PVA glue For yarn stockists, contact DMC 0116 275 4000 MEASUREMENTS 12cm (43/4in) tall ABBREVIATIONS For a full list, see page 130 Confession time: we’re a little obsessed with otters here in the Simply Crochet office, and it’s not solely due to a certain Mr Cumberbatch. Did you know that pairs or groups of otters hold hands (or paws) so they don’t float away from each other while they sleep? It’s called rafting. We looked it up. They’re pretty much the original romantics. What could be a better gift for your…

7 min
bertie bear

YOU WILL NEED DROPS Safran (100% cotton, 50g/160m), 1 ball of each: Yarn A Beige (21) Yarn B Turquoise (30) Yarn C Brown (23) Yarn D Orange (28) Yarn E Black (16) A 3mm (US C/2 or D/3) hook Safety eyes or black beads, approx 5mm diameter 2 small buttons _Dark brown waxed cord Fine white wire for balloon string, approx 13cm (5in) Tapestry needle Stitch markers Toy stuf_ng Craft glue For yarn stockists, contact Wool Warehouse 01926 882818 MEASUREMENTS 18cm (7in) tall ABBREVIATIONS For a full list, see page 130 Bertie is a tubby teddy, whichever way you look at it, but give him a balloon and he’s away. And he’s got a taste for adventure, so you’ll have to make sure you hold on to him tightly. This dungaree-clad cutie is worked in the round…

8 min
bunny love

Josephine the rabbit YOU WILL NEED DMC Petra 3 (100% cotton,100g/280m), 1 ball each of: White (B5200) Grey (5414) Silver (5415) DK yarn in a colour of your choice for the bow tie A 3mm hook Safety eyes, approx 6mm (¼in) diameter Toy stuffing Dark purple embroidery thread Tapestry and sewing needle Pink pencil MEASUREMENTS 33x9cm (13x3_in) ABBREVIATIONS For a full list, see page 130 We often think that simple is best, and with Josephine the rabbit, designer Sandrine Deveze has created a classically neat rabbit with delicate features and lots of expression. “With her little grey dress, delicate bonnet and jaunty bow tie, Josephine’s slightly modern, trendy look has made her an all-time favourite with my oldest daughter,” says Sandrine. This pattern is for the Josephine with the grey dress. Once you’ve mastered it you…

8 min
henry j. fox

YOU WILL NEED Patons Diploma Gold DK (55% wool, 25% acrylic, 20% nylon, 50g/120m), 2 balls of Yarn A Seville (6201) 1 ball of each: Yarn B Cream (6142) Yarn C Apple Green (6125) Yarn D Gold (6200) Yarn E Black (6183) (see Notes) A 2.75mm (US C/2) hook Toy stuffing Safety eyes, approx 8mm diameter Stitch marker Tapestry or yarn needle MEASUREMENTS 27cm (10½in) tall ABBREVIATIONS Bobble stitch Tr5tog in the same st as follows: (Yrh, insert hook in st indicated, yrh and pull up loop, yrh and draw through 2 loops) 5 times, inserting the hook in the same st each time, yrh and draw through all loops on hook. Jacquard Working with 2 colours, work 1 st in the first colour and the next st in the second colour and continue alternating…

3 min
bill and coo

YOU WILL NEED DK cotton yarn in duck egg blue, bright blue and pink Laceweight yarn in pale yellow Black crochet thread A 2mm (US 4 steel) hook A 2.5mm (US B/1 or C/2) hook Tapestry needle Polyester toy stuffing MEASUREMENTS Approx 5cm (2in) tall ABBREVIATIONS Invisible decrease (invdec) Insert hook into front loop of first st without putting yarn round hook, bring hook to front of work and insert hook into front loop of next st (3 loops on hook). Yrh and draw through all 3 loops For a full list, see page 130 Whimsy comes in all shapes and sizes but tiny crochet critters are our favourite form. Mei Li Lee’s feathered friends are adorable and quick to stitch – ideal for amigurumi newbies. These lovebirds are happily perched in a large glass jar, but…

5 min
snuggle-ready amigurumi

Designer Kate Hancock is doing crochet proud by imbuing yarn with armfuls of personality. Her amigurumi animals look like they’ve escaped from the woodlands and jungles of children’s fiction, with a cast of characters including cute crocheted rabbits, reindeer and even a sloth. It makes perfect sense when Kate admits that her first forays into crochet began with a twinge of nostalgia. “I suppose it’s always been there in the background,” she muses. “I have some very vivid childhood memories of my mother’s crochet blankets covering our old sofa, so it’s actually quite surprising that I only started crocheting about seven years ago.” Kate joined a knitting group in her local library, but a bit of browsing through the books for inspiration changed her direction. “I stumbled across a book on amigurumi…